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More Finola pics can be found at my Devane Files site.

*images made by MinaL for my website. Please ask before borrowing my pics, thanks!  The quality of some of the pictures are fuzzy due to the age of the videos.

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Recent Finola Hughes Appearances

Caught Finola's interview on E! News yesterday (5/10/6). I think that upcoming scene of Anna and Robin comparing Robert and Patrick's similarities is going to be one of my all-time favorite GH scenes.  Anna: "So, uh, your Patrick is, um, arrogant?" Robin: "Check." Anna (pointing at Robert): "Domineering?" Robin: "Yeah, totally." Anna (staring at Robert): "Yeah, he has the attention span of a gnat?" Robin nods. Reuniting Scorpio style- freakin' hilarious. Click on the image to see more pics from the interview.


Finola Hughes (Anna), 1986-2003

1. "I can always work in a bank or something," Finola explains, should she ever leave acting. Showbiz's Hollywood Reporter, 1986.

3. Finola on Hollywood Squares, 11/21/86.

5. Finola on Hollywood Squares, 11/23/86.

7. Finola on Hollywood Squares, 11/25/86.

 9. Finola chats with pal Kin Shriner's brother. Wil Shriner Show, 4/87.

2. Finola tells Regis about Anna's job as a female police chief. Morning Show, 11/17-19/86.

4. Finola on Hollywood Squares, 11/22/86.

6. Finola on Hollywood Squares, 11/24/86.

8. Finola, along with DAYS's Charles Shaugnessy, at the Sacramento Car Show, 1/87.

10. Finola serves as cohost for a day. Hour Magazine, 3/1/88.