Remembering Lila Part 2
On the day of Lila's funeral, all of Port Charles has gathered together to say goodbye.  Bobbie, Lucas, Lucy and Kevin gather at the Scorpio house before going over to the church.  Robin's returned and runs into old friends and enemies at the funeral.  Below is the Scorpio part of the transcript.  You can read the full 7/16/04 transcript at my pal Suzanne's TV Megasite page. 

Felicia: Oh, this tie is nice. Brings out your eyes. Lila would approve. She had a weakness for handsome men.

Mac: Yeah, she was a flirt. But who could blame her? She was married to the champion philanderer of all time.

Felicia: Yeah, that's true.

Maxie: Hey, i found your earings.

Felicia: Oh, thank you.

Maxie: Yeah.

Felicia: Next time you borrow them, would you ask me, please? Ok?

Maxie: Yeah, all right.

Felicia: Georgie, come on, let's go!

Georgie: Ok, I'm coming!

[Doorbell rings]

felicia: Ok.

Bobbie: Knock, knock.

Felicia: Oh, hi, come on in.

Bobbie: Hey.

Mac: Hey. Hi, bobbie.

Felicia: Hi, lucas.

Maxie: Hey, guys.

Mac: Hey, lucas. Bobbie.

Bobbie: Hi, mac. It's good to see you.

Mac: Good to see you.

Georgie: Ok, ok, ok, ok. I am ready.

Felicia: Ok, let's look at you. Oh, no. You have to take off these. These rings have to go.

Georgie: Ok. Wait a minute. Before i do that -- is my dress too short? Or maybe my high heels are too high? Or maybe my hair isn't flipped out just right?

Felicia: No, no. Now, i know I'm going a little bit overboard. Actually, way overboard. But lila was very, very special to me, and dressing appropriately for her memorial is a way of paying tribute to her.

The scene fades out, then returns.

Sonny: Hey, robin.

Robin: Hey, sonny.

Sonny: It's good to see you.

Robin: I couldn't stay away. Lila was like family to me. I had to come back to honor her. I was just in there lighting a candle for lila, looking at all those gorgeous pictures of her.

Sonny: It's great you came back to pay your respects.

Robin: Brenda wanted to come, too. She had to work.

Sonny: You see brenda?

Robin: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah?

Robin: She's my friend. Of course I see her.

Sonny: Wow.

Robin: She wanted you to know something.

Sonny: Hmm?

Robin: That she's happy, and she hopes that you are, too. She truly believes that you and carly and your children were meant to be.

Sonny: I like to think that's true. You are just grown up, right? It's amazing how fast time goes.

Robin: Yep. I was thinking about that a lot when i decided to come here for the memorial. And I knew that I was going to see you again, and I realized something. I miss you.

The scene fades out, then returns.

Robin: When uncle mac called and told me about lila, I had this picture in my head of her. It was so clear. She was laughing with her just beautiful face, with her bun. She was so beautiful. We were on the train ride to ned and lois' wedding, and stone was there holding my hand.

Sonny: Stone. Wow, that was, you know, a while ago.

Robin: I know. I thought about him a lot on the plane ride here. I mean, not just about how much i loved him, but, you know, what he wanted for me in my life. And for you.


Sonny: He asked me to take care of you, you know. I haven't done a very good job of that.

Robin: I haven't done a good job of letting you. Time passes, though, and I realized that the worst thing in the world is to not say the things that you need to say to the people who matter to you. I just want you to know that i am so sorry for the distance between us, and I love you.

Sonny: I love you, too, sweetheart. And you don't have to apologize for anything. Because as long as you're happy, that's all lila or stone or anybody -- you know, me included -- could want for you.

The scene fades out, then returns. The doorbell rings at the Scorpio house.

lucy: Oh, hi!

Maxie: Hey, guys.

Lucy: You're still here.

[All talking at once]

lucy: Gosh, it's been a long time.

Mac: Lucy, how are you?

Lucy: Oh, I am so good. It's so good to see you.

Felicia: Hi.

Lucy: Oh, hi.

Bobbie: Hi. What a nice surprise! It's really nice to see you.

Mac: Uh, come here. Is there a -- is there a reason lucy is wearing red?

Kevin: Well, I'll let lucy explain.

Lucy: Oh -- what? What am I going to explain?

Bobbie: Hmm -- well, you are red.

Lucy: It's actually in honor of mother quartermaine.

Maxie: Lila liked red?

Lucy: You know, I think she -- well, she liked all colors, so i'm sure she liked red, too. But, boy, she knew how to dress, didn't she? She always had that flair, and she was always beautiful and sparkly and -- that's not really the point, is it, though?

Mac: Is there a point?

Lucy: You remember i was briefly married to alan, right? I mean, it was a whirlwind courtship, and -- well, actually, we probably shouldn't have gotten married ever at all, but we did because i wanted to. I wanted to be a quartermaine at that time very desperately, and so i was happy, and so i wanted the best dress ever. I wanted the dress of all dresses, the society to be impressed by my style, and when it came it was -- it was red. But it came that day, and I knew if i didn't put that dress on, then maybe the wedding would have to be postponed.

Kevin: And that would give alan a chance to come to his senses.

