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*The following are episode summaries I wrote.  Some of the dates are vague because the dates on the tapes are either confusing or are missing entirely. Please ask before borrowing my text and images. Thanks!

The Prometheus Disc  Laura's Return

Date?:  "We can't just sit around here and mope, Luke would hate this!" Tiff fusses and forces Jackie and Blackie to join the memorial gathering at The Star. Scotty, who's marriage to Susan is in shambles, warns Heather to keep quiet about their one night stand. Later, he forges Susan's signature on a check. After dreaming about Luke giving her a Christmas gift, a distraught Holly wakes up and cries over the item. Robert's worried about Holly's shaken state and calls her on her attempt to hide her pain. "I know you're hurting. You don't have to pretend to me," he insists. "I keep thinking that maybe it's a dream and I'll wake up and everything will be different," Holly sadly confesses and forces him to remind her that Luke's really gone. They then discuss Luke's memorial [as "Baby Come to Me" plays in the background]. She remarks that everyone's memories of Luke have made her feel even closer to her beloved. Meanwhile, Ruby and Bobbie try to deal with their loss. Later, at The Star, Robert compliments Holly, who looks stunning in purple, before friends arrive. Rose, Jackie, Blackie, Tiff, Robert, Ruby, Holly, Bobbie, Noah and Dan gather to celebrate Luke's life. Everyone's very respectful of and protective of Holly. Tiff's hurt watching Noah comfort Bobbie. As everyone sips champagne, Robert shares his most special memory of Luke, which is when Spencer convinced Scorpio that he had a home in Port Charles:

Flashback to the docks, a foggy night:
Luke:  I'm real glad... that you're staying, man.
Robert:  You know, all l things considered... so am I. (they smile at one another)
Luke:  Yeah uh, you know what? I uh, I want to tell you something.
Robert:  Hmmm.
Luke:  I consider you a friend of mine... and I don't get close to people easily. 
Robert:  What a coincidence. I have the same problem. (grins again)
Luke:  Yeah. I know. Well, this has been on my mind, so I just want to say it now, one time, and that's it. No matter where your future takes you, no matter what kind of trouble that Aussie grin gets you into... if you need help and you don't reach out to me, I'm going to hate you.  (both smile)  I just had to say it.
Robert:  Ahhh. (they clasps hands)
Luke:  Hey. (the duo hug and pat each other on the back)

Bobbie, Tiff, Blackie and Ruby take turns sharing their favorite memory. "Luke was everything to me. He was my best friend. He was my lover," Holly interjects before the group can break apart. She shares her memory of meeting Luke up on the mountain and, afterwards, struggles to keep from falling apart as Robert ends the gathering with a toast. Everyone stands and raises their glasses as Robert entones, "Let's drink to the most unforgettable man and unpredictable man any of us have ever known. To life, love, laughter. Goodbye, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer."

