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*The following are episode summaries I wrote.  Some of the dates are vague because the dates on the tapes are either confusing or are missing entirely.  Please ask before borrowing my text and images. Thanks!

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2002 Episode Recaps
  • 1/4- Melissa visits Edward with the intent of talking him out of changing his will, but Edward shocks the Quartermaines when he instructs Mac to arrest Skye and AJ for fraud, blackmail and conspiracy.
  • 2/4- Mac reveals to Sonny that Jax has had Sonny's warehouse condemned, and Skye interrupts a potentially explosive moment between Sonny and Jax.
  • 2/5- Jax joins forces with Mac to destroy Sonny, and Jax offers Mac the financial backing necessary to close Sonny down for good. 
  • 2/7- Bobbie and Scott enjoy a less than stogy date, but Bobbie rejects Felicia's inquiries about a possible romance between the two.
  • 2/22- Luke and Laura secretly cheer at the sight of Roy and Felicia, and they go along with the wedding charade. Jennifer leaves to change into her bridal gown, while Luke and Laura scheme with Roy and Felicia. During the vows, Laura hits Luke on the head with a champagne bottle, and the battle for their escape begins. Almost home free, Jennifer ultimately thwarts the escape by pulling a gun on Laura.
  • 2/25- Felicia and Roy fend off Jennifer's thugs, and they call the police. Much to their chagrin, the sheriff ends up arresting Felicia and Roy too. Melissa refuses both Bobbie and Scott's help, and Mac arrives to take her away.
  • 2/28- Still in jail, Felicia and Roy learn that the Sheriff is in cahoots with Jennifer. 
  • 3/1- Felicia uses her female charms to trick the sheriff, and Felicia and Roy escape from the jail. However, Roy's cheery mood quickly dissipates when he realizes that the rain has interfered with the tracks and their search for Laura and Luke.
  • 3/4- Roy and Felicia figure out where Luke took Laura to hide, and they rush to the rescue.
  • 3/13- Felicia, Luke and Roy bust Maxie when her underage friend, Cody, tries to buy alcohol.
  • 3/20- Mac and Luke battle over the best way to catch Helena, and Roy breaks it up before they come to blows. Luke angers Mac by staging a press conference announcing Helena's escape.
  • 3/21- Laura is determined to remain focused on her wedding, and Laura asks Felicia to help her locate her old wedding dress and is shocked to learn that the dress is missing.
  • 4/2- Luke and Roy venture out to hunt down Helena, and they find Felicia working undercover as a waitress at a dive bar where Helena sits undetected in a dark corner.
  • 4/5- Luke informs Lucky that Nikolas helped Helena escape, and Lucky refuses to believe it. Luke leaves in order to help Felicia and Roy find Helena. 
  • 4/8- Luke catches Helena, and Luke secretly worries Helena with his uncertain intentions. Helena tries enticing Luke with the thrill of the chase, but Luke grips Helena by the throat when she declares that the Cassadines will rise again. Roy and Felicia arrive upon the scene, and they warn murderous Luke that Helena will win the war if Luke ends up killing Helena. Luke listens to his friends' advice and hands over Helena to Roy, but Luke cautions that Helena has more tricks up her sleeve.
  • 4/10- Lucky blasts into the police station demanding Nikolas' arrest, but Mac reminds Lucky that no concrete evidence exists which would allow for them to go after Nikolas. 

