Scorpio Trivia
Here's some fun tidbits about your favorite Scorpio characters.

 Anna Devane

-What was the codename Faison assigned to Anna while she worked for the DVX? White Rose.

-What two organizations did Anna work for before coming to Port Charles? The WSB and DVX.

-Who were Anna's three closest female friends in Port Charles? Felicia Jones, Bobbie Spenser and Monica Quartermaine.

-What flowers are associated with Robin and Anna? Robin's favorite flowers are white gardinas, whereas both Robert and Cesar showered Anna with exotic orchids.

-What did Anna constantly accuse Robert of being (besides stubborn)? Anna constantly called Robert a male chauvenist.

-What lack of talent did Robert, Robin, and Sean constantly tease Anna about? Anna was a lousy cook.

-Who's house did Robert and Anna buy when they married in 1991? The Scorpios bought their home from Bobbie and Tony. The house was often referred to in the '80s-early '90s as the old Webber house.

-Where was Anna raised in her youth? Anna, British by birth, was raised in Canada as a child.

-How many times has Anna been engaged? Anna's been engaged three times: once to Robert (they were married twice, but only had an official engagement the second time), once to Duke (which was broken off too many times to count before they finally married), and once to Cesar Faison.

-What part of France did Robert and Anna spend both their honeymoons? The Scorpios stayed in a hotel in San Tropez.

-Who gave Anna away in her '87 wedding to Duke Lavery?  Who gave her away in her '91 wedding to Robert Scorpio? Robert, Anna's ex-husband, Robert, escorted her down the aisle to marry Duke.  For her second marriage to Robert, Sean, the couple's best friend and former boss, escorted Anna down the aisle.

 Cesar Faison

-What was the pseudonom used by  Cesar Faison when he first appeared on GH? Using the name P.K. Sinclair, Faison was known to the world as a popular but reclusive mystery/adventure writer.

-What was the name of P. K. Sincair's heroine in the books secretly penned by Cesar Faison? What was the name of two of the books? Davnee, an anagram for Anna Devane, was the name of Sinclair's heroine. Two of the book titles were "The Alpine Express" and the "Crystalline Conspiracy". The events in both books were based on the activities of Anna and Cesar's spy days.

-Who was Faison's partner in destroying the Scorpio marriage? As heads of the DVX and the WSB, Cesar and Sean made a deal to break up Robert and Anna's secret marriage. Sean would be able to keep his two top agents [who according to WSB rules were not allowed to be married] and Cesar could pretend he was dead and [supposedly] leave the DVX.
 Duke Lavery
-Who was revealed to be Duke's father? Angus McKay, head of the McKay mob of which Duke was a member.

-What gift did Olivia give to Duke when they first started working together? A key ring.

-Which dance was Duke and Anna's favorite? After Anna taught Duke to tango, this sexy dance was their signature dance.  Duke even held a tango contest at his club once as a fundraiser.

-What is the address of the Lavery home? The Lavery home was located on 309 Baptiste Way in Port Charles.

-Who caught the bouquet at Felicia and Frisco's first wedding? Who then caught the garter? Anna Devane got the bouquet when it hit her in the head, while Duke Lavery got the garter and wore it to annoy Anna.
  Felicia Cummings
-Why did Felicia marry Colton? Thinking Frisco had been killed on assignment for the WSB, Felicia turned to Colton for comfort and later agreed to be his wife. On their wedding day, a devastated Frisco, after managing to escape a middle eastern prison, stumbled upon the ceremony in the park.

-What item of clothing did Duke use to send Felicia on the run? To prevent the mob from killing the Joneses, Duke arranged for Felicia to be accused of "stealing" an expensive fur coat and the couple fled town.

-Whom does Felicia think of as a father figure? Sean Donely, who when imprisoned for the Aztec mess left Felicia in charge of his shipping empire.

-Who walked Felicia down the aisle in her wedding to Frisco and gave her away? Sean Donely, who also arranged for an arabian night themed honeymoon for the couple.

-What is Felicia's maiden name? Cummings.

-Felicia was left paralyzed after what occurence at the Brownstone? A earthquake.

-Felicia once thought she was a carnival worker named.... Phoebe.

-In labor with Maxie, Felicia got stuck in a window dressed how? As a clown.

-What ended Felicia's relationship with Tom Hardy? She thought he was a stalker.

 Frisco Jones

-Who was Frisco's partner in the police academy, and later good friend on the police force? Samantha Welles.  Felicia got upset when she first met Sam because she thought Sam was a man.

-What song did Kate & Frisco sing at Robert's "funeral"? Kate & Frisco sang "Waltzing Matilda".

-What was Frisco's nickname for Casey the Alien? A skeptical Frisco called Casey "Spock".

