Remembering the Late, Great Gloria Monty
At age 84, legendary soap producer Gloria Monty passed away. She is best remembered for saving GH from cancellation in 1978 and ushering in the show's golden age of action, adventure and romance.  Below are interview excerpts from SOD 4/25/06 and SOW 4/25/06 about GH's former producer:

Tristan Rogers- "Gloria didn't come to General Hospital with an idea, she came with a vision. The way that vision changed all elements of the show truly made her contribution outstanding, and this was rewarded immediately by the public: 'Wow! This is different. We get it.'" (SOW 4/25/06)

AMC's Ian Buchanan (Greg), whose daytime career was launched when Monty hired him as GH's Duke, praises, "I'm ever-grateful to her. I loved her. She was passionate about her storytelling, very involved. She'd scare the life out of you- me, particularly. She'd grab you [and say], 'What I see is this!' She was bold, theatrical." (SOD 4/25/06)

Ian Buchanan- "There were people she liked and people she didn't. Sometimes I would be in a room with her and somebody she didn't particularly like. She would take their head off and turn to me smiling, 'Whatever I can do for you, please let me do it.' It's quite a position to be in. I remember working on the set hard one day and she said, 'You'll find a white tuxedo in your room; everything you need. We're going to a party, so just get dressed and finish work.' It was very magical and enchanting. I felt like a male Cinderella. We were laughing in the car that the tuxedo had to be back by midnight. (SOW 4/25/06)

Emma Samms- "When I went to read for Holly, she wasn't an English character. That whole storyline about Holly's English family- Gloria developed all of that because they ended up casting me. She ruled us with great fear. I was absolutely terrified of her, but I always had the utmost respect for her. I knew everything she said was right." (SOW 4/25/06)

Finola Hughes- "I saw her the last time six years ago. I had an opportunity to tell her how much she meant to me, because you never get to say those things. I was able to tell her that she had given me my love of acting." (SOW 4/25/06)

Kimberly McCullough- "When I was 7 years old, I was sitting on Gloria Monty's lap in the hair and makeup room and I was examining her jewels as always. I noticed a ring on her finger and said, 'Wow. What a rock.' Gloria took my face in her hands and said, 'Darling, never accept less than 4 carats from a man.' I had no idea what she meant, but I smiled and nodded anyways."

"The first word that comes to mind is powerful," says Kimberly McCullough. "She wasn't trying to be anybody's friend. She was the boss. Period. If you weren't in love with her, you were scared to death of her. I'll never forget, she had this huge diamond ring and when I was little, she told me, 'Honey, you do not accept less than four carats. You remember that!'" (SOD 4/25/06

For more on Gloria Monty, including other quotes by Tristan, Finola, and Ian, check out Soap Opera Weekly's article on the late great.

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