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On the dueling divas cliche: "Neither Edie and I - nor Tristan, for that matter - wanted to see our characters get involved in one of typical jealous triangles. There are already too many of those on the air, so we tried to avoid playing certain things as they were written. If the script said, 'Katherine glares at Anna,' Edie wouldn't glare, she'd just look. Naughty, yes, but without the necessary innuendos to develop an adversarial relationship, the GH writers gradually turned toward a more mature, realistic, and fresh depiction of a triangle. And the show, most would agree, has better for it." -Finola Hughes, excerpt from Episodes magazine May/June 1990

On getting the part of Anna Devane: "When I joined General Hospital as Anna, it was a part I never thought I'd get, because I'm as British as Emma Samms, and the producers wanted an American Anna. I was so surprised when they chose me, I jumped up and down for joy!" -Finola Hughes, excerpt from the General Hospital, the Complete Scrapbook

On Ian Being Cast as Duke Lavery: "GH's exhaustive search for an actor to play Anna's (Finola Hughes) love interest ended when Ian Buchanan was cast as Duke.  Gloria Monty, then-executive producer, explained, 'Whoever we found had to be on a par, if not a step better than, Scorpio, played by Tristan Rogers.... Someone who had dash who could also have a very rough edge."  -Gloria Monty, excerpt from SOD magazine

On Tiffany returning to her Comic Roots when Tiff and Sean headed south in hot pursuit of Luke and Laura and Frank Smith: "'You should have seen that escapade,' she chuckles. Wyatt was especially amused by some unscripted physical hijinks between the Donelys. "When Sean tried to pick Tiffany up at the bar, I poured a drink all over his head. His hair was dyed black, and it streaked all over the place. Then I yanked my wig off, and I felt like Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie! My hair was all pinned up and I looked like a drag queen.' After days of taping scenes where she was tied up by the riverbank (with an alligator), Wyatt reports an added bonus: 'I was so dirty, I looked like I had gotten a tan!'" -Sharon Wyatt, SOD 7/5/94

On which was er most memorable GH wedding: "The most memorable wedding was definately the first Frisco and Felicia one, because it was so long ago, and it was kind of a really big deal back then.  I just remember it was fun- it was the only wedding that was really fun to do.  Nowadays, when we have a wedding, it's like, oh God- a wedding day!  You know it's going to be an all-day thing.  For some reason back then, we just had a lot of fun.  I was really little, too.  When you're little, you have a lot of energy.  I guess it was because the first wedding was kind of a new experience.
        I was in Frisco and Felicia's first and second wedding, and Felicia and Colton's wedding, Anna and Duke's, Bobbie and Tony's, Felicia and Mac's... gosh, so many.  Anna and Robert's- I remember it was hot that day.  We did it at the Huntington Library [in San Marino, CA].  I remember Jane Elliot [ex-Tracy] taking her shoes off, trying to find some shade.  I've been a bridesmaid, maid of honor and flower girl.  The funny thing is- I've never even been to a real wedding!  I've just been to all these fake ones."
sean1.gif (36161 bytes)

On Being Accident Prone: "Over the years, Sean was shot no fewer than five times!  But scripted wounds are easy. It's the off-camera injuries that really hurt! While taping scenes, I slipped and cracked ribs, cut my finger with a hunting knife and was splashed with caustic acid! But I was in real agony when Sharon Wyatt (Tiffany) stomped on my foot during our tumultuous wedding ceremony. Her heel went right through my shoe and drew blood!" -John Reilly, excerpt from the General Hospital, the Complete Scrapbook

robincircle.jpg (13067 bytes)On Kimberly's Maturing to a Young Lady: "I watched Kimberly McCullough, who's played Robin since 1984, grow from this small little thing into a wonderful young lady. Finola Hughes, who played Anna, and I always made ourselves accessible to her because it's not easy to be in this business, no matter how old you are! For someone so young, Robin amazes me that she's remained as level headed and well-adjusted as she is." -Tristan Rogers, excerpt from the General Hospital, the Complete Scrapbook

On Her Favorite Storyline: "The SNOWMAN storyline with Grant Putnam was my favorite. It was originally going to be Robin who was trapped in the cage, but at the last minute, the censors said there were rules against keeping kids in cages and showing them as victims of violence.  The story had to be changed to Anna getting kidnapped and Robin being comatose due to the tragedy. Anyway, I had a great time being traumatized and staring into space and throwing trays of food at people. It was really fun." -Kimberly McCullough, excerpt from the General Hospital, the Complete Scrapbook

On Keeping the Role of Robert Scorpio: "I must have done something right because the role of Robert Scorpio was only suppose to last for two days.  I began during all that craziness with the ice princess storyline, which was an adventure the likes of which daytime TV had never seen before! It's probably always going to be my favorite storyline." -Tristan Rogers, excerpt from the General Hospital, the Complete Scrapbook

Keep That Accent: "I had worked countless hours to develop an American accent in hopes of broadening my acting opportunities.  But when I arrived at ABC proudly displaying my new accent, I was promptly told to lose it!" -Tristan Rogers, excerpt from Episodes magazine May/June 1990