Lucy: That is not funny. That is really unkind. However, it's sort of a teensy-weensy bit true. I wanted that wedding to go on, and so i made that wedding go on. So i put that dress on, and it was red, and everybody made fun of me and I was the laughingstock. And everybody laughed except mother quartermaine. And she -- she actually said i looked really lovely, and she was very kind and she said that red was my color, and it complemented me so well. Anyway, that marriage didn't last, did it? And alan and i didn't part on very friendly terms. But over the years we made up our differences and he became one of my very favorite ex-husbands. And I owe, i think, a lot of that to mother quartermaine. She would never admit it, though. You know that.

Felicia: Mm-hmm, it sounds like lila. Always doing amazing things and making them sound like they happened by accident, right?

Lucy: Yeah, you're right. Do you know she was actually the only person, i think, that was always happy to see me? And she also told me that that red-wedding-dress wedding was her absolute favorite wedding of all time -- except for hers, of course. So that's it. That's why i'm -- I'm wearing red. It is in tribute of mother quartermaine. And I don't care if everybody thinks i'm in extremely bad taste, because mother quartermaine and i know better.

The scene fades out, then returns.

Alan: Robin, it is so good to see you. Thank you for coming.

Robin: Of course.

Monica: Tracy, you remember robin, robert and anna scorpio's daughter?

Tracy: Vaguely.

Alan: She flew all the way from paris to attend mother's funeral.

Robin: Lila was a wonderful woman. I admired her more than i can say.

Tracy: Thank you. Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: Lila was a great lady in the best sense of the word. I -- it was an honor to know her.

Tracy: What did i tell you? Every mongrel and guttersnipe mother ever took pity on is going to show up here claiming a close, personal relationship.

Alan: And you're going to smile and welcome them just the way our mother would want you to. Now, get in there.

Lois: Ah!

Robin: Lois!

Lois: Robin, do you how good it is to see you?

Robin: I have missed you. It's been way too long.

Lois: Tell me about it. Do you know who this is?

Robin: Oh, brook lynn. Oh, my -- my goodness! I'm -- i'm sorry. Hi. I'm robin scorpio. I knew you when you were shorter than me.

Brook lynn: When i was a baby?

Robin: Yeah. I'm sorry. I always hated it when people said that to me.

Lois: Oh, don't kid yourself. She's still my baby, and you always will be.

Brook lynn: Ma.

The scene fades out, then returns.

Sonny: Hey.

Robin: Hi.

Michael: Hello.

Sonny: I want you to meet somebody. This is robin. She knew you when you were little.

Robin: It's nice to meet you.

Michael: Nice to meet you, too.

Robin: I believe I bought your first halloween costume. You were a pumpkin.

Michael: Oh, man.

Robin: Don't worry, don't worry, you looked cool. And, look, you're practically all grown up.

Sonny: Well, he's getting there.

Robin: I bet your parents are really proud of you. Oh, and, by the way, congratulations. Sonny tells me that you had another little boy.

Carly: Yeah, morgan.

Robin: You named him after jason.

Michael: That's right. Jason's our best friend.

Robin: I know that, and i'm very happy for you guys.

The scene fades out, then returns.

Robin: Jax.

Jax: There you are.

Robin: Hey.

Jax: Hey, i've missed you. You know, I'm such an idiot for not coming to see you every time i'm in europe.

Robin: Oh, it's ok. You're busy, i'm busy.

Jax: Yeah, but I shouldn't be too busy for you. Courtney, this is robin scorpio.

Robin: Hi.

Courtney: Hi.

Jax: Courtney matthews.

Robin: Nice to meet you.

Courtney: Nice to meet you.

Robin: Brenda has told me a lot about you. You're sonny's sister, right, and jason's wife?

Courtney: Well, actually, we -- we got divorced.

Jax: Yeah, now courtney's free to pursue other interests.

Robin: Does "other interests" mean you?

Jax: Well, courtney's not pursuing me. I'm pursuing her.

Robin: Got it.

The scene fades out, then returns.

Tony: Your mother gave so much of herself to the hospital. She helped so many people.

Mac: Yes, she did, including me. I mean, I would've never made it through some of those endless charity dinners without lila to talk to.

Bobbie: Our whole family loved her. I wish luke could be here to tell everybody how much because I don't have the words, but lila was magnificent.

Monica: Well, I'm sure lila would say the same thing about luke. She had a weakness for scoundrels.

Felicia: We'll all miss her.

Tracy: We will, too.

Alan: Thank you so much for bringing her memoirs. It means a lot for us to have a permanent record of her life in her own words.

Felicia: It was an honor to be able to help her tell her story. She was an amazing person and she loved all of you very much.

The scene switches over to Robin approaching Jason outside the church.

Robin: You hiding?

Jason: Robin.

Robin: I'm sorry. I -- i thought someone would've told you that I was coming.

Jason: No. I'm -- i'm glad you're here. Grandmother would appreciate it.

Robin: How you doing?

Jason: Fine. You know, doing good. What about you? How's -- how's paris?

Robin: I love it. It's starting to become my home. I see my mom all the time, and brenda when she's not traveling on business --

jason: Yeah.

Robin: And she says hello, by the way.

Jason: You know, well, you can tell brenda i said hi.

Robin: Ok.

Jason: I guess we should -- we should go in.

Robin: This is really hard for you, isn't it?

Jason: Yeah, I got to be here, you know? The quartermaines need me. Ahem.

Robin: It's good that you know that.

Jason: It's because of you. You know, a lot of the time that i spend with my grandmother was because you asked. And it made her very happy and it made me better, so thank you. I owe you more than I can ever repay.

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