The Scorpio Files Episode Guide
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The Scorpios in Crisis
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  • 1/3- At the police station, Mac deals with Courtney and Jason when teen Bridget is arrested.
  • 1/12- Depressed that she hasn't heard from Diego, Brook Lynn gets into an argument with Georgie and Lucas. Dillon intervenes.
  • 1/18- Georgie pretends to be Brook Lynn during the college interview that Brook Lynn tried to cancel. Dillon comes to Georgie's rescue when the interviewer wants to hear "Brook Lynn" sing. Brook Lynn tells Georgie and Dillon that she isn't interested in going to the prestigious school as she plans on going to Mexico to be with Diego.
  • 1/28- Skye can't produce Helena when Mac and his men arrive.  Georgie and Dillon agree their relationship is strong enough to survive his going away to college. Later, they arrive at the hospital as a wounded Lucky is brought in. Steven announces that Lucky didn't survive the gunshot wound.


  • 2/3- Georgie refuses to break hospital confidentiality to help Bridget find out when her baby's doctor's appointment is scheduled for. Later, Diego arrives and tells Georgie and Dillon about Kristina's kidnapping.
  • 2/8- Mac calls Courtney to ask her to come in for questioning.
  • 2/9- Mac questions Courtney about AJ's murder.
  • 2/11- Mac mediates as Alan blames Courtney for AJ's death, despite the fact that the hotel concierge backs up Courtney's claim that AJ was alive when she left. Later, he reassures Ric that everything is being done to find Kristina.
  • 2/16- Mac, Felicia and Georgie attend AJ's memorial service.
  • 3/7- Steven tells Mac he found a strand of Courtney's hair with AJ's blood on it. When Mac asks Courtney to come in for additional questioning, Jax gets defensive.
  • 3/10- Georgie tries to cheer up Dillon, who feels guilty for aiding in Faith's escape from prison. 
  • 3/11- Dillon and Georgie act on their impulses. 
  • 3/14- Dillon and Georgie have no regrets after making love but Dillon continues to feel guilty for helping Luke break Faith out of prison.
  • 3/18- Georgie and Dillon are thrilled when Felicia tells them she's aware they're still seeing each other and suggests talking to Mac about allowing them to officially be able to see each other.
  • 3/22- Dillon and Georgie find Ric and Alexis, who had been in a car accident. Georgie panics when the officer on the scene calls Mac to see if he wants to question the teens regarding the hit-and-run. The teens get off when the officer receives notice that Mac isn't to be disturbed and Georgie charms him into agreeing not to show Mac the accident report.

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