Thumbs Up, 1988-1991

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The Donely Wedding Spectacular "Viewers expect a sappy spectacle when two characters tie the knot. The bride and groom blubber and recite syrupy declarations of eternal love as a villian and/or ex lurks nearby.  None of that happened when Sean and Tiffany wed on General Hospital. Sophisticated Tiff's hillbilly relatives did unexpectedly arrive and mistake Edward Quartermaine for the butler. Then, Sean announced that the honeymoon was off because of business. In a fury, Tiffany called off the wedding, so Sean had to break down the door and literally drag his protesting bride to the altar.  Their not so sotto voce bickering continued during the ceremony-  She: "I'll kill you."  He: "A woman your age can't be too picky about husbands."  During the exchange of vows, the minister turned to Tiffany and intoned, "Else Mae Crumholtz, will you take.. "  A shocked Sean asked, "Who?"  The groom guffawed; the attendants giggled; the guests tittered; Tiffany steamed. After promises were eventually given, the fed-up bride asked if it was almost over. Told no, she stared daggers at the minister and announced, "You've got thirty seconds."  He finished in record time.
Kudos to the GH writers and especially to actors John Reilly and Sharon Wyatt for giving viewers a wedding that was a refreshing change of pace. We hope their marriage proves to be as entertaining."
Best Dressed Couple-  Duke and Anna Lavery (either 1988 or '89) "No other couple has the flair, refinement and elegance displayed by Duke and Anna.  The Laverys present an unerring sense of style in their choice of clothes.  From the cut to the color, and from the fabric to the fit, Anna and Duke always look well-turned out - but never overdressed. And, since they often go out together, their outfits are coordinated. It is important to note that Mr. and Mrs. Lavery have chic (and ample) wardrobe for casual, business, and social occassions.  So while the two always stand out, they also fit in."


Best Love Story:  Robert and Katherine "Immediate and unmistakable, the chemistry between Tristan Rogers and Edie Lehmann transcends the pattern of the love story of their characters, Robert Scorpio and Katherine Delafield on GH. Like many love stories seen on daytime it features key familiar elements: initial dislike; arguements spiced with a strong sexual undercurrent; cold feet when it came to commitment; declarations of love followed by complications. But the rapport between the two players makes this love story a cut above the rest, especially when we remember the roster of women improbably and unsuccessfully paired with Rogers since Emma Samms vacated her role as Holly. Classical pianist and neophyte actress, Edie Lehmann conveys both enormous charm and sophistication while playing a character who is more willing to laugh and laugh at herself. It was easy for the audience to understand why Scorpio was falling in love with her- they were doing it, too." (SOD 1/9/90)  

Best Heroine- Anna Lavery "The typical soap heroine makes a feeble attempt to stand on her own two feet, but is instead swept off her feet and saved by a noble hero when danger lurks. Not Anna Lavery, who's got guts, brains and beauty. When the going gets tough, she doggedly digs in, figures out a plan and then acts.
    When the villanious Cesar Faison resurfaced in her life, Anna was more than a bit shaken. Not only was he obsessively in love with her and could expose her to the world- and her daughter- as someone eho'd been a traitorous double agent. Anna's over-protective ex, Robert Scorpio, ordered her to stay away from Faison, but she would have none of it. Instead, she insisted on being equal partners with Scorpio and Sean in the plan to eliminate him. Who tapped into Cesar's computer? Who planted a bug in his mansion? Who sent a phony fax in his name that fooled his DVX superiors? Who stole his coveted Roman coin to set up the grand finale? Anna.
    Finola Hughes imbues her character with a winning combination of strength and vulnerability. Anna is fascinating to watch because she's not predictable and she's certainly not perfect. When Robin's teenage antics get on her nerves, a frustrated Anna has actually told her to shut up. Accussed by Robin of being an old fuddy-duddy with no social life, Anna's been forced to reexamine who she is and where she's going- a situation many people can identify with." (SOD 1/8/91)   

