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This section of my website is dedicated to classic GH pictures and stuff. *Since ABC is deleting these wonderful images after about two months, I wanted to save some of them.  For Scorpio family photos, go to my Scorpio Files site.

Character Photos


Brenda & Julia


Alexis & Stefan, Nikolas & Helena


Sonny & Mike


Audrey & Liz


Jasper "Jax" & Jerry


Luke, Laura, Lucky, Bobbie, and Carly


Alan & Monica, AJ, Jason, Emily, Edward & Lila, Ned


Kevin & Lucy

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The Spenser Family

Laura Spenser
Daughter of Lesley; estranged wife of Luke; mother of Lucky, Nikolas, and LuLu. Involved with Stefan Cassadine for a while, Laura's not currently involved with anyone, though Scotty's interested in her again. She's also a social worker at GH.

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