Luke Lands in Jail

*SoapNet aired this classic GH episode on April 24, 2004.  This wonderful transcript was done by Boo, who did the transcript for me. Much thanks!  You can read her other GH transcripts at The TV Megasite. The video captures I did myself.

Jackie: Luke-- 

Luke: Stay here, Jackie. 

Jackie: Would you just wait a second? 

Luke: You're not coming with me! 

Jackie: You're right, because you're going to come inside and we're going to talk this over, ok? 

Luke: No. Stay out of this, Jackie. 

Jackie: Luke, what will killing David Gray accomplish? 

Luke: Not much. Something. Maybe I'll feel a little better. 

Jackie: Would you just wait a second, please, and come inside? 

Luke: You go inside! You go inside and talk to Robert, because you and Robert talk real good, baby, but I don't! Do you understand? I'm going very calmly now to David Gray and I'm going to put my fingers around his throat and I'm not going to stop squeezing until he spits out his last miserable breath! Don't wait up for me! 

Jackie: You're making a stupid mistake! 


Rick: Right! 

Rose: Hey, guys. What's up? 

Rick: Rose, if anyone asks, the clinic is closed today. 

Rose: Closed? 

Rick: Yes. 

Rose: The last time you guys closed the clinic was when O'Reilly-- does this have something to do with the sailor and that necklace? 

Heather: Remember, the last time I took a walk on the docks with you, Joe Kelly, you got my boots all wet. 

Joe: Some people don't know how to appreciate a good puddle. 

Heather: You should see what he did to me. He had to make a big splash in every puddle we came across. 

Joe: Well, some kids never grow up. 

Heather: What's wrong with everybody? 

Rick: Heather, there was an accident at sea. There was a-- a very goodpossibility that Laura may have drowned. 

Joe: Drowned? What do-- what do you mean, possibility? What do you mean, might have? 

Rick: It doesn't look good, Joe. 

Heather: Well, what was she doing at sea? 

Rick: We don't know, Heather. We're all in a little bit of shock right now. 

Rose: Does Luke know? 

Leslie: Yes. 

Luke: Yes. 

Rose: Where is he? 

Leslie: I don't know. He ran out of the hearing. 

Rose: He shouldn't be alone right now, not at a time like this. 

Joe: Maybe he's on the yacht. 


Jackie: Robert -- 

Robert: Quick, where's the food? 

Jackie: We've got to go after him! 

Robert: Go after who? 

Jackie: Luke. He's going to kill him. 

Robert: Kill who? 

Jackie: He heard that Laura may have drowned. 

Robert: The hearing. 

Jackie: Yes. His captain found the necklace at the wreckage where he thinks he may have seen Laura drown. 

Robert: And by now he's going after David Gray. 

Jackie: He is going to kill him, and this time he means it! Now, we've got to go after him, please. 

Robert: No. 

Jackie: What? Are you flipped? He's flipped out! He doesn't know what he's doing! 

Robert: Yes, and if we go after him, it's tantamount to the same thing. 

Jackie: Then what do you-- then what do you suggest we do? 

Robert: A phone call. 

Jackie: A phone call-- to whom? 

Robert: You'll see. 

Jackie: A phone call now when every second counts? 

Robert: Precisely now when every second counts. 

Jackie: You are crazier than Luke is. We have got to go after him. 

Robert: Here we go. 

Jackie: Do I have to go alone? 

Robert: If you really want to, but you'll never catch him. 

Jackie: We cannot let him kill David Gray. It would mean the end of Luke as well. 

Robert: I know that. That's why I'm making this call. Look, there's  only one person that can protect Luke from himself. 

Jackie: And who's that? 

Robert: Yeah, David Gray, please. 

Jackie: Robert, David Gray? 

Hester: May I ask who's calling? 

Robert: An old friend. 

Hester: An old friend? 

Robert: Oh, yes, you know-- old school chums. We used to play rugby together. Thought he might like to, you know, well, review old times for an alumni scrum, so to speak. Look, is he back in town yet? 

Hester: I'm sorry. I can't give out any information regarding Mr. Gray's whereabouts. 

Robert: Isn't that just like David-- always protecting his privacy. 

Hester: If you'd like to leave a message, I'd see that he gets it. 

Robert: He's there, isn't he? 

Hester: I said if you'd like to leave a message, I'll see that he gets it. 

Robert: All right, Hester. I'm going to level with you. I'm not an oldschool chum, and I doubt that that bloke even knows what a rugby ball looks like, but there is a life in danger. 

Hester: Whose? 

Robert: His. 

Hester: Oh, my. He'd probably want to know that, wouldn't he? 

Robert: Well, I know I would. Now, look, would you please tell me where I can reach him, Hester? 

