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faison2.jpg (13796 bytes)Phantom Soap Menaces:  Cesar Faison (SOD 5/18/99)
Almost no one knows what he looks like (Mac, Felicia, and Helena are exceptions), so creepy Faison, who just kidnapped Lucky and faked his death, is truly a phantom menace.  Luke, for instance, unknowingly dealt first-hand with Faison in Switzerland in order to fence a chunk of the Ice Princess.  It's hard to hit a moving target, not to mention a target you can't see.

You Can't Keep a Dead Man Dead! (SOU 5/11/99)
"When last we last saw Faison on GH in 1992, he was blown to kingdom come in a massive explosion aboard his boat.  This was one bad guy GH viewers thought would stay dead and buried.  During his two-year reign of terror, Faison was a constant source of trouble for the good folks of Port Charles.  But not only did he return from his watery grave in March, he has come back with a vengeance- and he's teamed-up with a not-right-in-the-head-these-days Luke.
        What did Anders Hove do with himself after leaving GH?  Despite what you may think, he wasn't floating on a raft in the Atlantic but, instead, made movies.  Hove's long hair and menacing features may have typecasted him; just look at the flicks he did after leaving daytime:   Bloodstone- Subspecies II, Bloodlust- Subspecies III, and Critters.
        Reportedly, the actor is thrilled to be back in his old stomping grounds and signed a two-year contract with GH.  The show's reps wouldn't say what kind of mayhem and madness Faison was planning to unleash on the unknowing critizens of Port Chuck, but rest assured, it will be good! Or, bad, depending on how you look at it."

Most Heroic Characters- Anna Devane (SOM 11/10/98)
"The beautiful, sophisticated Anna is one woman who never needed a man to protect her, although she had plenty of takers, including Robert Scorpio and Duke Lavery.  Anna showed just how heroic she was when she was kidnapped by the lunatic Grant and kept prisoner in a cage guarded by a ferocious dog (aptly named Satan).  Anna, a trained WSB agent, tried everything in her power to get free, including seducing Grant, stabbing him with a makeshift weapon, and breaking the lock on her cage before linking a wire to it to electrically stun the dog.  Though eventually she did escape, Anna's heroism was never more apparent- and needed- than when she joined forces with a man who claimed to be a space alien in order to save the planet from the evil Faison."

Most Intriguing Character- Ian Buchanan (SOD 1/13/87)
"That man.  He's so suave, so unpredictable, so dangerous, so... intriguing.  Have I seen him somewhere before?  What kind of accent is that?  More important, who does his hair?  Port Charles hasn't seen a character create such a ruckus since Robert Scorpio popped up from Down Under a few years back.  Duke Lavery is a presence to be reckoned with; a Scot whose complicated, mercurial nature keeps the audience off-guard and on the edge of their seats.  He's the perfect foil for another amalgam of emotions, Anna Devane, who was desperately in need of the right man.  She found him.  Lucky girl."

Editor's Choice- John Reilly (SOD 1/28/86)
"Cool passion.   A contradiction, but one that describes Sean Donely. John Reilly has portrayed him for well over a year and is still peeling off the layers of his character.  The mystique remains.  There's nothing more alluring than a charming, intelligent rogue who lives by his own code of honor. 
        Reilly doesn't give it all away; he is a master of control.  When Sean does erupt, like when he thought Scorpio died after their tram fight, the outpouring of grief was so unexpected it realy made an impact.   John instills in Sean a healthy ego, strength and an earthy sense of self-deprecating humor.  With his impetuous Irish nature, surely GH will pursue the previously unexplored romantic side of Donely in the future."

Best Casting- Finola Hughes (SOD 1/14/86)
"You hated her.  Instantly.  Quite obviously, Finola Hughes was doing something very right.  As Anna Devane, she was calm, cool, calculating and cruel.  She roared back into ex-husband Robert Scorpio's life with a vengence and nearly destroyed Robert and Holly's 'perfect' marriage in the process.  Then, just when you wanted to wring her pretty little neck, Anna turned into the patron saint of Port Charles and saved everyone in sight.
        Not an easy transition for an actress, but Finola was up to the challenge.  And, oh yes, she successfully survived the wrath of GH viewers who unfairly persecuted her for simply doing her job- which happened to be causing trouble in paradise for GH's premier couple.  Brava, Finola!"
robannaholly.jpg (10923 bytes)

Port Charles' English Rose- Anna, GH (SOM 10/20/98)
"Beautiful Anna Devane was not only half of two supercouples, she was also one of the famed "miracles" who caused loyalty to another major supercouple to erode. 
        Scorpio and Holly were ensonced as a beloved pair when Anna came to town.  She had been his wife years before, but Scorpio had broken off their romance after Anna had been discovered to be a double agent.  However, much of the audience had began to feel for Anna when it was revealed that not only was she wearing a martyring scar on her face to atone for past sins but also that she and Scorpio also shared a daughter, Robin.
        But the honorable Scorpio stayed with Holly, while Anna took up with Scotsman Duke Lavery.  The irony of their tortured love made the now-reformed Anna and mobster-with-a-heart-of-gold Duke audience favorites.  The plot thickened, however, as Scorpio found himself a forlorn widower after Holly's supposed death.  And though Anna and Scorpio worked together on many an adventure, her heart still belonged to Duke.  Duke later had to fake his death to keep Anna safe but would return in the unrecognizable guise of Jonathon Paget.
        Finally, tragic ironies brought Anna and Robert together for good, as the "new" Duke died in the sobbing Anna's arms."

Best Actress (SOD 10/11/83)
"A tempting blend of innocence and sensuality, Emma Samms has turned her role of Holly into Port Charles' flesh-and-blood fairy princess.  By altering her bearing, Emma can be a little spitfire or an elegant, classy woman.  In her first year on GH, Samms has been paired with two of that show's strongest actors- Tony Geary and Tristan Rogers- and proved herself more than an adequeate matech for those difficult lovers.  Her role has demanded the capacity to scheme, to fear, to passionately love, to mourn and to support- and Emma has done them all in a sympathetic, heartfelt manner.  Beneath the inherent dignity emanating from her English accent, Emma Samms is a girl next door who just happens to keep a white knight stored in the closet."

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