-What was did Frisco give Robin on his wedding day? On his wedding day, Frisco gave little Robin, his god-daughter, a ring as a reminder of how special she was to him.
 Holly Sutton
-What live animal did Holly surprise Robert with?  A live joey (or baby kangaroo).

-How did Holly avoid deportation from the States? Pregnant with Luke's baby, Holly was able to stay in the states after Robert married her because they both thought Luke was dead.

-When Luke Spenser first came across Holly Sutton in the mountains, what was she wearing? Holly wasn't wearing anything because she was skinny dipping in a lake when Luke meet her.
 Mac Scorpio
-How was Mac introduced? Malcolm Scorpio was pulled out of the water by his astonished older brother after the ELQ Tracy crashed. An angry Robert immediately proceeded to shove Mac back into the water.

-What was Mac's occupation when he first arrived in Port Charles?  Who was his employer? Mac was a mercenary for hire when he first arrived in PC.  He was hired by Paul Hornsby to sabatoge the ELQ Tracy, then set up by Paul and the Cartel to take the rap for the explosion and the attempts on Robert and Anna's lives.

-What song did Mac sing on at least two occassions during his first year in Port Charles? Mac sang "Mac the Knife" at least 2 time in 1991.  Once when Anna was hiding under his bed, the other when practicing karokee before the opening of The Outback.

-What was the name of the ship that Mac helped sink when he arrived in PC? The ship, named after Tracy Quartermaine, was named the SS Tracy.  In some of the scenes in 1991, it was also called the ELQ Tracy.

-Why did Robert have Mac jailed on his first day in PC? When Mac and Robert began arguing in Kelly's, police chief Guy Lewis and other cops tried to break up the arguement.  Mac hit Guy and was arrested, and later Robert had Mac arrested for suspicion of sabatoge for the SS Tracy.

-Why was Mac jailed in 1991 and how did he escape? Thanks to Paul Hornsby and the Cartel, Mac was framed for the explosion of Robert's office at PCPD headquarters.  The explosion put Robert into critical condition and caused him to lose his spleen. A freak earthquake in Port Charles loosened the prison bars and Mac was able to sneak out during all the choas.
 Robert Scorpio
-What was the code name Robert used in the WSB as his identification? Pegasus.

-Who is Robert's favorite baseball team? The Chicago White Sox.

-What is the Scorpio's traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Chinese food.

-Who was Robert's mentor in his early days in the WSB? His older partner O'Reilly was very dear to Robert, who was devastated when she was shot during the Ice Princess caper. A tearful Robert held her in his arms as she died and vowed revenge on the Cassadines.

-What particular type of food do the Scorpios like to eat which reminds them of Italy? Italian ices, particularly lemon flavored ones, were a favorite of Anna, Robert, and Robin.

-What animal statue sat on Robert's police commissioner desk? A kangaroo holding an australian flag.

-What particular creature did Robert mention sometimes? Tristan Rogers liked to adlib about dinosaurs, particularly pterodactyl, unexpectedly in Robert's conversations.

-Who got Robert to return from Australia in 1986? Robin, when she called him upset saying that she overheard someone in the park threatening  to kill her mom, Anna.

-What was the name of Robert's dog, and how did he get him? Friday was given to Robert by Robin as a birthday present. The dog and Robert didn't hit it off at first, but finally became buddies.

-What term did Robert lovingly use for Anna and Robin?  What term did he sometimes use for Anna and Kate? Robert's nickname for both Anna and Robin was "Luv", and he sometimes called Anna and Kate "ducks".

-What name did Robert sarcasticly call Anna when Sean first assigned them to be partners? Robert, not wanting to be partners with her, sarcastically called Anna "Miss Divine" when they were first  paired up.

-Where did Robert propose to Kate? Robert propsed to Kate on the roof of a hotel, while the two were dangling off.

-Where did Robert originally plan to move his family after his and Anna's wedding in 1991? Robert surprised Anna with the news that he planned to buy the penthouse next to Sean's for the Scorpio family to move in after their wedding.  However, Anna and Robin both fell in love with the old Webber house and convinced Robert to buy it.

-Why did Robert leave his first wife, Anna? Why did he later forgive her? He divorced her after learning that she was a double agent.  In 1985, Anna came back into Robert's life and he eventually discovered she had only did that last DVX assignment in exchange for Faison not having Robert killed. 

-Who was best man at Robert and Anna's '91 wedding?  In who's wedding was Robert best man? Mac, Robert's younger brother, served as best man at Robert and Anna's wedding. Robert was best man in Luke and Laura's wedding in 1981.
 Robin Scorpio
-What famous scene of what famous play did Robin and Stone perform at the first Nurse's Ball? Ordered by uncle Mac not to see Stone again, Robin defied him by performing the death scene from Romeo and Juliet with Stone at the Nurse's Ball.  An outraged Mac had a fit afterwards.