Hester: Yes, I'm here, but-- but I'm afraid Mr. Gray really is out of town. However, I'm expecting him back at any moment. 

Robert: He's coming directly to the antique store, isn't he? 

Hester: No. He was supposed to stop somewhere first. 

Robert: Where? 

Hester: Oh, a place he goes often. 

Robert: I need an address, Hester! 

Hester: Oh, I'm sorry, sir, but Mr. Gray was most insistent. 

Robert: And he'll be dead within the hour if you don't fork over that address. 

Hester: All right. I know it. 1112 pine street. 

Robert: That's right across from the-- the jewelry store. 

Hester: Yes. Loft number two. 

Robert: We know the place, Hester, and understand this-- you may have just saved your boss' miserable life. 

Jackie: Well, where are you going? 

Robert: Well, you see, dear, sweet Hester gave me this address, which, as it turns out, is Mel's loft. Now, Luke will go straight to the antique store, which means that I can head off Gray at the pass. 

Jackie: Well, what if we miss him at the loft? 

Robert: Well, it won't be by much. Look, Luke will go straight to the antique store. I can still get to Gray. 

Jackie: Well, then I'm coming, too. 

Robert: Hey-- uh-uh-uh-uh-uh. Listen, this is -- 

Jackie: Rob-- 

Robert: This is no walk in the park. If there's any trouble, you're only going to be in the way. 

Jackie: Don't give me that. I've bailed you out a half a dozen times. Now, I think we should call the police. 

Robert: Absolutely not. I don't want the heat on to my friend. 

Jackie: Luke's my friend, too, but I don't want to be testifying at his murder trial. 

Robert: All right. Call Ramsey direct. He'll understand. He'll know how to handle this. Now, look, I'm going straight to the loft. You two meet me at the antique store. 

Jackie: All right. 

Sailor: Hey! What about me? 

Robert: Get out of here! 


Rick: I'll try Luke on the ship. 

Leslie: I had her with me such a short time, you know? I mean, it was such really a short time out of her whole-- and I tried very hard to protect her. Maybe I tried too hard. A lot of people said it was too much. But then something like this happens-- I can't protect her. I just feel so helpless. 

Rose: I know. 

Leslie: It's like-- it's like part of me was on that boat. I'm sorry. 

Rose: Hey, it's ok. It's all right. 

Leslie: Where's Amy? Oh-- oh, Amy went home. Amy was too-- 

Rose: Hey, don't worry about her. She's a big girl now. 

Leslie: Huh. Something like this happens, nobody's a big girl, rose.

Rose: Did you have any luck, Rick? 

Rick: First, there was a busy signal and then no answer. Apparently, he is not there. 

Leslie: I want to go home. 

Rick: Let's go home. Come on. 

Rose: Please let me know if you need anything. 

Rick: Yes. Thank you, rose. 

Rose: Ok. 

Captain: He was late. We were coming out of this squall, rough sea, when all of a sudden we just broadsided this little cabin cruiser without running-- without any running lights. And then I heard a scream. So I-- I ordered spotlights. Well, when we pulled up alongside of the wreckage, I could see this blond hair just floating in the water. By the time that we got up to 
where we could reach it, well, it was gone. 

Joe: That's it? 

Captain: Yeah, that's the whole of it except the necklace and the boot. 

Joe: The necklace was Laura's necklace. 

Captain: Yeah, and the boots and the-- and the coat-- well, the Webbers identified them. 

Joe: And that was the necklace the sailor brought in here. 

Joe: The one he tried to pawn at Benny's. 

Captain: Yeah, well, see, that was my fault. 

Heather: You gave it to him? 

Captain: I didn't have any choice. 

Joe: What do you mean? 

Captain: Every time I looked at it, I heard that scream. I saw that hair floating in the water. It was just like a little ghost ship, floating around without any-- without any running lights. That's a bad omen. I don't want any part of that necklace. 

Sailor: Hi, cap. 

Captain: Oh, hi. Well, sailor, you-- you missed your sailing. 

Sailor: I know, but it wasn't my fault, see? I was shanghaied on this yacht overnight. There was these three crazies 
wanting to know something about a necklace. 

Captain: Oh, well, I'll vouch for you if you have any trouble about missing your ship. 

Sailor: Well, do you know what they were after, cap? 

Captain: Well, from what I hear, a very special person. 

Ruby: Has anybody seen Luke? I went by the ship. It was deserted. Nobody was there. 

Sailor: If you're talking about that haunted star ship, they all took off because somebody was about ready to kill somebody. 

Rose: No, no, no. Did they say where they were going? 

Sailor: Maybe, but I couldn't figure out what they were talking about. The whole story didn't make any sense. 