Date?:  Grant talks with Gregory and Lord Rama while captives Holly and Celia are in an adjoining room. Celia gets excited when she hears his voice but Holly reminds her, "Of course it's him. He's one of them." Celia tries to convince her that maybe they can get Grant to help them. Cynically, Holly replies, "If he's our last chance, then we have none at all!" On the Expo grounds, Luke's still locked in the shed. When groundsmen come looking for a rake, Luke manages to sneak out undetected and searches for a phone. Robert's relieved when Luke calls him but the conversation is brief. Luke manages to tell him that Grant got the disc and that Holly is being held at the Expo before Rama's men knock him out and drag him to the pavilion. Certain Luke's been capture, Robert and Connie head over to the information desk at the Expo and question the attendant. The man eventually remembers that Luke asked him about the Persimmon Restaurant at the south end. Once there, Robert and Connie question the host, who tells them that Luke was there yesterday and, pretending to be a grocer, Luke briefly inspected the back before taking off. Robert looks around but can't figure out what Luke was searching for. He deduces whatever it was is no longer there. "We've done nothing in the last couple of days but run around blindly on wild goose chases. From now on, we think first then act in that order!" Scorpio growls, then sends Connie back to the casino and himself home. Back at the Pavilion, Luke manages to sucker punch Grant, yelling, "You slimy traitor, I hope you rot in hell!" before being restrained. Gregory taunts Luke by saying he's just upset because Grant tricked him. Luke soberly counters by saying, "I thought he was my friend." He then learns that the women are being held for ransom purposes. At the casino, where apparently the rest of town spends all their free time, Tiffany and Blackie make amends and she tries to calm down his jitters. At the pavilion, Luke joins the women. Celia stuns Luke with the news that the Grant Putnam he just decked isn't the real one- he's an imposter who got plastic surgery and took over Grant's life. She berates herself for trusting and loving him. Luke tells them that they're being used as hostages because in order to use the disc, a formula is needed to make copies. The DVX don't have the formula. He admits he gave them the tape accidently and tells them that he had stashed the disc on one of the twirling ceiling fans at the casino. Holly's furious. "Do you realize the hell you put everyone through!" she yells. He confesses he hid the disc because he enjoyed having it, having the power to cause chaos for everyone. Holly understands he did it to get back at Robert and argues with him. Luke tries to apologize, saying, "Because I didn't trust Robert. I was wrong. I made a mistake." She doesn't let him off the hook though, saying, "Congratulations, Luke. Look where it got us!" At the casino, Connie plays dumb as Jackie, who's noticed that Holly, Luke and Grant are missing, bombards her with questions. Back at the pavilion, Gregory makes Grant see Celia again. Grant cruelly tells her he should have killed her, causing Celia to strike him. A pleased Gregory watches as Grant slaps Celia and storms out. Holly tries to comfort her sobbing friend.

Date ?:  At Scorpio's house, Connie and Robert try to figure out what to do next. She shoots down his idea of going over Rama's head to gain access to the pavilion. Gregory and pals realize they're being watched by the WSB and decide maybe the prisoners should be moved before Scorpio can figure out a way to get inside the building. Lord Rama decides to call on an acquaintance, Sung Cho Le, in another Expo building. They work out a deal for Rama to have his "guests" moved in. Meanwhile, Robert's computer search turns up a name. After a phone call, Robert is able to get a search form signed but it'll take a day to receive it. Connie returns to the casino as Scorpio sticks close to his phone. Holly and Celia worry where their captors have taken Luke. Holly manages to trick the guard into revealing that Luke is nearby. In the other room, Grant tries to talk Gregory into letting the captives eventually go free but Gregory's determined that they be killed. Later, Grant gives the girls' guard some liquor and, once the man falls asleep, sneaks into the room. His attempt to free the girls fails when a suspicious Celia causes enough racket to bring the guard rushing into the room. Grant then lies that he rushed into the room to break up the girls fight and reprimands the guard. A confused Holly watches the two men's exchange but says nothing. Since drinking liquor is against the rules, the guard promises not to report the incident but stops Grant from leaving with the key to the room. At the casino, Bobbie tells Tiffany she doesn't know what's going on with Luke but that Robert does. Tiff then visits Robert and can't get him to confide in her. She leaves after the exhausted cop falls asleep on the couch. Soon after, the phone rings and Gregory informs Scorpio he's out of time. He wants the ransom now.

