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Below are episode transcripts involving the Scorpio family.  A few are ones I have found on other nice Scorpio sites and by other people (which I have credited), and the rest are mine. Many of the 1985 ones were done by Anna, who's been wonderful about letting me archive them on this site!  Hope you enjoy!  If the link isn't highlighted, that means I haven't done the transcript yet. The transcripts are arranged by year, so click on the related image to go to the transcripts. Please ask before taking my pictures, thanks!

  1977-1978, 1982 and 1984

Robert Scorpio, PC's favorite resident spy, has a secret past that comes to light involving a dark haired beauty, a nasty explosion, an aztec treasure, and a best friend who's up to some shady dealings.


Robert gets the surprise of his life when a bubbly little girl named Robin appears on his doorstep carrying a doll that's hiding its own secret. And when both disappear, Robert's on the war path!


A mysterious Scotsman appears in town and catches the eye of newly appointed Chief Devane. Is he more than he appears? Anna think so, and so do lovers on the run Frisco and Felicia.


Robert's back and he's on a mission to prevent the assassination of WSB agents. His old buddy, Sean, is next on the list, so Robert and Anna go into action. Meanwhile Frisco leaves for WSB training.

An old enemy from Robert's past seeks to even the score by kidnapping Robin, but instead naps Anna. While Robert and Sean search for clues, Duke takes another route to finding his wife.

Devastated by Frisco's "death", Felicia remarries only to discover her new hubby's an ex-assassin and her dead hubby isn't dead at all! No wonder she loses her memory.

The smoothest of all villains, the mysterious Cesar Faison [aka P. K. Sinclair] arrives on the scene in search for lumina crystals and instead finds the object of his past obession, Anna. He also runs up against his ex-foes, Robert and Sean.

There's another sexy Scorpio on the scene as Robert's younger brother shows up in town, and just like his big bro, is followed around by gunfire, explosions, intrigue and swooning women.

Poor Felicia loses Frisco and is stalked by nutso Ryan Chamberlain before falling in love with best friend Mac. Meanwhile Robin's going through her teen years and falling in love with a boy from the wrong side of the tracks.

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