10 Lists from Soap Opera Digest
Here's some Scorpio highs from SOD

Fallen Soap Heroes: #10 Robert- Dashing Robert never blinked in the face of danger. When Faison kidnapped Anna in 1992, Robert ran off to once again do battle with the criminal mastermind and rescue his wife. Word soon filtered back to Port Charles that Faison, Robert and Anna were all killed when Faison blew up the boat they were on. Funny thing- Faison turned up alive in 1999, and this year, an amnesiac Anna surfaced in Canada and is now hiding out in AMC's Pine Valley. So unlike some of his compatriots, Robert may actually not be so fallen after all. (SOD 5/29/2001)

Winter Weddings: #10 Sean and Tiffany- Boy, was the bride hot under the collar at her December, 1988, wedding to long-time love Sean! Not only did a prenuptial argument with the groom nearly prompt Tiff to call the whole thing off, but during the actual ceremony, she was horrified to be called her real name [Elsie Mae Crumholtz!] by the minister. Still, the elaborate event went off,  and Tiffany eventually thawed to her hubby. (SOD 1/23/2001)

Secret Identities: #6 Anna/Luv- In 1985, Anna visited Port Charles to get the scoop on her ex, Robert, by wearing a fake scar and cozying up to Robert's current squeeze, Holly. After a tense reunion, the couple made up. But Anna had one more secret: their daughter, Robin, who only knew Anna as "Luv". When Robin overheard the truth, she ran away, but ultimately reconciled happily to having "Luv" for a mom and a dad living in Australia with Holly. (SOD 8/31/99)

Royal Soap Couples: #7 Frisco Jones and Princess Felicia- "Who do you think you are, a princess?"   asked Frisco soon after meeting Felicia. Uh, yeah- lest we (or she) forget, Felicia is an Aztec princess, and she and Frisco fell in love when he helped her look for her royal treasures. Today, she's got a new prince- hubby Mac Scorpio. (SOD 7/27/99)

Characters Who've Been Rejuvenated: #4 Felicia Jones- Who'd a thunk that writing Lila's memoirs would be the ticket back to the fast lane for Felicia? Now she's returned to great adventure mode (with Luke, no less) and nobody's happier than we are. Well, except for Felicia. (SOD 8/10/99)

Phantom Soap Menaces: #1 Cesar Faison- Almost no one knows what he looks like (Mac, Felicia, and Helena are exceptions), so creepy Faison, who just kidnapped Lucky and faked his death, is truly a phantom menace. Luke, for instance, unknowingly dealt first-hand with Faison in Switzerland in order to fence a chunk of the Ice Princess. It's hard to hit a moving target, not to mention a target that you can't see. (SOD 5/18/99)

Soap Characters Who Could Be Resurrected: #3 Anna and Robert- If Cesar Faison can survive a 1992 boat explosion, these two hardy ex-WSB agents are probably sunning themselves in blissful, amnesiac harmony on a remote island. On the other hand, what if Faison has kept them prisoner all these years?  The point is, nobody knows. Now that Faison is back, Luke is going to require some backup. (SOD 4/27/99)

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