The Scorpio Files Episode Guide
*The following are episode summaries I wrote.  Some of the dates are vague because the dates on the tapes are either confusing or are missing entirely. Please ask before borrowing my text and images. Thanks!

Robin's Unhappy Ending 
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Mob Chaos 
Tiffany convinces Laura, Lucky and Lesley Lu to stay at the Penthouse until the Spensers are out of danger. Sean gets out of the hospital and questions Lucy about Luke. She admits she saw him get shot and sink under water. Ned flies the whole gang (except Lucy) back to PC on the ELQ jet.

Mac learns from Lee and Gail that Jack had a mistress, Myrna. Mac and Felicia track Myrna to New York, where she tells them Edward is innocent. They ask her to testify. Felicia brings Myrna back to PC where she tells Edward's lawyer what she knows, and Edward is elated. 

Ned feigns indifference when he hears about the bombing, but hires Mac to investigate Sonny. Mac questions Lois and Brenda. Mac visits Carmine's sporting goods store for info on Sonny's past. While Mac is grilling Carmine, Lois pops in to discuss Ned. Mac piles on clothing, pays, and sneaks out undetected. Mac presents Ned with some details on Sonny's past- and the sporting goods bill. Mac asks Sean to check on a guy named Buddy from Sonny's past who may be mob-connected. He is. 

Mac notes Sonny pulling out wads of cash and asks Lois how L&B's finances are doing. We're emptying Sonny's pockets, she replies. Hmmmm, says Mac. Sean breaks up a catfight between Lois and Katherine, who taunted Lois and then filed charges. Ned wants to help, but Lois calls him an adulterer and storms off with Sean. Mac later overhears Lily telling Miguel about Sonny's father.

Thanks to Katherine's lies, a baffled Lucy fends off protestors claiming Deception tests its products on animals. Tiffany gets the whole mess on tape while Katherine gloats.

Robin Pushes Mac's Buttons 
Robin is accepted to Yale, but she doesn't want to leave Stone. They get hot and heavy later on Mac's couch. Robin asks Stone to make love to her, but he wants to wait. Mac interrupts and grounds Robin- again. Robin and Stone sneak away to make love in Sonny's apartment. Luke and Mac head there to talk privately and find the groping teenagers. Mac flips. Robin and Stone grab their clothes while Luke grabs a livid Mac. Screaming ensues. Robin and Stone storm out and check into a motel, where they finally make love. They feed each other food from the motel vending machine, and have sex again. Robin goes home and announces that she and Stone have "done it," and there's nothing Mac can do about it. Mac is outraged. 

Mac, Kevin, Sean and Tony throw an unusual baby shower for Felicia. Felicia and Maxie go to Texas for the holidays, promising to return before the baby is born. When Felicia returns from Texas, Tony fills her in on all the goings-on, and she heads right over to Mac's and finds more fireworks between Robin and Mac. Felicia asks Mac to leave her and Robin alone so she can grill her. Did they use protection? Yes. Has Stone been tested for HIV? Yes. 

Felicia suggests Robin go on the Pill just to be safe. When Felicia repeats that advice to Mac, he hits the ceiling. Felicia reminds Mac that she is pregnant due to condom failure. Brenda tells Robin that sex gets better with practice. Felicia gets a letter from Frisco saying he plans to be home in time for the birth of their baby. Stone and Robin don't make love again because he has the flu.

Mike asks Stone about his nickname. Stone explains that Sonny nicknamed him Stone because his real name- Mike- is the same as Sonny's deadbeat dad. Brenda tells Stone that Mike is Sonny's deadbeat dad. Stone apologizes.

The Donelys Depart
Tiffany and Sean celebrate Valentine's Day by learning that Tiff is pregnant! Robin catches the flu from Stone. Kevin admits to Felicia that he's in love with Lucy. Felicia promises to pray for him. 

Joe realizes Sean is tailing him and gets an idea to antagonize Luke into a gun fight. A horrified Luke accidentally hits Sean. Sean is rushed to the hospital, where Tiff and Felicia sit vigil. Tony operates. Luke is exonerated when word comes that Sean has regained consciousness and cleared him. Luke heads straight to the hospital to apologize to Sean and Tiff. While Sean fights for his life, Tiffany has flashbacks of all the good times they've had. Robin can't visit Sean at the hospital because she has the flu. 

Tiff confides to Felicia that she is worried about the health of her unborn baby with all the stress. Bobbie, Luke, Amy and Felicia all comfort her when Sean takes a turn for the worse. Tony explains that Sean has bullet fragments in his brain that are life-threatening. He will escort Sean and Tiff to Mass General in Boston, where they have better technology for this delicate surgery. Mac, Robin, et al say good-bye to the Donelys. Sean makes Luke promise to get Joe Scully for him. He will, Luke vows. Mac warns Stone to stay away from Joe Scully; he's bad news. 

Georgie Kidnapped!
Upset that Frisco is still not home, Felicia goes to Luke's with Tony to see Mary Mae sing. Suddenly, Felicia slides under the table and announces that she's in labor. Tony screams, "Call 911!" Felicia says there's no time- the baby is coming now! Simone and Bobby rush to Tony's aid while Kevin holds Felicia's hand. It's a girl! Felicia heads for the hospital where Maxie names the baby Georgie (after Felicia's uncle). Mary Mae cracks that Felicia is a hard act to follow. 

An escaped, deranged Ryan slips into Felicia's hospital room and tells her he'll be back tomorrow. A bittersweet Mac visits Felicia and later drowns his sorrows with Katherine. Ryan visits Felicia and informs her that Ryan's dead. Felicia asks Kevin to get Georgie so she can nurse her- but Ryan-as-Kevin has already taken the baby from the nursery. Ryan and Kevin narrowly miss each other in the hall. When Kevin realizes the baby is missing he runs to Felicia's room. Confused, the nurse swears that she just gave the baby to "Kevin". A frantic Felicia screams that Ryan has stolen Georgie. Outside, Ryan loads Georgie into Connie's repainted car and runs for the border.

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