Ruby: What's going on? 

Rose: Ruby, sit down, would you? 

Ruby: What is it? 

Rose: It's about laura. 

Ruby: Yes? 

Rose: Why don't you sit down for a sec? Ooh-- 


Monica: So you are sure you don't want the furniture? 

Lee Ann: Oh, certainly not. 

Oswald: And we're not keen on having to have it moved out. 

Monica: Well, don't worry about that. This house will be empty when you move in. 

Lee Ann: You mean when the decorators move in. All these drab colors, they simply must go. 

Ms. Moss: Lee Ann is fond of pink. 

Lee Ann: And orange. They go so well together. 

Monica: Well, to each his own. 

Lee Ann: Darling, "Beautiful House" magazine ran a cover story on pink and orange. They're the new, exciting colors of the 1980s. Oh, where have you been? 

Monica: Well, obviously, I've just been wallowing around in drab all of these years. 

[Oswald chuckles] 

Monica: Well, hello. It looks like the three monkeys. 

Man: Three monkeys? 

Monica: Mm-hmm. Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil. 

Alan: No, I am going to speak, Monica, and you're not going to like it. 

Edward: Oh, please, Alan. Let me do it. Now, all day long, I've been planning my speech. 

Alan: All right, father. You go ahead, then. 

Ahem. Oswald, Lee Ann, get out of this house! 

Oswald: What? 

Alan: You folks aren't moving in here. 

Oswald: I don't understand. We bought this house. 

Alan: Not from me, you didn't. 

Monica: Alan, excuse me. This is my house. I can sell it if I want to! 

Alan: I'm afraid not, my darling. 

Monica: What are you talking about? You gave me this house. 

Lee Ann: And we bought it. We have a deal. Oswald, do something.

Oswald: Calm down, dear. I'm-- I'm sure there's an explanation. 

Alan: Oh, yes, there certainly is. 

Edward: Oh, please, Alan, not so quickly. Now, let them stew just a little bit longer. 

Monica: What are you talking about? We're not going to stew about anything. I want to know what this nonsense is all about. 

Alan: All right, my dear, you shall. Lee, go right ahead. Let them have it. 

Lee: Well, Monica, I'm afraid you were given this house intervivos.

Lee Ann: Inter-what- os? 

Lee: Intervivos-- living trust, meaning you have the use of the house, Monica, but you don't gain legal title until Alan's death. 

Edward: And as we can all see, Alan is still very much alive-- well, physically anyway. 

Monica: You can wipe that smirk off your face. 

Alan: Oh, I can't, Monica. I've been waiting too long to use it. 

Monica: You're forgetting something. 

Alan: What's that? 

Monica: My reaction, because I'm beginning to wish you were dead. 


Rick: Let me take your coat. 

Leslie: I don't understand. It just doesn't make any sense. 

Rick: Leslie, we have to accept it. 

Leslie: Wait-- but how? But why? But how could she-- there are too many questions that aren't even answered. 

Rick: And we have to have patience and strength. Now, let's sit down. 

Alice: Oh, I thought I heard voices. 

Rick: Sit. 

Alice: What's happened? I mean, Amy came home crying, but for the first time in her life, she won't 
tell me what's going on. 

Leslie: It's Laura. 

Rick: Alice, we have reason to believe that Laura drowned. There was an accident at sea, a ship captain saw what looked like Laura going under the water, there was her pendant that was caught on a piece of floating wreckage. 

Alice: Oh, my god. Are they sure? 

Leslie: They don't have any other explanation. 

Alice: And Luke? 

Leslie: He knows. Did he try to call us here? 

Alice:No. No, no, nobody's called. I had no idea. 

Rick: Alice-- 

Alice:I'm all right, I'm all right. 

Leslie: Rick says that-- that we have to be strong because there are a lot of people that we have to tell, be a lot of 
questions. We have to tell a lot of people. 

Alice: Would you like me to call the hospital for you? 

Leslie: That would help. 

Rick: Yes. 

Alice: I'll do it from the kitchen. 

Rick: Thank you, Alice. We're going to make it. We're going to get through this one step at a time-- 

Mike: Hey. What-- what's going on here? Why are you guys crying? 

Rick: Starting now. All right. 

Mike: Dr. Rick? 

Rick: Mike, why don't you come sit down between us, all right? We have something that we have to tell you. 


Officer O’Rourke: Good afternoon, Ms. Frumkin.

Hester: Oh, officer O'Rourke. 

Officer O’Rourke: A bit early to be closing, isn't it? 

Hester: Well, yes, I know, but I'm afraid it's necessary. 

Officer O’Rourke: Sounds like you have some trouble. 