Between 1985 and 1994, how many times has Robin been part of a wedding party? Eight. The weddings are-  Frisco & Felicia's (as flowergirl twice); Anna and Duke's (as flowergirl twice, as the Lavery's first try was interrupted); Felicia and Colton's (as a flower girl); Sean & Tiffany's (as flowergirl); Robert and Anna's (as maid of honor); and Jagger and Karen's (as bridesmaid).

-What was Robin's last name when she first appeared? Soltini, which is Filomenia's last name.

-What was the odd name of Robin's little friend in the late '80's who had a crush on Robin? Rowdy

-What was the boy's name who was Robin's first date (1991)? Roger.

-Where was Robin born? Robin was secretly born in Italy. 

-What was little Robin's favorite place to visit? The local zoo.

-What was the name of little Robin's favorite doll? Robin's favorite doll was named Cindy.  This was the doll she had replaced the eyes with a pair of valuable black pears from a set of buddah statues Anna once owned, which were what Mr. Wu and the Asian Quarter group were all seeking to find.

-What was the name of Robin's puppy? Robin named her German Shepherd puppy "Jiggs".

-How many godfathers does Robin have and what are their names? Robin has three godfathers- Frisco Jones, Sean Donely and Buzz Stryker.
 Sean Donely
-When Sean lived in the Penthouse, whose painting hung by the front door? The painting was of the Felicia's great, great grandmother and grandfather.  Felicia strongly resembled her.

-Name the ladies, in order, who were Sean's love interests from '85-94. Sean's love interests were, in order-  Monica Quartermaine (affair), Tiffany Hill, Greta Ingstrom, Tiffany Hill (whom he married), and Jessica Holmes (affair).

-How did Sean met Robert and Anna? When he was head of the WSB, Sean was Robert and Anna's superior and in fact assigned the duo to be partners.

-What special feature did Sean have installed into his penthouse? A secret room, equipped with WSB equipment. People who used this secret room as a hideout included Robin, Robert and Duke.
 Tiffany Hill
-When Domino kidnapped Tiffany, what artifact did he want in exchange for her? Dragon Bone

-What is Tiffany Hill's real name? Tiffany's birth name is Elsie Mae Crumholtz.

-What was the name of Colton's show which Tiffany produced? Colton's teen show was called the Colton Connection.

-What was the name of Tiffany's television station? Tiffany got WLPC as payment from Edward and Alan Quartermaine, who originally hired her to distract Sean Donely. It worked, as the two later married in 1988.

-What state were Tiffany and Cheryl raised? What did their parents do for a living? Tiff, then going by her real name Elsie Mae, and her sister Cheryl were raised in Arkansas.  Their mom was a hairdresser while their dad was a foreman who had a gambling problem. 
-Who killed Evan Jerome? Camilia McKay, with a candlestick, after he raped her. Duke and her father, Angus, covered up the murder and sent her to a nunnery where she blacked out the whole night.

-What's the name of Casey the Alien's home planet? Lumina.

-Where did Camilia McKay spend her childhood? L'Orleans, Canada.

-Who were Filomenia's relatives in Port Charles? Her cousin, Mary Angela, and Filomenia had at least two nephews as well.

-Who caught the bridal bouquet at Robert and Anna's second wedding? Lucy Coe, who dashed in uninvited to the ceremony, and wrestled with Tracy Quartermaine for the bouquet.

-Who caused the great Dragon Bone chase when he buried the bone?  Where did he bury it? Friday took the bone, hiding it in the Quartermaine's rose garden.  The Quartermaine estate was next door to Robert & Kate's cabin.

-Who killed Victor Jerome?  Who hid the body? Who found Victor's body? No one, Victor choked on a necklace he had made for Lucy Coe.  Lucy and Alan Quartermaine hid the body. Robin and Rowdy, followed by Anna & Robert,  found the body during a scavenger hunt when it washed up on Spoon Island at the Halloween party.

-Who was Sanctuary? Before being declared "dead and missing", Frisco sent Felicia a warning to beware of "Sanctuary".  Sanctuary was the name assigned to Colton Shore when he  was being brainwashed and ordered to kill.

-What name did Grant Putnam sign to his threatening letters to Robert? Grant used the name, The Snowman, in his letters to Robert, leading up to his kidnapping of Anna.

-Who was the mysterious Domino? Domino was the code name for Nicholas Van Buren, head of a terrorist group.  He was responsible for Colton's brainwashing and having Frisco held prisoner in a Bulgarian prison.

-How did Dominique break her arm as a child? Sliding down the long banister in her family home called Serenity, Dominique fell and broke her arm when she was a child.

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