Date ?:  With Gregory's noon execution deadline looming, Robert's frantic to find the hostages. Receiving the signed papers from the Lord Rama's president, he and Connie go to the pavilion. Noticing that the doors are painted a persimmon color, they finally understand Luke's clue and are certain the captives are inside. Unfortunately, Rama refuses to let them conduct the search and stalls them so he can have the hostages moved to another building. Frustrated, Robert barks, "I'm sick of sipping of tea, and of sipping champagne, and ingratiating myself to a government that is holding my wife hostage," then adds, "He's stalling for time!" Connie calms him down though Scorpio's certain his wife is nearby. Meanwhile, Celia wonders why Grant could think she'd ever trust him again. "It is curious though that he would make such an effort to see us alone," Holly remarks. A banged up Luke is brought back to join the girls and they are told that one of them will be killed within an hour. Luke tries to make a run for it but gets caught. Rama returns but insists on leading the inspection, taking Robert and Connie in the opposite direction of where the hostages are being kept. Though Robert's men are watching the exits, a diversion is created so that the hostages, hidden in large baskets, are taken out of the pavilion without detection. Leaving the pavilion, Robert and Connie begin wandering around the expo questioning people, neither sure of what to do next. A man races by, knocking Connie aside. She and Scorpio are surprised to find that the man left a note behind.

Date ?:  Gregory's certain Scorpio will hand over the microfilm before the noon deadline.  His death threats don't faze Holly, who confidently says, "You can't shoot us. You'll never get what you want if Robert hears we're dead." Gregory smirks he'll just make sure Scorpio doesn't discover the bodies until afterwards. Meanwhile, Robert's a basketcase and, despite Connie reminding him that Ballantine will never give him the microfilm, he decides calls the WSB head. "He's gotta give me that microfilm. She's gonna die!" the anguished cop exclaims. Unfortunately, Ballantine reacts exactly like Connie thought he would, claiming the State Department won't allow him to turn it over to Robert. "Look, I'm begging you, not as a former agent but as a man, give me the microfilm so I can get my wife back!" Robert pleads. Moved, Connie takes the phone from him and manages to convince her boss to come through for Robert. Ballantine tells Robert it'll take him at least two days to secure the microfilm's release so he'd better stall for time. Back at the Expo, Luke decides they'd better keep up his sick act in the hopes that maybe Grant will check on him without Gregory being present. Celia thinks it's hopeless but Luke's not so sure that Grant really is their enemy. Holly agrees, saying, "Luke has a point. Even if he is one of them, he's still the only chance we've got of getting out of here." She and Luke badger Celia into agreeing to try to win back Grant's affection.  Their scheme fails when Gregory stands guard over the patient and Grant ignores Celia.  Afterwards, however, since he can't change Gregory's mind, Grant makes sure that their new host overhears Gregory's plan to execute the hostages. Incensed, Le orders them to leave as he wants no part of their scheme. Gregory will have to move the hostages again. Back at Scorpio's, Connie is stunned by Robert's admission of how much he loves his wife. She's changed him, made him whole, Robert explains. When Gregory calls, Robert tries to convince him to meet so they can talk but the DVX agent isn't having any of it. Grant tries talking Gregory into meeting with Robert but also fails.  In the secret room, Luke comes up with an escape plan.

Date ?:  Luke lays out his escape plan to the girls, who aren't so sure it's going to work. He'll hide in the buddah statue as the girls create a diversion and once the statue is in the parade, he'll slip out and race over to Robert. "How many Spencer plans have you know to fail?" he asks his ex. "Quite a few," Holly shoots back. "I'd rather do down fighting, right, English?" Luke smiles softly. Holly smiles back and responds, "It's certainly worth a try." Celia is doubtful as usual. Luke explains, "Celia, don't worry. We got two of the most devious minds working here." Realizing she's one of those two, Holly adds, "I'm not sure that's compliment." "Yes, you are," Luke smiles back. Holly then points that the guards will make a point of making sure they see all the hostage when the tea is brought right before the parade, so Luke can't already be inside the statue. Getting on board with the plan, Celia reminds Holly of how they used to roll up blankets so they could sneak out at school. "My first con job," Holly reflects fondly. As soon as the guards enter and have seen Luke, the girls get into a fight, causing the guards to intervene. Luke slips into the statue and is carried out. Unfortunately, he doesn't get to far as the guards force him out and drag him back to the secret room. Holly and Luke are again forced to gang up on Celia and beg her to try to get Grant to help them. 

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