Hester: Oh, not yet, but I've been warned. 

Officer O’Rourke: About what? 

Hester: Well, I received a telephone call saying someone wanted to kill the owner. 

Officer O’Rourke: Is he in there? 

Hester: The owner? No, but just to be on the safe side, I thought I'd better close up. 

Officer O’Rourke: Do you need protection? I can get someone down here.

Hester: Oh, thank you, but I don't want to put you to any trouble. 

Officer O’Rourke: Ma'am, if someone's made a death threat, you could be in serious danger. 

Hester: That's just it. I don't know how serious it is. Besides, the threat wasn't against me, and I don't think it's necessary to involve the authorities just yet. I'd rather wait until my employer arrives and let him make that decision. 

Officer O’Rourke: All right, but I'll keep a close watch on the shop just in case. 

Hester: Thank you, officer. 

Officer O’Rourke: My pleasure, ma'am. 


Rick: Mike, you-- you remember the day in the judge's office? 

Mike: Yeah, sure. She was real neat. 

Rick: That was the day that you became a member of this family. And you remember, she was telling you that certain responsibilities went with being a member of the family. Do you still remember what a responsibility is? 

Mike: Isn't it when you do something even if you don't want to do it? 

Rick: Well, that's-- yeah, at times, yes, that-- but she was referring to the responsibilities of being a member of the family. 

Leslie: Do you remember that -- that she said she wanted you to know that you had to share everything with us? 

Rick: And sharing, guy, means not just sharing the good times and the joys, but sharing also means the sharing of sorrows, sadness. 

Leslie: Do you understand what we're saying? 

Mike: Laura's dead, isn't she? 

Rick: Apparently. We're not positive, not 100%, but it looks like Laura drowned. 

Mike: Then she's with grandma? 

Rick: With your grandma. 

Mike: Is it ok, Dr. Rick? 

Rick: Yes, Mike. Everything's going to be just fine. 

Mike: No, I mean is it ok to cry now? 

Rick: Of course it is. 

Leslie: Michael. 

[Doorbell rings]  Rick: Luke? 

Johnny: Hey, doc! How you doing, huh? Hey, how do I look? Great shape, huh? You ever seen such a specimen-- wow! 

Rick: Johnny-- 

Johnny: Wow, hey, they got the boxing room material! The boys are putting it up right now. It's all quality stuff, really regulation, just like you promised! 

Rick: Johnny, would you just-- 

Johnny: Oh, man, I can't wait to get to this exhibition fight! Ooh! 

Rick: Johnny, slow down a minute, would you, please? 

Johnny: Yeah, I can't. Doc, I'm no loafer, and I'm in training! 

Rick: Johnny, just shut up and listen to me for two minutes! 

Johnny: Oh, what's wrong? What did I say? 

Rick: Nothing, you didn't say anything. I'm sorry. 

Johnny: Hey, come on, doc. What is it? Did you find out something about my heart? 

Rick: It has nothing to do with you, John, nothing at all. 

Johnny: Yeah, well, you're wearing some sad news. I can see it all over you.

Rick: Apparently, Laura is dead. She drowned at sea. 

Johnny: Oh, man. Doc, I didn't know. 

Rick: It's all right, Johnny. 

Johnny: Oh, yeah, and I come in here with-- 

Rick: It's all right. There's no way you could have known. 

Johnny: Well, I think we better cancel the fight. 

Rick: No, absolutely not. 

Johnny: No, no. I really think we'd better cancel it. 

Rick: Johnny, that fight means too many things to too many people, and I'm not going to let this change everybody else's 
plans, all right? 

Johnny: Rick, look, the whole town is-- 

Rick: The whole town is going to be there, Johnny, and please forgive me, but I want to see how Mike is taking this, all right? 

Johnny: Sure, sure. I'll see myself out. 

Amy: Johnny? 

Johnny: Yeah. Amy. 

Amy: Have you heard? 

Johnny: Yeah. Rick just told me. I'm real sorry. 

Amy: Do you think it'd be all right if you held me? 

Johnny: Oh, sure, kid. [Amy cries]


Joe: Well, nobody's going to be unaffected by it because everybody that knew Laura loved her. 

Ruby: I wish I knew where Luke was. 

Heather: Maybe he just wanted to be alone. 

Ruby: I think I'd better go home. Sometimes he comes by Elm Street when he has nowhere else to go. 

Joe: Fine. Can I give you a lift? 

Ruby: No, no. The bus will be coming by, but thanks anyway. 

Rose: So we'll let you know if we hear anything, ok? 

Ruby: Thanks, Rose. We'll get through this somehow. 

Rose: You bet we will. 

Ruby: Thank you. 

Joe: Honey, why don't you leave that and just sit down and join us? 

