Miscellaneous Show Bits
*Most of these are old clippings I have, so unfortunately I don't have a lot of 
the citations to say where the articles came from. My apologies.


tristanbw.jpg (7409 bytes)Last But Not Least... Married Sitting Ducks
"Does a soap opera require that its major couple take turns at target practice?  That is apparently the case with Robert and Anna of Port Charles, the Swiss cheese of romantics. Anna gets kidnapped, Robert finds himself in a booby-trapped elevator. Anna's cheek is grazed by a bullet (some bulletins have a light touch, I guess), a bomb explodes in Robert's office. You get the idea: They're always in some kind of trouble. When you have so many enemies, there are only two things you can do: hire full-time protection or relocate."

hunter.jpg (9790 bytes)Robert Scorpio, Guy Lewis, Samantha Wells
"Believe it or not, there is a police force at work here. When a dead body is found in Port Charles, the forensics team comes in and takes samples from the home, they examine the walls, etc. Mr. Commissioner Scorpio takes nothing at face value and is very tenacious when in pursuit of a criminal. Police chief Guy Lewis serves his purpose very well as a right hand man. Officer Welles has always been capable at her job. They are especially good at undercover work, having recently planted cops dressed as waiters and waitresses during a mob meeting. The room was bugged and they also had it under video surveillance. The police always get their man/woman, but it should be mentioned that there is no master criminals in Port Charles. Every catch is easy, if convoluted."

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