  • 4/17- Monica gets on Zander's case about throwing away opportunities, and Zander catches Maxie eavesdropping. Zander and Maxie end up bonding, and Maxie discloses how she acquired her cousin's heart. Later, Felicia makes amends with Maxie, while Mac watches approvingly in the background.
  • 4/24- Gia tries to reason with Elizabeth, and Maxie overhears as Elizabeth lashes out at Gia. Consequently, Maxie runs to Lucky with the news.
  • 4/29- Maxie schemes to make Lucky her first adult lover, and she gloats when she wrangles an assistant job with him.
  • 5/7- Luke fails to persuade Bobbie that Michael only imagined seeing his mother, and Maxie turns to Lucky for comfort when Bobbie responds to Maxie's sincere attempts to console her with criticism.
  • 5/8- Luke gets Bobbie out of the house, while Maxie and Felicia watch Michael. Maxie convinces Felicia to pick up food, and Maxie takes the opportunity to search for Lucky.
  • 5/14- Lucky deals with Maxie.
  • 5/15- Lucky escorts Maxie back to Felicia, and Maxie draws conclusions in response to Lucky's actions. Felicia makes amends with her daughter, but Maxie appears undaunted by Felicia's motherly words of wisdom.
  • 5/21- Maxie shrugs off Felicia's good intentions, and Maxie startles Sarah with a special request.
  • 5/28- Felicia determines to warn Lucky about Maxie's unwavering feelings, but Felicia's failed attempt leaves Maxie free to make her next move on him.
  • 5/29- Felicia cautions Lucky, while Maxie takes important steps toward securing a future with Lucky.
  • 5/30- Lucky attempts to reason with Maxie, but Maxie appears unwilling to take no for an answer.
  • 5/31- Maxie attacks Felicia for destroying an opportunity with Lucky, and Maxie appears determined to head into trouble.
  • 6/3- Maxie witnesses Sarah and Lucky succumb to passion, and Maxie sets the stage for disaster when she decides to share her frustration with Elizabeth.
  • 6/13- Maxie keeps Felicia on her toes, and more mystery arrives as Felicia and Roy tend to their personal lives.
  • 6/18- Felicia arrives upon Roy's doorstep prepared to change his life in a creative fashion, and Felicia ends up stumbling upon a new mystery.
  • 6/19- Felicia informs Roy of her discovery, and the two contemplate their next move after dealing with Taggert. Meanwhile, the mystery man staked outside of Roy's home makes an ominous call.
  • 6/25- Felicia shrugs off Bobbie's warning about Roy, but Felicia's concern grows after receiving Mac's input and after learning about Roy's intentions.
  • 6/27- Roy chastises Felicia when he learns that she approached Sonny and asked him point blank if he set Roy up.
  • 6/28- Maxie caves to peer-pressure and abandons her babysitting duties, leaving Lesley in unforeseen peril in the attic.
  • 7/1- Scott saves Lesley Lu from the fire, but Luke remains wary of Scott. Mac reveals that an arsonist set the fire in the attic, and Mac reprimands Maxie for putting Lesley Lu in danger.
  • 7/3- Felicia and Roy work together to see if Sonny supplied Roy's mystery money, and the two decide to spend the cash in the process of their investigation.
  • 7/4- Felicia approaches Edward with an investment proposal.
  • 7/8- Felicia argues that Pier 52 will only reward Roy with trouble, but Roy does not show any signs of backing away from his purchase.
  • 7/10- Felicia urges Roy to reconsider buying the pier at the expense of angering Sonny, and Jason suspects trouble when he learns about Roy's purchase.
  • 7/11- Roy impresses Felicia with his resolve, and romance fills their evening.
  • 7/12- Roy turns down Sonny's offer to buy the Pier from him for a handsome profit, and Felicia covers for Roy when Jason probes Roy about the source of his windfall of cash.
  • 7/15- Jason refuses to believe Felicia and Roy's explanation for their sudden riches, and Jason renews Felicia's concern when he suggests that personal matters drove Roy to purchase Pier 52.
  • 7/17- Felicia defends Roy to Jason, and Felicia informs Roy of Jason's attempt to turn her against him. However, Roy rewards Felicia's show of support with a lie.
  • 7/22- Felicia admits to Roy that her feelings for him have grown, but flickering romance quickly dissipates with news of a fire on Pier 52, and Felicia takes action when she spies Roy privately meeting with a courier.
  • 7/23- Roy makes a slip to Sonny during an attempt to warn Sonny of his ongoing commitment to Pier 52, and Sonny extends a veiled threat to Roy in return. Jason and Felicia run into each other at Roy's home, and Felicia defends Roy despite Jason's strong argument. Roy gains points with Felicia when he comes clean about his apparently endless supply of cash, and Alcazar agrees to meet Roy.
  • 7/24- Alexis pays a visit to Taggert on behalf of Felicia and Roy, and Sonny assumes she has come to the station to represent him. To Laura's horror, Luke badmouths Scott to Mac, and afterward Laura warns Luke to keep his grudge against Scott to himself in order to keep the attic investigation open. Later, Laura remembers Scott's presence in the attic, and Laura informs Luke that Scott lied to her when she tested him.
  • 7/29- Roy discerns that Alcazar's grudge against Sonny runs much deeper than business on the waterfront, and Felicia upsets Roy when he learns that she took photos of him with Alcazar.
  • 7/31- Roy chastises Zander for putting him in the hot seat, and Roy learns about Alcazar's dangerous nature from Felicia. Roy refuses to accept Alcazar's orders all the same, and Alcazar plots to set up Roy in return.
  • 8/1- Alcazar proves Roy wrong when he shows up on Roy's doorstep and admires Felicia.
  • 8/5- Roy and Felicia find a critically injured Kristina in the aftermath of the explosion set by Alcazar as Alexis arrives on the scene. Elizabeth, Jason and Zander race to the warehouse and help Roy, Alexis and Felicia free Kristina from the wreckage. Mac takes Sonny in for questioning and a devastated Carly realizes Kristina was at the warehouse at the time of the explosion.
  • 8/6- Alcazar tells Roy that harm will come to him and Felicia if Roy doesn't do Alcazar's bidding. Roy tells Felicia about Alcazar's threat and she suggests to Roy that they turn to Sonny for help but Roy insists they have to do as Alcazar wants.
  • 8/8- Sonny urges Roy to tell him what he knows about the explosion in order to protect Felicia. Alcazar orders Roy to go after Jax.
  • 8/12- Jason gives Sonny Felicia's photos of Roy and Alcazar together.
  • 9/3- Alcazar threatens Roy. Felicia refuses Roy's request to leave town with the girls.
  • 9/6- Roy refuses Alcazar's demand that he kill Sonny. Alcazar's guards zero in on Maxie, Georgie and Lucas. 