Rose: No, I got to keep working. It keeps my mind off it. 

Joe: What are you thinking? 

Heather: About death. It's times like this that you see how precious every moment is and when you really love someone, how 
you ought to grab every moment with them you can. What's wrong? 

Joe: Oh, I think you might know. 

Heather: I wasn't fishing, Joe. I was just making a comment. 

Joe: You were right. 

Heather: And what are you thinking about now? 

Joe: About Paddy. When he died, I had the same feeling. I had this empty, helpless feeling, wanting to be able to do something to help, but what can you do? 

Heather: Well, it sounds like you, always wanting to help. 

Joe: Well, doing something beats doing nothing, at least for me. 

Heather: So I suppose Anne has asked you to help her. 

Joe: For what? 

Heather: Well, haven't you heard? About what happened with Dr. Bradshaw? He made all kinds of-- of accusations. 

Joe: What kind of accusations? 

Heather: Well, he said that-- that Anne was negligent. I guess maybe she was too embarrassed and didn't tell you. 

Joe: Did she admit to anything? 

Heather: Oh, no. It was quite the opposite. She called Dr. Bradshaw a liar, and Steve Hardy suspended her. 

Joe: Beautiful. 

Heather: I know. I feel sorry for her, too. 

Joe: I better call her. 

Heather: Well, wait a minute. Well, Joe, I-- I just want you to stay here and hold me for a minute, ok? Joe? 

Joe: Hmm? 

Heather: What would happen? I mean, if something like what happened to Laura happened to me-- 

Joe: Don't even say it. 

Heather: I mean, it's not going to happen, but how would you feel? 

Joe: I suppose that wherever Luke is and whatever he's doing,


David: Now, Hester, I want you to calm down and tell me everything that happened. 

Hester: Well, I received a phone call. 

David: You already told me that-- a call from the man who said he was an old school friend. 

Hester: But he wasn't. He was calling to warn you. 

David: About what? 

Hester: Well, someone who was coming to try and-- and to-- 

David: Go on. Try and what? 

Hester: Well, the man on the phone said a person was going to try to kill you!

David: Who was the person on the phone? 

Hester: He didn't say, but-- but he had an accent-- English, I think it was. 

David: Could it have been Australian? 

Hester: Oh, I suppose so. I'm not much with accents. 

David: Robert Scorpio

[Alarm]  Luke: Where is-- where is my wife? 

David: I don't know your wife! I've told you repeatedly! 

Luke: You have lied repeatedly. I'm sick of your lies, man! I'm sick of your face! I'm sick of your antiques! I'm sick of your whole game! [Sirens]

Luke: Where is she? 

Officer: Drop it! I said drop it! 

Luke: Where's my wife? 

Burt: Get him off, there, quick! Come on! Come on, Luke! Get him up! Get him up! Get him off! 

Officer: Ok-- 

Burt: All right, now get him! Now take him down and book him for assault! 

Officer: You got him? 

Burt: Cuff him. Get him out of here! 

Luke: Laura! 

Burt: Hey, Luke? 

Luke: Laura! 

Burt: Knock it off! Get him out! 

Jackie: Stop! 

Burt: Come on!  [Luke screams]


Oswald: I am not leaving until this matter is cleared up. 

Mrs. Moss: Mr. Paige, please calm down. Obviously there's been some kind ofmisunderstanding. 

Oswald: You're damn right-- one hell of a misunderstanding. Why didn't you inform us you didn't have title to this house? 

Monica: Well, I didn't know! 

Lee Ann: Well, ignorance is no excuse. 

Monica: Well, what's-- what's yours? Why didn't you make a title search? 

Lee Ann: Of course, we did. Tell her, Mrs. Moss. 

Mrs. Moss: Well, we-- we started to, but-- 

Oswald: But what? 

Mrs. Moss: But we didn't have a chance to complete it. 

Lee Ann: Well, you didn't tell me that. 

Mrs. Moss: Well, I had no idea this would be an issue. 

Lee Ann: Then whom can we buy the house from? 

Alan: Me. 

Oswald: Oh, I get it. It's some sort of con to up the price. 

Alan: Not at all, Mr. Paige. This is a Quartermaine house, and it's going to remain a Quartermaine house for a very long time to come. 

Lee Ann: But I've already engaged a decorator. I have hired the movers. My lord, I have even filed a change of address. 

Alan: Well, we'll see that your mail is forwarded. Just leave us your address. And I hope you have a nice drive back to 
New Rochelle or whatever that little suburb is you hail from. 

Lee Ann: Oswald, are you going to let them talk to us like that? And we need to get our coats. 

Alan: We'll mail them to you. 

