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More Finola pics can be found at my Devane Files site.

*images made by MinaL for my website. Please ask before borrowing my pics, thanks!  The quality of some of the pictures are fuzzy due to the age of the videos.

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Recent Kimberly McCullough Appearances

Kimberly McCullough, along with Rick Springfield, were featured on Soapography. 

Also added were pics from Kimberly's last Soap Talk interviews and Kimberly with GH castmates on The View for the announcement of the 2006 Emmy nominees.  Click on her image to see more pics from Kim's appearance.  


Kimberly McCullough (Robin), 1986-2004

1. Adorable little Kim talks about school. AM LA, 1986?

3. Kim amazes interviewer Regis with her adorable chatter. Morning Show, 11/17-19/86.

5. Kim and her mom talk about young girls reaching their teens. Oprah, 9/26/89.

7. Kim talks about work. AM LA 6/20/90

9. Kim clears up confusion about her age. Mike & Maty, 7/21/94.

11. Kim talks about Robin's history and relationship with Stone. Summer Soaps, 1995?

13. Kim talks about the Stone storyline, Mike and Maty 12/1/95.

15. Kim jokes about all Anna's last names on GH's 35th Anniversary special.

17. Kimberly nominated for another emmy in 1997 (but loses to castmate Sarah Brown).

19. Kim and boyfriend Freddie Prinz Jr. at movie premiere, ET 6/7/99.

21. Kim on tv mom Finola for Finola's Intimate Portrait, 2002

2. A victorious Kim thanking everyone. SOD awards, 12/6/86.

4. As Cosette in Les Mis, Kim sings "Castles on Cloud". Tonight Show, 4/3/88.

6. Kim shows how to prepare her Honey Bee Cookies. AM LA 7/11/90

8. Kim's victorious once again. SOD Awards,  2/26/93.

10. Kim explains her first tv job was a diaper commercial with Juliet Mills. E! 11/28/94.

12. Kim on Robin's boyfriend getting AIDS. GMA 5/30/95.

14. Kim on what's she's gone through and learned during the Stone storyline. Positive: A Journey into Aids, 12/7/95

16. Kimberly and fellow soapsters listening to Rachel Ames presenting a special award to the memory of the late John Beradino. SOD 2/28/97

18. Kim on the set filming the Nurses' Ball, SoapNet, 2000

20. Kim on how much she enjoyed working again with her tv-mom, Finola, on AMC, SoapNet, June 2000