beachkissing.jpg (7274 bytes)Best Location Scene (SOD 1/14/86)
It was a story viewers didn't want to see- how Robert Scorpio met and married his first wife, Anna Devane.  The use of the now-famous flashback sequences was an extremely clever device with which the past could be explored, and it worked like a magnet, attracting and repelling viewers at the same time.
The show went on location to film the nostalgic, romance, highlighted by the Scorpios' communal wedding in a tiny Italian village (no, they didn't actually go to Italy).  Score a triumphant break-through for Gloria Monty and Co. as they successfully chronicled an entire storyline through flashbacks. 
        Later in the year, the tale of the Aztec treasure drew to a long overdue conclusion, climaxing in a heart-stopping fight between Scorpio and Sean Donely aboard an aerial tram car.  Again, GH went on location, this time to a mountain locale.  The results were taut, action-filled adventure sequences.  How realistic were they?  Just ask John Reilly (Sean), who emerged from the aerial fracas with some genuinely bruised ribs.

A Big Man Falls, 1986
Duke Lavery was heavily involved in a money-laundering operation run by underworld chief Mr. Big- a man never seen on the screen.  At the time, Duke was falling for co-police chief Anna Devane, but he knew she would never be safe as long as he was tied to Mr. Big.  Knowing his life could be snuffed out at any time, Duke sent evidence against the mob to Burt Ramsey, Anna's co-police chief, then plotted to leave town.  Months and months went by as viewers tried to figure out who Mr. Big could be.  Finally, fans were stunned to learn Mr. Big was an upstanding Port Charles citizen, Burt Ramsey.  A bitter Burt revealed to Damon Greenville, Mr. Big's cohort, the reason he turned to the wrong side of the law:  He couldn't face being forced to share his police chief duties with Anna Devane.

Most Intriguing Character: Duke Lavery (SOD 1/13/87)
That man. He's so suave, so unpredictable, so dangerous, so...intriguing. Have I seen him somewhere before? What kind of accent is that? More important, who does his hair?     

     Port Charles hasn't seen a character create such a ruckus since Robert Scorpio popped up from Down Under a few years back. Duke Lavery is a presence to be reckoned with; a Scot whose complicated, mercurial nature keeps the audience off-guard and on the edge of their seats. He's the perfect foil for another amalgam of emotions, Anna Devane, who was desperately in need of the right man. She found him. Lucky girl.

#91 Sean and Tiffany's Wedding, 1988
Laughter isn't something usually associated with weddings.  In the case of Sean and Tiffany, however, you can't think of anything else.  On the day Sean Donely's (John Reilly) marriage to ex-movie queen Tiffany Hill (Sharon Wyatt), the couple had a fight.  She refused to go through with the ceremony, and Sean literally had to drag Tiffany to the altar.  The bride and groom were seething.  Then it was time for the vows.
        The minister asked if "Elsie Mae Crumholtz would take this man..." and Sean was shocked.  Who was the minister talking about?  When he realized that Elsie Mae was Tiffany's real name, he couldn't stop laughing.  The rest of the congregation joined in on the laughter, and soon everyone was doubling over.  Somehow, the bride and groom completed their vows and were declared man and wife.  Viewers, who were glad to see a beloved couple united, would not soon forget their riotous wedding.

#99 Close Encounters of the Alien Kind, 1990
In a captivating, surrealistic moment of televised theatre, Casey the alien (from the planet Lumina, not Mexico) materialized in Anna's garage- quickly beaming himself into viewers' hearts with his childlike innocence and quirky ways.  On a mission to retrieve fragments of a powerful energy crystal left behind from a spacecraft crash, Casey discovered the frist piece in the hands of Robin, who dug up the glowing gem on Spoon Island- where the former DVX chief Cesar Faison took up residence to find the remaining crystal for his own nefarious purposes.  Ex-spies, Anna, Robert, Sean, and Frisco became embroiled in the quest- which ended when Faison reluctantly ceded his pieces of the crystal to Casey out of obsessive love for Anna, allowing Casey to bid Earth an otherworldly adieu.

faisonheadshot.jpg (2124 bytes)Best Daytime Villian: Cesar Faison, aka P. K. Sinclair (SOD 1/7/92)
He's creepy and he's kooky, mysterious and spooky.  No, he's not a member of the Addams Family, but Cesar Faison is the kind of unsettling creature that makes your skin crawl.  Anders Hove has created a ruthless villian unlike any other on daytime.   First, there's the appearance.  It's a combination of those lank locks, that faint Danish accent, and that arrogant stare- and when was the last time you saw a character who regularly smoked?  Faison puffs away on those thin cigars and always seems to be walking around in a smoky haze, like someone from a forties flick.  Hove presents Faison in such a way that you absolutely believe he is an amoral fiend and you can understand why he so unnerves usually unflappable folks like Robert, Anna, and Sean.  Hey, being one of the architects of a scheme to control global economics and politics via the use of a lethal gas is nothing to sneeze at. In the end, Faison was apprehended by the police, and he was carted away by the WSB. But just before his exit, Faison confidently told Anna- the object of his obsession- that they would meet again one day.  We knew he wasn't just blowing smoke.