Oswald: Come along, dear. It's pointless to argue with vulgarians.

Edward: Well, goodbye, Ozzie. It has been a pleasure not knowing you. 

Oswald: Oh, you haven't heard the last from us -- any of you. You signed an agreement to sell us this house, Mrs. Quartermaine. And based on that agreement, we have incurred a great  deal of expense. I expect you to pay us back every penny, and if need be, I shall hire a lawyer and sue to get it. What you've done is nothing short of criminal. Good day. [Door closes] 


Burt: You're sure you're all right? 

David: Yes. 

Burt: I'm sorry about this. We thought we could head off Luke Spencer before he got here. 

David: But you didn't, did you? I want you all out of here. 

Burt: Well, we do have to take a report. 

David: Fine. Then let's get on with it. Who should I talk to? 

Burt: O'Roarke? Would you take down the gentleman's statement, please? 

Officer O’Roarke: Yes, sir. 

David: And, captain? 

Burt: Yes. 

David: I would appreciate it if you would see to it that this harassment ends immediately. Otherwise, I'll be forced to go over your head. 

Burt: All right, let's go, the two of you. 

Jackie: Wait a minute. What about him? 

Burt: He's done nothing wrong. 

Jackie: But-- 

Burt: Ms. Templeton, my patience is wearing thin. Now, if you would like to join Luke Spencer in jail, I can arrange it. Otherwise, I want the two of you to vacate these premises and I mean right now! Let's go! 

Jackie: I can't believe they're taking a statement from them and not from us. Why? 

Burt: You are not the victims. From now on, this matter is up to Luke, Mr. Gray, the police, and nobody else. 

Jackie: But we're witnesses, so you have to listen to us. 

Burt: All right. You have 30 seconds. 

Jackie: That man in there with Gray is Mel Wilson, the photographer, my sister's boyfriend. 

Burt: So? 

Jackie: So, he is involved with this somehow. 

Burt: Somehow? Ms. Templeton, somehow does not constitute proof in a court of law. 

Robert: Look, we're sure they're both involved in that jewelry store robbery. 

Burt: Involved in a jewelry store robbery? I must tell you, that attempted robbery. My question to you people where is the proof? 

[Robert sighs] Jackie: It's in that back room. 

Burt: So we're back to that-- the back room. We already know what's back there, and this police officer finds nothing sinister about a little old lady's bedroom. 

Robert: Laura Spencer is dead. 

Burt: What did you say? 

Robert: It's what that was all about. He blew up because he just discovered that she'd probably drowned. 

Burt: Well, that's -- that's unfortunate. 

Jackie: Unfortunate? Unfortunate? Is that all you can say? 

Burt: It still does not give Luke Spencer the right to try to kill a man. You should have tried to stop him. 

Jackie: We did. Don't you see that is why we came to you? 

Burt: Well, then, that's the only smart thing you've done since this whole thing began. Now, if you will excuse me, I have to get back to my office. 

Robert: What about Luke? 

Burt: If you want to get Luke out of the jail, I suggest that you bring Joe Kelly with you. You're going to need all the help you can get. 

Robert: Come on.


Mrs. Moss: The Paiges have every right to sue you, Dr. Quartermaine, every right in the world. 

Monica: But I didn't know! 

Mrs. Moss: As Mrs. Paige said-- 

Monica: Yes, I know what she said. She said there was no excuse for ignorance! 

Mrs. Moss: Well, before I go, there's another matter we have to discuss. 

Monica: Why do I get that distinct sound of another bombshell about to drop?

Mrs. Moss: I am talking about my 6% commission. 

Monica: Well, but there wasn't-- no-- any sale on this house. 

Mrs. Moss: Well, that doesn't make a difference. I did my job and I expect to get paid for it. And I sincerely hope, Dr. Quartermaine, I will not have to sue to get it. 

[Door closes] 

Monica: Lee, can-- can Alan do this? 

Lee: Oh, yes, I'm afraid so, Monica. The papers were all drawn up for tax purposes, so they're perfectly legal. Of course, nobody could foresee the ramifications of today. 

Edward: Oh, yes, sirree-- best damn ramifications I've ever seen. 

[Edward chuckles, Alan chuckles] 

Lee: I think I'd better go. 

Edward: Yes, of course, Lee. Oh, and thank you for all your help. This family owes you a debt of great gratitude. 

Alan: Monica, your French hairdo is drooping. 

Monica: All right, I concede this round, but there are many more, and I am not down for the count, not by any means! You shut up! 


Leslie: The worst part of it is the questions, because you just-- you just having to explain it so many times. 

Rick: Leslie, they all loved her. They have a right to know. 

Leslie: I understand that, but it just means that I'm living through it over and over and over again. 

