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More Finola pics can be found at my Devane Files site.

*images made by MinaL for my website. Please ask before borrowing my pics, thanks!  The quality of some of the pictures are fuzzy due to the age of the videos.

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Recent Scorpio Appearances

Below are pics and scoops from Kimberly's August 31, 2006 appearance on ABC Soap Secrets Reveal.  Also, Tristan's August 2006 Soapography has been added to here.

Caught Finola's interview on E! News yesterday (5/10/6). I think that upcoming scene of Anna and Robin comparing Robert and Patrick's similarities is going to be one of my all-time favorite GH scenes.  Anna: "So, uh, your Patrick is, um, arrogant?" Robin: "Check." Anna (pointing at Robert): "Domineering?" Robin: "Yeah, totally." Anna (staring at Robert): "Yeah, he has the attention span of a gnat?" Robin nods. Reuniting Scorpio style- freakin' hilarious. Click on the image to see more pics from the interview.

The Daytime Emmys: Wow, the GH vets were just amazing at this year's awards show. Rick Springfield brought the crowd to the feet, and the applause for Tristan, Emma and Finola should give the TIIC at GH a clue who really draws the viewers. The era of the legendary Gloria Monty was referred to several times, and so many of those GH vets were in attendance- Ian, Finola, Tristan, Emma, Rick, Kimberly, Jack Wagner and Anthony Geary. And anyone who visits this site knows that I am a HUGE Robert and Anna fan [and a huge Luke and Holly fan], but I gotta say- Tristan and Emma looked stunning together when they walked out on stage. Whoever does the lighting on GH must suck cuz everyone looks so much better everywhere else, like years younger. Anyway, click on the image to view more pics from the show. Also put up pics from Finola's short GMA emmy recap the next day.

It's a Scorpio family reunion on Soap Talk when Tristan Rogers, Finola Hughes and Kimberly McCullough stop by to chat with Lisa and Ty. Tristan recently returned to GH as Robert Scorpio, and now that Finola's back, Robert, Anna and Robin Scorpio are back together for the first time in 14 years!
     Lisa and Ty want to know what it's like for the threesome to be working together again. Tristan, Finola and Kimberly all agree that it feels strangely familiar, and they all fell right back into it right away. Tristan adds that he feels like he's never been away, and now that Finola's back, the equation is complete.
     Obviously, with such beloved characters returning to the canvas, there's a lot of pressure and high expectations for their return. Tristan admits that he was worried how the audience would react, and how he would fit in.
     The trio reminisces about Kimberly's audition for the role of Robin. Both Tristan and Finola were there; the producers knew that whoever they cast would have to be prepared to deal with Tristan's ad-libbing, according to Finola. Tristan tries to deny it, but Finola assures the audience that Tristan never stayed on script.
     After viewing a vintage clip, the threesome is astounded by Finola's big hair, which she refers to as a "fourth character." And of course, Tristan and Finola comment how cute Kimberly was as a child.
     Finola recalls her first impression of Tristan. She describes Tristan as being in his "Steve McQueen phase," and after the two finished their first scene, Tristan pulled Finola aside and said, "We're gonna have a lot of fun, kid!"
Ty asks Tristan how his kids feel about him being back on General Hospital, and Tristan admits that they're fairly indifferent. And then, Ty asks the question that's on everyone's mind: is Tristan's stint going to be an indefinite stay? Tristan wryly remarks that it depends on how they define "indefinite," so he'll just go with whatever they have planned since he's having such a great time.
     Ty and Lisa pose the same question to Finola, who admits she doesn't know how long they'll be sticking around General Hospital. Lisa and Ty echo the audience's sentiment when they say they hope they stick around for a while. It's not every day that soap opera viewers get treated to the history and chemistry that Tristan Rogers, Finola Hughes and Kimberly McCullough have with each other. (text from SoapTalk's website)

On the set of The View, Scott Clifton and Kimberly McCullough cheer as GH is nominated for Best Show for this year's Daytime Emmys. Scott also got a nomination. Both were took turns reading the nominee names. Click on the image to see more pics.

Group Pictures, 1987-1995

1. Ian and Finola talk about their play, Losing Venice. Morning Show, 12/11/87.

3. Finola and Kimberly presenting at the 1990 SOD Awards.

5. Ian and Finola joke about doing love scenes. Regis & Kathie Lee, 12/11/87.

7. Michael and Kim talk about Stone coming down with AIDS. GMA 5/30/95.

2. Ian jokes about Finola and her boyfriend, Michael Praed's, teasing him. AM LA, 6/29/88.

4. Kim and Michael [Sutton] do a skit for Pure Soap's fictional soap called "Purity Falls". E! 11/28/94.

6. On the red carpet, Ian and Finola talk about his emmy nomination. Emmy Pre-Show, 5/19/95.

8. John and Kimberly doing a segment on the 1980s for GH's 35th Anniversary special.