#66 Stone Dies of AIDS, 1995
Stone Cates (Michael Sutton) was the handsome kid with a chip on his shoulders and Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough) was the girl next door.  When the two conssumated their relationship, they thought they were being responsible.  They used birth control but no protection against sexually transmitted diseases.  Months later the couple discovered he had full-blown AIDS and- thanks to their intimacy- she was now HIV positive. 
        Every step of the way, the writers brilliantly scripted Stone's journey:  the prejudice, the anger and the all-consuming need to experience life and love even when illness and defeat were becoming increasingly hard to ignore.  When Stone faced his last degradation- the loss of his eyesight- he remained resolute in his decision to love, and to live, to the fullest.  It was fitting that in his final moments, his clarity had returned:  He uttered the words, "Robin, I see you," and he was gone.

The Best Scenes Ever Seen on Soaps- Stone's Death, 1995
AIDS struck the lives of many Port Charles residents when Stone Cates became a victim of the insidious epidemic. People had various reactions to the news that Robin Scorpio's boyfriend contracted the deadly disease. In the end, everyone rallied around the young man, who chose to spend his remaining days educating others about the terrible illness. His friends celebrated the holidays early that year, so he could enjoy them one last time. Moments before he died, Stone regained his sight, saw his beloved Robin, then passed away. (SOU 7/4/00)rjlean2.jpg (24094 bytes)

Best Breakup, Jason and Robin (SOW, 12/23/97)
Afraid that Jason's involvement with Sonny and the mob would ultimately get him killed, Robin went behind Jason's back and asked Sonny to fire him.  Sonny complied, because he had promised Stone he would never let anything happen to Robin, but Jason was not happy when he found out.  When he refused to quit working for Sonny and destroy what had essentially become his whole identity since his accident, Robin made the painful decision to end their relationship, refusing to sit by and watch another person she loved possibly die.  With tears in their eyes, they ended the relationship in his hospital room (where he was recovering from a gunshot wound); at the bridge, their special place, they said their goodbyes before she left to study in France.  Thanks to standout performances by Steve Burton and Kimberly McCullough (Jason and Robin), the scenes were both effective and heartbreaking.

Best New Character, Patrick (SOD, 12/12/06)
The evolution of GH's Patrick is a how-to for creating a successful new character. First, tie he/she to an established vet: GH made the hospital's arrogant new surgeon the son of its arrogant prodigal surgeon, Dr. Noah Drake; newcomer Jason Thompson even bears a striking resemblance to on-screen pop, Rick Springfield. (Bonus points for the buzz-worthy return of Springfield to introduce Noah's son.) Second, hire someone who's not only easy on the eyes but can act. Third, have us meet him/her in a memorable manner: The first time we saw Drake Jr., he was naked, bedding a nurse in an OR. Fourth, match the character with a formidable love interest: GH avoided a Robin/Jason retread when Kimberly McCullough returned, leaving her free to bicker with, banter with and fluster Patrick. Fifth, give the character something interesting to do: Watching Patrick face his own mortality after his exposure to HIV in the line of duty allowed for character growth that we (and he) would have never thought possible. Well done, Dr. Drake. (SOD 12/12/06)

Best Show, General Hospital (SOD, 12/12/06)
What a difference a year makes. GH was named "Most Disappointing Show" in 2005, but a return to its roots was just what the doctor ordered. GH shifted the focus back to hospital happenings, kicking off the year with a sprawling February sweeps adventure tale about a killer virus and quarantined patients. Then, in a virtual cavalcade of returning fan favorites delighted longtime viewers, drew in new ones and upped the drama and romance quotients. We got reacquainted with comeback kids Robin, Noah, Robert, Holly and Anna, climaxing with the November sweeps reunion of Luke and his long-cataontic love, Laura, just in time for the 25th anniversary of the supercouple's wedding.

     This was no headline-grabbing gimmick. Well, actually it was, but it was so much more: Laura's return was a heart-stopping, poignant tearjerker.
     The touching losses (good-bye to Tony and Courtney), shocking revelations (Sam is Alexis's daughter; Jason's the father of Liz's baby), tour-de-forces (Sonny's descent into manic depression) and stunning comings and going (John Ingle's Edward returned; Corbin Bernsen's Durant was assassinated) kept us on the edge of our seats all year long. It wasn't perfect (Justus's death was blink-and-you-missed-it; Lucas came out, then disappeared), but hey, it just goes to show that when a stellar cast embraces riveting material, the result can be nothing short of magic. (SOD 12/12/06)

Memorable Moments in GH History, 1986-2006

These storylines have been chosen by various soap mags as memorable moments in GH history.  Whenever possible, I've included the source, but sometimes I didn't have it.

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