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*The following are episode summaries I wrote.  Some of the dates are vague because the dates on the tapes are either confusing or are missing entirely. Please ask before borrowing my text and images. Thanks!

The Prometheus Disc  Laura's Return

November 30Laura wakes up and learns Luke stayed up through the night to watch over her. Luke tells Laura they're alone as he gave the staff the week off, brings her breakfast and makes her tell him what she was afraid to tell him the night before. Laura tells him she's afraid of what he might think about her. "It has to do with Stavros, doesn't it?" he softly asks. She tells him about Stavros's obsession with her and that he showed her the news article stating Luke had died. He assures her repeated that nothing she says will change how he feels for her. "There's nothing to forgive," Luke tells her after learning she slept with Stavros. She's startled when he tells her that he had been involved with someone else too. Realizing she's not told him everything, Luke demands she tell him the rest of the story. Laura tells him that Stavros won't leave them alone because she married him. "I'm not dead and you're still my wife!" Luke barks and insists that nobody's going to take her away from him. "Well, It sounds like it's time for the threesome to get together again," Luke decides, adding that Robert's now the police commissioner. Alan's gleeful when a medical board reviewer stops by to talk to Grant about his ability to practice medicine in the US. Celia sticks up for her hubby. Tired of Grant and Alan's arguing, Celia storms out. Jimmy Lee helps Rose out and tells her to enjoy having someone to love, as he doesn't. He runs into Celia at the boathouse and charms her. Later, she and Grant make up. Jake's uncle walks out after hearing that Jake wants to marry Rose but isn't making her convert to Judism. Over breakfast, Luke tells her about Holly. "I know about Luke," she cuts him off. He denies that Holly came between him and Robert, saying it was himself because he was missing a part of himself when Laura disappeared. He then carries his wife off to bed. Stavros checks into a hotel.

December 2:  Jimmy Lee tells his suspicious dad that he wants to give Grant and Celia the gatehouse to live in. Monica refuses to allow it. Holly feels left out when Tiff and Robert are summoned by Luke. The trio can't figure out what Luke's up to. "No, Robert said Luke was quite specific about it," Holly answers when Tiff asks if she was invited. The first to arrive at the mansion are Rick and Leslie, who have a tearful reunion with their daughter. Leslie's hot when she learns about the Cassadine connection. Robert and Tiff then arrive and join the reunion. Luke refutes the Webbers idea to prosecute the Cassadines for kidnapping. "The only way to stop Helena Cassadine is to kill her, a deed I'll be very happy to perform it if she happens to call by," Robert offers. Luke then informs the group that he and Laura want to pretend she has amnesia. Laura adds that it had to have been Helena that let her off the island and if Helena feels that they won't cause any problems for her, maybe she will leave them alone. Stavros is another story, Laura states, sure that he won't stop coming after her. Tiff agrees that the Cassadine men treat women like their property. "I tell you, I lived in constant fear of Victor," Tiff recalls with a shudder. Robert inserts that he doesn't think Stavros will back off either, summing up "Laura married him. Now in his eyes, she's his forever." Luke quickly retorts, "Laura is my wife, first, last and always! Even some maniac like Stavros ought to know that." The group agrees to go with the amnesia plan and reviews what Laura will say. Robert will arrange for a press conference the next day and will have cops watching over them. Later, the GH crowd learn that Laura's alive. After teasing his wife about her cooking, Robert drops the latest bomb. Holly doesn't believe his claim that Laura's alive. "I saw her, I touched her, and I talked to her," he assures his wife. A determined Stavros has his thug place a memento in Luke's bed to let the couple know he's in town. Luke warns Robert and then tries to comfort his shaken wife.

December 5:  Against Laura's wishes, Luke agrees to meet with Stavros later in the mayor's office. At the Q mansion, Grant grows even more hostile when Jimmy Lee offers him and Celia the gatehouse. He and Monica both suspect Jimmy Lee of being up to something. Grant receives a break when a friend of someone he treated offers him a job in his pharmacy. Celia's thrilled at Jimmy Lee's job offer. At Kelly's, Blackie quizzes Tiff about what Laura's like. Everyone then watches Luke's broadcast about Laura's return. Leslie and Rick rush off after hearing the next broadcast stating that Stavros Cassadine was touring GH. Luke and Stavros's meeting is terse as the two men size one another up. Stavros tells his unconvinced rival that he accepts that his marriage to Laura is invalid and plans to leave town tomorrow. Meanwhile, Laura receives flowers like those on her wedding day to Stavros, bursts into tears and strews the flowers on the floor. Rick and Leslie then arrive and try to comfort her. She can't convince her parents how dangerous Stavros really is. Robert stops by to learn what happened, replying with a grin to Luke's surprise that he knew Stavros was just there, "You know how I hate losing out on the good times." "I don't have to remind you the Cassadines are not good losers," Scorpio lightly admonishes his best friend for meeting privately with Stavros, then tells him that he's assigned Burt to openly follow Stavros around until he leaves. Both agree that they're buying time, and Robert pointedly offers to do everything he can to help. He then goes over to GH and questions Stavros, who continues to claim that he has accepted defeat and will walk away from Laura. "Well, you'd be the first Cassadine that did," Robert dryly answers, not believing a word. At the mansion, Laura tells Luke about the flowers and neither believe Stavros will walk away.

