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*I scanned the majority of the pictures and made the video captures on my site.  Please ask before taking, Thanks!

Songs Associated with or Played for GH characters
Copyright  (MinaL) The ScorpioFiles, 1999-2005.

Anna and Duke songs:
*Foolish Heart- Steve Perry

Robert and Anna songs:
*All's Fair in Love- Stevie Wonder (song played in flashbacks of Robert & Anna's 1st wedding in Italy)
*Now That Your Here- (sung by Connor for Anna and Robert's engagement party at the Outback)
*Tears in Heaven-Eric Clapton (played the day Robin, Holly, Tiff, Sean & Mac learned of R&A's death)

Frisco songs:
*Lady Of My Heart- Frisco sings to Felicia on their (first) wedding day
*All I Need- Frisco serenaded Tanya with this ditty, but she ended marrying his brother, Tony.

Holly songs:
*Baby, Come To Me- Patti Austin & James Ingram (Holly & Luke)
*How Do We Keep The Music Playing- Patti Austin & James Ingram (Holly & Robert)
*The One- Elton John (Holly & Bill in San Sebastian)
*Solor Para Ti (Simon & Holly)

Mac songs:
*I Can't Help Falling in Love With You- Luka Bloom (Mac & Felicia make love)
*Mac the Knife (Mac liked to sing this song in '91)
*Not Too Much to Ask- Mary Chapin Carpenter (Mac & Felicia)

Robert and Kate songs:
*Look in My Eyes- written by tom Bahler and Janet Bahler (Robert and Kate)

Robin songs:
*When Angels Cry- Janis Ian (Robin & Stone)
*I'll Stand By You- The Pretenders (Robin & Stone)
*The Long December-Counting Crows (Robin/Jason,etc, Dec 97)
*Don't Cry- Seal (Robin/Jason, etc, 96)
*Nobody Knows-Tony Rich Project (Robin & Jason)

*Dance With Life- Brian Ferry (lyrics, R&J)
*One Fine Day- Natalie Merchant (Robin & Jason)
*Creep - TLC (song played during episode when Stone stayed at Robin's)
*Brahm's Lullaby- sung by Kimberly McCullough (Robin sang to baby Michael)