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Below is a Scorpio episode highlight. Enjoy!  Please ask before borrowing my text and images. Thanks!

Like Mother, Like Daughter, 1988

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May 18: 5/18- An exhausted Sean manages to get Felicia into her bed unseen but is caught sneaking out of the Brownstone. He lies to a nosy Colton and Terri that he and Felicia just returned from driving all night while working on a case. "You know, it's fun when you're home to help me with my homework," Robin smiles as Anna helps her with her spelling words. Duke arrives home and helps Robin fix a stuck lock on her backpack while his ticked off wife coolly looks on. Robin notices Duke's keyring and he vaguely replies that a friend in New York gave it to him. The Laverys have a nice family dinner after Duke apologizes for his behavior the night before. Anna's intrigued when Robin announces, "You know, I think my dad's in love!" Robin tells Anna and Duke about her conversation with Robert in reguards to Cheryl Stansbury. "...I have a gut feeling about this!" Robin assures them. "Well, um, I think you ought take your milk and your gut feeling and forget about your dad's love life and go on finish off your homework," her amused mother quips. Duke remarks that Robin's just like her mother with her gut feelings. Duke tells Anna that he'll get rid of the New York Club as soon as it turns a profit. The Laverys snuggle in bed despite tension between them over his New York Club. Tiffany, Colton, and Terri burst into Felicia's room after she wakes from a nightmare screaming. Felicia's jumpy and stalls Colton from leaving because she doesn't want to be alone. Colton's surprised when Felicia impetuously hugs him. After he leaves, Felicia gets a threatening call from Colette warning her and Sean to keep their mouths shut about being kidnapped. Tom's thrilled when Simone's father stops by and reveals that he's in support of Tom's relationship with Simone. Alan continues his campaign to guilt Monica in order to get her to quit her job. A desperate Scotty convinces Steve to let Meditech evaluate GH.

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