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Below is a Scorpio episode highlight. Enjoy!  Please ask before borrowing my text and images. Thanks!

Stone Passes Away, 1995

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November 29, 1995Waking up, Robin's breath catches as she momentarily suspects that Stone's passed away when he doesn't respond. He then stirs and guesses what just happened. Stone, who's lost most of his vision now, gets her to describe the sunrise to him. He tells her his only wish for them today is to spend it together. They take a walk down memory lane, recalling an early meeting at Kelly's, how she thought his name was stupid and he thought she was a stuck up snob, and he then reflects on a romantic moment on the docks. He causes her to laugh as he recalls how she smelled like vanilla pudding. The lightness of the moment disappears though as Stone breaks down and tells Robin how much he loves her. They share a bittersweet kiss. 

Downstairs, Lily tries to comfort Sonny, who's angry over what's happening to Stone and Robin. He wonders where Stone's birth parents are and do they know that the child they brought into this world is dying. Elsewhere, Kevin is confused by Lucy's agitation over her duck and she finally confesses her fears that maybe someday they'll leave one another just like Sigmund's girlfriend left him, walking out an open door and never looking back. He comforts her and assures her that that won't happen. Tom lends a sympathetic ear as Felicia talks about Robin and Stone. She marvels at how strong Stone is and how graceful he is handling the situation.

Back upstairs Stone asks Robin to go stand by the window so he can make out her outline. He's thrilled when he sees more than just her outline. "I can see you, Robin!" he cries before passing away. Robin's  devastated and crawls into bed with her lost love. Sonny comes upstairs to ask if they want some food and realizes Stone's dead when he discovers a tearful Robin clinging to Stone. 

Later, Robin goes downstairs to talk to Mac, who's also staying at the penthouse. Somehow at peace now that Stone's suffering has ended, Robin talks to her uncle about how even when she knew Stone was leaving her, she felt completely surrounded by love. Mac replied it was because she is loved. Felicia unexpectedly arrives and learns the sad news. She reminds Robin that Stone loved her so much and Robin makes Felicia promise never to forget him. Brenda arrives suddenly as well and Robin runs to her for a hug.

Via phone, Robin tells Luke that Stone's gone. Spencer elder breaks the news to his son, who tries to understand what happens when a person dies. I don't know where Stone went, Lucky questions his dad, who really doesn't have an answer for that. Also via phone, Lucy learns what happened and breaks the news to her devastated doc. Upstairs in the penthouse, Sonny finally breaks down alone with the man he considered his younger brother. Robin reaches out to him as the others gather to say goodbye to Stone. When Brenda begins to break down, Sonny retrieves her and pulls her to sit with him. Robin informs them all that she wants a memorial for Stone as soon as possible.

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