Most Creative Storyline- Casey the Alien "Yes, we've seen Starman and E.T., but that doesn't change the fact that GH introduced an out-of-this solar system storyline that worked. Initially, there were a lot of "Oh no" type responses around the SOD office when we heard about the projected plot, but you can be sure we all tuned in. Even better, we stayed tuned. 
    Casey the alien's materialization was a dazzling display of lasers and special effects that were a cut above the norm for daytime and set the proper tone. The botton line is that the story succeeded because the actors sold it and turned in believable performances.
    First and foremost was the work of Bradley Lockerman, who played Casey with ingenuous charm. Kimberly McCullough conveyed Robin's total trust in her new friend. And as Anna Lavery, Finola Hughes displayed initial disbelief, then acceptance of and loyalty to Casey. Anna's relationship with Casey had many humorous touches. When Anna suggested they lie low for a while, he hit the floor- literally. And when Casey innocently opted to join her in the shower, well, her reaction was priceless, as was the ensuing conversation when Anna attempted to explain love and sex.
    We understand why Casey couldn't stay around permanently. But when it was time for him to return to Lumina, our reaction was, "Does he have to go?" (SOD 1/8/91)  


Robert's Proposal "On a scale of 1 to 10, Robert's (Tristan Rogers) proposal to Anna on GH- he popped the question clad in a towel in a cheesy motel room- certainly rates a 10-plus when it comes to down-to-earthness. Actress Finola Hughes (Anna) insists it truely befit the couple's unusual relationship. 'I thought it was kind of cool and funny,' she says. 'It was sort of honest. After all, these are two people that have been around the block a bit.'
    Keeping Robert and Anna's romance real is something producer Gloria Monty insists upon. She's determined not to let the pair develop into a sickeningly sweet twosome. 'At every turn (Gloria) wants us to bring (our performances) down. She loves it when Tristan and I put each other down,' notes Finola. Apparently, fans are enjoying this authenticity, too. 'I was reading a really nice (letter) the other day,' says Finola. 'It said how nice it was that we've kept to (reality).'" (SOW 6/25/91)

Do:  Innocence Prevails "Robin Scorpio has certainly grown up. Once the only child among aging spies, she is now allowed to date. It's all very cute. Robin and her boyfriend, Roger, walk to school together. They go to PG-rated movies. They go caroling around the neighborhood (but not, I hope, at the pier). What is most comforting about this Dating 101 experience is that Robin takes advice from her mother about men. When Robin felt her first pang of jealously, her mother very wisely took her aside and told her that a woman can never let a man see that he can affect her that way. Even if a fourteen-year old girl can't absorb that immediately, the words may sink in later on. It is also amusing to watch Robert squirm as he watches his daughter grow up and flower into womanhood. Maybe he'll realize that he, too, is growing older, and he'll cut his hair." (SOD 1991)

rosehat2.jpg (112487 bytes)Robert and Anna's Romance  *Side note- there's a small error with the article, because by 1991 neither Anna or Robert had in fact divorced their spouses, Duke and Holly. Both were suppose to be dead- Duke by being shot and Holly in a plane crash. 
    "Make no mistake, Robert Scorpio and Anna Lavery have been around the block. They married and divorced, then married and divorced other people before getting back together thirteen years later. How refreshing that this second attempt at love is being written for adults.  Two intelligent, obstinate smart alecks who know just the right buttons to push either to infuriate or turn each other on.
        At first, it was the former. Anna and Robert took turns hurling barbed insults, which culminated in her pretending to seduce him, then tying him up to get his attention. It did.  The experience forged a new understanding and signaled the beginning of a courtship that was surprisingly tender and innocent for two veterans. With a bit of awkward hesitation, he asked her for a date. While they were dining, she made a flirtatious remark, then immediately berated herself for acting so obvious. These encounters were both sexy and funny.
        The tone changed drastically when Scorpio was injured in an explosion and hovered between life and death. Anna's realistic actions during the hospital vigil clearly demonstrated the depth of her feelings as well as her commitment to him. When it was time for his recuperation, however, it was back to comedy, since Scorpio was a horrid patient. Anna became his nurse, though she was no Florence Nightingale. To prevent him from leaving his apartment, she slept with the elevator key around her neck.  When he tried to steal it, she sent him to bed- by pointing a gun in his direction. 
        This storyline is a wonderful showcase for actors Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers. Tristan looks more alive than he has in years; Finola's finally being given a chance to do comedy as well as the melodrama at which she excels." (SOD 1991)

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