Rick: That might be very good for us. If we have to repeat it that many times, it can help us to accept it. 

Leslie: I'm not ready to accept it! I don't know that I am ever going to be ready to accept it! 

Rick: You will be ready to accept it, and you're going to help the people who need your help the most to accept it, like Mike, Amy, Luke. Leslie, they all need your strength. 

Leslie: I'm not strong! I don't feel strong! 

Rick: You're strong and you're going to feel a little stronger tomorrow, and the day after that, you'll feel even stronger. I know it. 

Leslie: I don't even know that I'm going to get through tonight! 

Rick: Hey. I have tremendous confidence in you, I do, and you'll make it. 

Leslie: How's mike doing? 

Rick: You know, kids, they're very resilient. Sometimes they can accept things that adults might have a great deal of trouble accepting. 

Leslie: Well, is he still upset? 

Rick: He's a lot calmer. 

[Knock on door] Rick: Come in. Mike. 

Leslie: Gosh. We were-- just this minute, we were talking about 

Mike: Yeah? 

Leslie: Yeah. 

Rick: Yeah. We thought you were going to take a little rest, weren't 

Mike: Yeah, but I forgot to say my prayers. I wanted to say them together. 

Leslie: Oh, sure. Ok. 

[Knock on door] Rick: Come in. 

Amy: Am I bothering you? 

Leslie: Of course not. You come on in. 

Rick: Mike was just going to say his prayers. Johnny left? 

Amy: Yeah, he left just a few minutes ago. There was something that he wanted me to ask you guys about. 

Rick: Now's as good a time as any, Amy. What is it? 

Amy: Well, he thought it might be a nice idea if we dedicated the sports center to Laura as kind of a memorial. 

Leslie: Absolutely not! 

Mike: What's a memorial? 

Rick: That's when you dedicate something to someone's memory. 

Leslie: And we're a long way from doing that with Laura! We are a long way from doing that! I don't want to hear any more talk out of anybody about funerals or memorials or anything! Amy! I'm sorry. 

Amy: I know. 

Leslie: I'm sorry. [Leslie and Amy cry] 

Rick: Mike, why don't you go ahead. We're all set now, all right? 

Mike: Ok. Please bless Dr. Rick, mama Leslie, Amy, Mrs. Grant, and Corky, and please give a special blessing to Laura. If she's
not coming back to us, you take care of her, because we love her and we're going to miss her. And if she-- we know if she's with you, then we know everything's going to be all right. Amen. How was that, doc Rick? 

Rick: That was just fine, Mike. Just fine.


Luke: Where are we going, guys? 

Officer 1: Someplace where you can cool off-- Ramsey's orders. 

Luke: Oh, isn't that nice of Captain Ramsey? Put me in a refrigerator, an air conditioning unit. You want to put me in a cell, you say a cell! 

Officer 2: We got a nice private cell in back, nice soft cot, running water. You can even see the harbor if you don't mind the bars in the way. 

Luke: I don't mind the bars, but, you know, I'd really like to kind of be in here with my friends. 

Officer 1: Look, you don't want to go in there. 

Luke: Why not? 

Officer 2: Those guys are dangerous! 

Luke: I'm not? 

Officer 2: You're Luke Spencer. You're different! 

Luke: How different am I, guys? 

Officer 1: Hey, look, you've done a lot for this town, and everybody knows it. Now, Ramsey said to take good care of you, and that's what we're doing. 

Luke: Great. You want to take good care of me, you put me in here where I belong! 

Officer 1: Ok. It's your night in jail, man! You go ahead and do it any way you want! 

Luke: Thank you! 


Prisoner 1: Charlie Collins died last week. I'll bet you didn't know that. They found him face down in a mud puddle on Friday. You got a cigarette? 

Luke: I don't smoke. 

Prisoner 1: Neither did Charlie. He could drink, though. Boy, could he drink. 

Luke: Look, I'm real sorry about Charlie, pal. I wish I had known. 

Prisoner 1: That don't mean you can't grieve for him! 

Prisoner 2: Aw, pipe down, you two! 

Prisoner 1: Oh, we're not bothering anyone. 

Prisoner 2: Well, you're bothering me! 

Luke: Hey, man, leave him alone! 

Prisoner 2: Looking for a fight, curly, huh? 

Burt: Hey, come on, Luke! Get out! Come on!  [Luke groans] 

Burt: Get over here! What do you think this is? 

Luke: Ok! Does this mean I don't get to go to the prom, captain? 

Burt: Don't be smart. No, we're just changing your cell, not a moment too soon after what was going on in there. 

Luke: Ok, Burt. Burt, why are you holding me? 

Burt: Well, take your pick-- attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, breaking and entering, or just plain breaking. We could keep you here forever. 

