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Unlucky in Love
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  • 6/5- Coop intervenes when Lulu goes ballistic on Logan after he plants a kiss on her. Coop warns Logan he can't pull the same stuff in Port Charles that he did during the war. Maxie is ticked off when she sees Lulu and Coop sharing a friendly chat. Maxie challenges Logan to get Lulu into bed and agrees to sleep with him if he does.
  • 6/6- Georgie makes a generous offer when she volunteers to speak to Lulu on behalf of Spinelli, Dillon and Milo even though she wishes Dillon would object. Georgie buries the hatchet with Lulu and is sympathetic to her plight. Maxie urges Logan to take advantage of Lulu's emotional state to get her into bed.
  • 6/7- A smiling Maxie watches as Logan begins his seduction of Lulu.
  • 6/11- Robin sees the terror in Patrick's eyes when she has an impulsive maternal moment while holding a baby at the hospital and her attempt at damage control only makes the situation worse. A tipsy Patrick isn't aware Robin is right behind him when he makes his feelings about having children crystal clear.
  • 6/12- At Jake's, an inebriated Patrick, Robin, Stan, Kelly and Lainey end up in a battle of the sexes. Robin and Patrick take their discussion home and make love. Patrick is taken aback when Robin overreacts to a comment he makes.
  • 6/13- Maxie wants Logan to step up his plan to seduce Lulu. Patrick and Robin shelve their talk about babies as they try to sober up.
  • 6/19- Maxie points Logan in a vulnerable Lulu's direction.
  • 6/20- Maxie and Logan continue their sexy game of cat and mouse.
  • 6/26- Maxie seems genuine when she offers Lucky and Elizabeth her condolences about Jake but a feisty Lulu accuses her of having ulterior motives.


  • 7/2- Noah is disconcerted by the strange stares he's been getting at the hospital. Epiphany points out that Noah is a dead ringer for a rock star named Eli Love.
  • 7/3- Logan surprises Maxie with the news that he's Scott's son and pulls her into a kiss. An irritated Noah denies that he looks anything like the singer Eli Love but everyone else thinks otherwise. Epiphany shows a rarely seen side when she reveals to Noah, Robin, Patrick and Leo how her adolescent crush on the lead singer of a 1960's soul band changed her life.
  • 7/4- Robin reins in her jealousy when some of the new student nurses catch Patrick walking out of the showers dressed only in a towel. Robin later gives Patrick a sexy surprise on the hospital rooftop. Logan takes delight in getting under Maxie's skin. Maxie almost gives in to Logan's advances but stops herself.
  • 7/5- Noah smoothes things over with Ms. Sneed when she catches Patrick and Robin canoodling at the hospital but Patrick isn't grateful for his father's interference. After another argument, Patrick tells Robin he doesn't think he and Noah can work at the same hospital. Patrick jumps to the wrong conclusion when Eli Love is rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. Student nurses Jolene, Leyla and Regina lament being assigned to the weekend nightshift at the hospital. Lulu, Georgie and Ned try to convince Dillon not to play into Tracy's hands and give up his dream of becoming a filmmaker.
  • 7/6- Noah and Patrick argue about who should operate on Noah's exact look-a-like Eli Love, who has suffered a brain embolism.
  • 7/9- Patrick loses his patience when Eli Love refuses to undergo surgery so that he can perform at an upcoming charity concert but Robin steps in to try and salvage the situation. Robin attempts to make peace between Patrick and his father.
  • 7/10- Elizabeth doesn't defend Lucky when Robin laces into him for arresting Jason. Elizabeth admits she agrees with Robin and suggests that Lucky admit that he acted out of spite. Eli Love continues to refuse to consider having surgery. Eli goes ballistic when Noah says he'll impersonate him so the charity concert can go off as planned. Eli collapses as he tries to leave the hospital.
  • 7/11- Patrick and Robin defy Russell when they operate on an indigent patient. Russell warns Patrick and Robin there will be a price to pay for their insubordination.
  • 7/12- Georgie has words of caution for Spinelli. Russell punishes Robin and Patrick by assigning them to the nightshift in the ER every Saturday for the next three months.

  • 7/13- Lulu gets Maxie and Coop to help her tend to Logan's wound. Maxie is pleased when Lulu stays behind to make sure Logan will be okay. Robin is surprised by a visit from Anna (Finola Hughes returns), who happens to be a huge Eli Love fan. Anna steps in to save the day after learning Eli isn't allowing Noah to impersonate him at the charity concert. 
  • 7/16- Anna takes on the challenge of transforming Noah into Eli Love for the pediatric AIDS benefit concert, much to Patrick and Robin's dismay.
  • 7/17- Anna convinces a weakening Eli to have the surgery that will save his life and is certain she'll be able to pass Noah off as him at the charity concert.
  • 7/20- Anna pushes Noah to make his debut as Eli at the charity "Rocktail" party at the Metro Court as a nervous Patrick and Robin look. With Anna's coaching, Noah seems to be able to fool everyone into believing he's Eli. Patrick is alarmed when he fears Noah will fall off the wagon as part of his ruse.  
  • 7/23- Patrick almost blows Noah's charade sky high when he mistakenly thinks Noah, as Eli, is drinking. Anna, however, has the situation under control and is only giving Noah water. Robin tries to reassure her upset boyfriend that everything will be fine. Anna gives a pesky groupie the boot as Noah's temptation starts to get the better of him. Patrick and Robin are wide-eyed when Anna pulls Noah into a steamy kiss.

  • 7/24- Maxie finds herself in a dangerous situation when she refuses to steal drugs for a strung-out Cody.
  • 7/25- Carly is livid when Scott, Mac and the police arrive with a search warrant for Jason's penthouse. Coop warns Lulu that Logan is dangerous and could end up hurting her. Coop rescues Maxie from a menacing Cody and is angry she was even with him in the first place. Coop doesn't want Maxie having anything to do with Cody.

  • 7/26- Noah enjoys the attention he received impersonating Eli and is optimistic he'll be able to fool the crowd at the upcoming concert with Anna's help. Robin pales at the thought of Noah hooking up with Anna. Robin confronts Noah point blank about what's going on between him and her mother.

  • 7/27- Patrick and Robin wonder what they can do to make sure Noah and Anna don't become romantically involved.

  • 7/30- Logan sees red when Lulu tells him she doesn't want to see him anymore and admits Coop warned her off him. Logan takes his anger out on Coop, who is later tended to by Lulu. Maxie's jealousy flares up when she sees Lulu and Coop together. Patrick explains to Robin that although he's happy being in a relationship with her, he can also see why Noah is attracted to the rock star lifestyle. Bobbie fears Noah is risking his sobriety with his charade. Noah has a tough time resisting temptation.

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