December 6:  Robert and Burt watch Stavros touring GH while a nervous Luke and Laura wait by the phone for word from Robert that Stavros has left town. Laura's sure that Stavros will want revenge. Celia assures her hubby she loves him before he leaves for his first day of work, which doesn't go well. An excited Tiff visit the couple with dessert and assures them that people will start showing up for a party. When Luke leaves, Laura questions Tiff about her time with the Cassadines and if she ever met Stavros. Tiff recalls that Victor called Stavros a "piece of beautiful steel." "It's accurate. He's a very handsome man with a very cold heart," Laura answers and confirms that Stavros is Helena's pet. At GH, the tour ends and Scorpio intercepts the group. He and Burt inform Cassadine and his men that they've dismissed his limo and placed their luggage in police cars. "I deem it a personal priviledge to drive you in my car," Robert coldly tells Stavros, who realizes he dosn't have a choice in the matter. Robert adds that he's cleared the path straight to the airport and will personally wait until Stavros's plane takes off. Luke and gang are thrilled when Robert calls to say he's gone. "Well, in that case, there's only one thing to say. Get over here and let's party down!" Luke yells into the phone and then hugs his happy wife. "The seclusion is over!" Tiff shouts into the phone as she calls friends to come over. Swarms of old friends and family arrive. Noticing their arrival, Luke pulls Laura aside to introduce her to Mrs. Scorpio. The two women politely greet one another. "Well, if I seem to be staring, it's because I never expected to see you two of you standing together," Luke coughs nervously. More arrivals interrupt the conversation. Holly joins Robert as Laura's reunited with Bobbie and Ruby. As they stare at the Spensers, Holly remarks, "I don't think I've ever seen two people who looked so happy." Turning to his wife, Scorpio softly says he's looking at another happy couple and kisses his pleased wife. Later, Laura goes outside to join Luke, who's grilling burgers. As the happy couple kiss, Stavros watches them from behind.

December 7:  Laura rouses her sleepy hubby after having a bad dream about Stavros. Luke tries to reassure her that Stavros is out of their lives. Both are thrilled to get Robert's call saying that the Cassadine plane's inhabitants have been confirmed to be out of PC by the WSB. Meanwhile, a smug Stavros waits in a PC hotel. He tells his cohorts that it was no big deal sneaking back into PC because all Cassadines have a look-like that can be used for such purposes. "I knew I couldn't fool Scorpio at such close range so I had to board the plane," Stavros laughs, then orders his man to get the blueprints for the mayor's mansion. Edward's stressed out due to the impending arrival of Jimmy Lee's leecherous mother. After giving Luke advice, Lee warmly greets Laura and tells her Scotty's gone. Jake happily accepts Lee's business offer. Tiff throws Laura and Luke a party. Laura stiffens as she listens in Holly, Luke, Rick and Lesley and others talk about the duties wives of officials must do, particularly when Holly talks about her experiences. A jealous Laura corners Holly and questions her about Robert and Luke. When Laura pointedly asks Holly if she ever wonders what it would be like is she were still with Luke, Holly reassures her that's ancient history. They talk about Holly's miscarriage and marriage to Robert. "It was... based on gratitute then. But eventually, I knew that I was in really love with Robert. And Luke knew there could never be anyone but you," Holly firms states, causing Laura to smile. "You know Holly, I... I really thought I was going to be jealous. But to tell you the truth, I'm very glad that Luke had you," a grateful Laura beams. "Thank you. I think the four of us are going to be good friends, don't you?" Holly returns. "I don't know how we can miss," Laura agrees and the two beam at one another. Later, as Luke and Laura kiss on the balcony, Stavros spies on them through bionculars, then reviews the blueprints. He coldly informs his sidekicks that his revenge will take place at the mayor's mansion. Celia pleads with her hubby to put aside his jealously and ego.

December 8:  Luke's momentarily spooked when he can't find his wife, who was actually just in the backyard retrieving the newspaper. Brock's furious when Luke give the building commissioner position to Dan instead. Luke, Robert and Dan then attend a tedious and terse board meeting. Blackie argues with Rick, Leslie and Amy. Mayorial duties keep Luke and Laura from being able to spend much time together and it's obvious that Laura is not enjoying this new lifetyle. Stavros continues monitoring the mansion and briefly listens in the lovers. Brock tells Bobbie about Luke's rejection and demands they start a family. Afterwards, Bobbie confides in Leslie that she will not be able to have children. "I feel like a failure," she sofly cries and goes on to say that Brock doesn't know she won't be able to give him a child. She's certain he'll leave her when he finds out. At the governor's mansion, Blackie and Laura bond as they talk about relationships, listen to his music and dance with Claudia. A bunch of social bitties interrupt their fun and Laura is forced to have tea with them. Laura recounts to Luke the incident of being caught dancing barefoot in the living by the bitties when he comes home. "Why you wild little trollop!" Luke teases and tells his frazzled wife to get Tiff to help her plan the party she promised to the bitties. After dinner, the exhausted couple curl up on the couch and share their day's adventures. Luke confesses that he's worried that the situation with Brock will hurt their relationship with him and Bobbie. Laura confesses she's not sure she likes Brock, stating he can come across a little strong. Luke defends Brock and admits he's sure Brock loves Bobbie. "Mayor's wife makes fool of self booging in own home," Luke then teases his wife again about the dancing incident. 

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