Luke: There are reasons! 

Burt: I know that, Luke. 

Luke: Ok. You-- you really don't give a damn, do you? 

Burt: Luke, I have to hold you for arraignment and a bail hearing. David Gray is sure to press charges. Now, bring him along.


Officer O’Roarke: That should do it. Thank you for your cooperation, Mr. Gray. 

David: My pleasure. 

Officer O’Roarke: Captain Ramsey will be in touch if there's any more questions. Good luck with this mess. 

David: You can stop sweeping now, Hester. 

Hester: But I've hardly made a dent. 

David: That's quite all right. I want you to get some rest. 

Hester: I-- I hope I didn't do anything wrong in giving out that address. I was very worried. 

David: And with good reason. Don't give it another thought. You did what you thought was right. 

Hester: You're sure you don't want me to finish it up before I-- 

David: Mel and I will see to it. You just get some sleep. 

Hester: All right. Good afternoon, gentlemen. 

Mel: Good afternoon. I don't like it, David. 

David: He tried to kill me, not you. 

Mel: Yes, but they know who I am now. They know where I live. They're sure to be back here with questions. 

David: Precisely why we developed your cover story. I knew Laura was going to tell them about you. No doubt she also told them about the loft. 

Mel: And everything else connected with this project. 

David: I told you not to worry about that. There's no way on earth she will give them any information other than that which I allowed her to retain. She will stay on the boat and serve us well. 

Mel: Fine. Then what about Spencer? 

David: He's become a thorn in our side, Mel. He must be removed. 

Mel: Another disappearance? 

David: No. This time I must check with my superior for the correct course of action. But I will tell you this-- before we can continue with the project, something will have to be done about Mr. Spencer and his two friends. 


Joe: Hi. 

Robert: You're just the boy I'm looking for. 

Joe: Great, here I am. What can I do for you? 

Jackie: Luke's in jail. 

Rose: No. 

Joe: How'd it happen? 

Robert: Well, he went careening into an antique store, busted up the store, the owner, not to mention a few cops in the bargain. Ramsey threw the book at him. 

Jackie: The worst charge being assault on a policeman. Luke came that close to getting a .45 slug in his back. 

Joe: I take it we're talking about David Gray's antique store. 

Jackie: Well, what's left of it. 

Robert: Yeah, he kind of flipped out when he heard about Laura. 

Jackie: Joe, can they hold him? 

Joe: Of course they can hold him! Assault's a serious number -- I mean, especially when you add Spencer's little touch and assault a cop. 

Robert: Look, he's not a criminal. He acted out of passion, temporary insanity-- call it what you like. 

Joe: No, no, no. You know it and I know it, too. The law doesn't have time to know it. He beat somebody up, he's a dangerous man, he goes to jail. 

Robert: What's the soonest you can get him out? 

Joe: They'll set bail at the arraignment. 

Jackie: Well, when will that be? 

Joe: Probably tomorrow. 

Jackie: Then that means he has to spend the night in jail. 

Robert: Well, he's spent nights in worse places. 

Joe: At least he'll be protected. 

Jackie: You mean from Gray? 

Joe: I mean from himself. 

Rose: Maybe you better call Rick and Leslie. 

Robert: Oh, yeah, yeah. 

Rose: I mean, they were really worried about him when we left the hearing. 

Joe: Call Ruby, too. 

Rose: Yes. 

Robert: Ok. Good idea. 


[Phone rings] Rick: Hello. 

Robert: Rick, it's Robert here. I've got a bit of bad news for you. Luke's in jail. 

Rick: Jail? 

Robert: He attacked David Gray and tried to kill him. 

Rick: Luke is in jail. Is he all right? 

Robert: Yeah, he's fine. I'm with Joe Kelly now. Joe says he can get him out in the morning, or he can try anyway. I think you should know. 

Rick: Yes, thank you, Robert. Let us know if there's any more news.

Robert: You'll be the first. 

Rick: Thanks. Luke tried to kill David Gray. 

Leslie: Oh, that poor Luke.


Burt: All right. I'm sorry about all this, Luke. 

Luke: Yeah, it's ok, captain! You know, I like the food here as opposed to the floating rib. 

Burt: Look, I know what you're going through, that there were extenuating circumstances, but that's a matter for the courts. My job is to lock you up. 

Luke: It's ok. Like I said, I like the food. 

Burt: Luke, I'm sorry about Laura. I really am. You have my deepest sympathy. Let's go. 

Luke: Sympathy? Sympathy? Burt, Burt? Burt, sympathy? Sympathy is for dead people, Burt! My wife is not dead! 

Prisoner 1: You tell them, Spencer! 

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