On Tristan Rogers Not Wanting Robert and Tiffany as a Couple on GH: "I think Tristan really wanted Genie (Francis, who played Laura) as a leading lady. That was it, so he didn't want me." -Sharon Wyatt, excerpt from SOD 9/20/88

On Her Most Memorable Scenes: "I think all of the Santa Barbara location stuff was very memorable. There were two scenes in particular. One was in a cellar with John Reilly (Sean), myself, and Tristan when we were all confessing to all these things that we'd done and we had a bottle of wine and it was really emotional. Another scene was when Ian (Buchanan, who plays Duke), myself, and Tristan were together and it was Ian's confession about him being involved with the mob. They're the two memorable ones for me." -Finola Hughes, excerpt from SOD 9/20/88

On which was her most meaningful Emmy win and why: "Oh, you say that like I have 10 or something! I guess the one when I was older, 17. It was at Radio City, and I just remember getting on stage and being like, 'What the hell?' I had never seen so many people in one room in my life. But that was pretty cool. And I got to wear Francesca James's [former GH producer] dress. It was passed down from her grandmother. -Kimberly McCullough, SID 6/12/01

On Taking Over the role of Anna from Finola Hughes on GH: "That was a great challenge. Finola's contract ended a few weeks before her storyline did, so they hired me. I had to dye my hair black and add extentions. And because she was the star of the show, I had to learn massive amounts of dialogue. It was around Christmas, and my house was a mess because I didn't have time to do anything." The actress was more concerned with the fans' response. "Their hearts were already aching because Finola was gone, and then they had to stomach me," she sighs. "But I largely got nice fan mail. Finola also said I did a good job. We had a good giggle over it. I didn't watch when the boat she was supposedly on blew up. It's so clever that they brought Anna back, but to AMC." -Camilla Moore, excerpt from SOD 1/21/03

Their Favorites: "John Reilly is a gas, and of course, I love Kimberly [McCullough, Robin].  But," York confides, "I'd love it if Tristan would com back."  So would McCullough.  "My favorite scenes were between me and Finola [Hughes, ex-Anna] and me and Tristan, " she says.  "Their funeral was so depressing, but I liked it because they showed flashbacks.  It seemed so real."  McCullough, who has played young Robin Scorpio for almost eight years, also recalls a scene where "Grant Putnam [Brian Patrick Clarke] came in the house, and I had to hide.  He kidnapped Anna and killed my grandmother, but it was fun."  McCullough would like to see high school-aged Robin get more involved in "some kind of real teenage problem, maybe teenage pregnancy." -John J. York and Kimberly McCullough, sometime around 1992-1994

Quick Change Artist: "To this day, Kimberly McCullough (Robin) is partial to clothes that look like dance attaire- and she can trace that longing back to preschool. 'I wouldn't go to school unless I had a leotard on, and I would strip naked if my mom forgot to put one on me,' she recalls.  'I remember being in a store and wanting a Miss Piggy leotard so much.  I was begging my mom, and she was going, "No, no. You have enough leotards." So I took my clothes off in the middle of the store and put it on, and then she had to buy it!" -Kimberly McCullough

On Losing Scorpio to Holly: "Tristan Rogers [Robert Scorpio] told me a few years ago that there was a plan was to get Scorpio and Bobbi together.  Emma Samms [Holly] was only supposed to be a temporary girl put in the middle. Well, they clicked and I never got to do the story -- the audience was so crazy about them!" -Jackie Zeman, People Online 9/7/98

Time to Tango Yet Again: "For my first love scene with Kristina Malandro (Felicia) we got into bed.  The crew, trying to make things easier (sarcastically), put extra props under the sheets.  For instance, Penthouse magazine, devices, certain suggestive pieces of fruit.  They did it to lighten up the mood... it was funny!" -Scott Thompson Baker (Colton Shore), Daytime TV Oct. 1990

Balancing Acts: "The first time Stone and Robin made love stands out for Kimberly McCullough (Robin).  'There were all sorts of problems that day,' she says.  'They couldn't get the lighting right.  The camera angles were all messed up.  Joe Behar, who was directing, kept having Michael Sutton (ex-Stone Cates) scoot further and further down on the bed.  It got to the point where his butt was hanging off the edge.  He could barely keep his balance.  I had to hold unto him to keep him from falling out." -Kimberly McCullough

Time to Tango Yet Again: "We used to shriek at the scripts. We would always be in the middle of some highly dramatic situation, and then it would say, 'Duke looks at Anna and asks her to dance.'  It made us laugh uncontrollably.  We would be in South America, held hostage, bullets flying all around, and then it would say, 'Duke and Anna dance.'" -Ian Buchanan on his and co-star Finola Hughes often having to tango on the show.

Learn Those Lines: "I'm not afraid of anything... except maybe forgetting my lines! I used to cheat.  On heavy dialogue days, I'd plant a page of key lines on the set as a security blanket.  One day Kin Shriner (Scotty) fed me a cue, but I was speechless... because my 'cheat sheet' was missing. When Kin waved it in my face, I learned my lesson, which is why I always learn my lines now!" -John J. York, excerpt from the General Hospital, the Complete Scrapbook