  • 9/9- Felicia asks Roy if he's really ready for an evening with her teenagers while outside Kelly's the thugs knock down Lucas and grab Maxie and Georgie. While a confused Lucas looks on, Roy convinces his upset girlfriend that she can't call the cops. Later, Roy grabs Alcazar and demands to have Felicia's girls returned. Roy gets to talk to Maxie on the phone but Alcazar smugly informs him that he'll have to follow orders to get the girls back. Alexis talks Luke down from shooting Scotty. Liz tells Jason she wants to be with him. 
  • 9/10- Alcazar's men take Felicia to Maxie and Georgie. Felicia convinces Alcazar to hold her hostage in exchange for the girls.
  • 9/13- Alcazar orders Felicia locked up in the hotel room after she fails to escape from him on the docks.
  • 9/16- Felicia escapes the hotel room but is once again captured by Alcazar's men before she can contact Sonny.
  • 9/17- Roy shoots Sonny. Alcazar releases Felicia after getting confirmation of Sonny's "death." Alcazar vows to get Brenda back and orders Roy to kill Jax.
  • 9/18- Thinking he killed Sonny, Felicia walks out on Roy but ultimately returns. Sonny and Roy meet and it becomes clear they formed this elaborate ruse together.
  • 9/24- Lucas, Maxie, and Georgie disagree about Roy and Felicia's relationship. Roy assures Felicia that Alcazar will soon be out of their lives.
  • 9/25- Fearing Roy will kill Jax, Felicia ignores Roy's warning and heads to Jax and Skye's wedding. Alcazar prepares to shoot Jax at St. Timothy's.
  • 9/26- Roy isn't pleased to find Felicia at the church. She refuses to leave Roy's side.
  • 9/27- Roy struggles with Alcazar, who is shot during the fight. Roy agrees to leave town with Felicia.
  • 10/9- Roy cuts his ties with Alcazar. Roy declines a job offer from Jason and asks Felicia to marry him.
  • 10/10- Felicia turns down Roy's proposal, explaining she can't ask him to change his life for her. Felicia and Roy share a heartfelt goodbye. He then accepts Jason's offer and leaves town.
  • 10/15- Georgie covers for Lucas and Maxie, allowing them to sneak off to a party at Vista Point.
  • 10/22- Bobbie questions Lucas about the change in his behavior after learning he and Maxie went to a party at Vista Point. Georgie is smitten with Lucas.
  • 10/30- Monica, Felicia, Alexis and Brenda deliver damning testimony against Alcazar. After receiving a document from a mysterious source, Scott is forced to drop the charges against Alcazar, who is set free.

  • 10/31- At the Halloween party at Club 101, Felicia warns Alcazar to stay away from her family. Lucas helps himself to champagne at the party. Maxie and Georgie cover for a drunken Lucas in front of Bobbie and Felicia. Maxie is angered over Lucas' behavior.
  • 11/7- Lucas has the tough task of telling Bobbie that he failed another test at school. Bobbie accuses a frustrated Lucas of not applying himself. After reading Lucas' test answers, Georgie suspects he might have dyslexia.
  • 11/13- Georgie agrees to secretly help Lucas overcome his dyslexia. Georgie fears boys won't like her if she's smart. Maxie tries to get closer to Lucas. Georgie is hurt when she sees Lucas and Maxie having fun together.

  • 12/2- Felicia runs into an upset Ned, who is dealing with an angry Alexis and the possibility that a premature Kristina needs surgery. 
  • 12/4- Georgie helps Lucas with his homework but both cover in front of Maxie. Georgie feels left out when Maxie and Lucas head off to a party together.
  • 12/6- A drunken Skye arrives to give Mac her official statement about Alcazar's murder. Mac has doubts about Skye's credibility.
  • 12/10- Felicia encounters Cameron, who asks if she would like to touch Kristina. Alexis is angry to find Felicia with Kristina.
  • 12/11- Cameron convinces Felicia to offer to help Alexis with the investigative work on Jax' case. Alexis accepts Felicia's help but doesn't know it was Cameron's idea.
  • 12/12- AJ puts a stop to Felicia's questioning of Skye. Maxie throws a monkey wrench in Georgie's attempt to get closer to Lucas.
  • 12/17- Felicia gets a clue to a possible witness to Alcazar's murder.
  • 12/18- Lucas kisses Georgie on the cheek under the mistletoe but Maxie later kisses Lucas for real. Felicia gets a lead on Ida, a possible witness to Alcazar's murder. Ida admits to Felicia that she saw who killed Alcazar.
  • 12/19- Ida tells Felicia and Alexis that she saw Brenda kill Alcazar.
  • 12/27- Felicia tells Sonny she succeeded in scaring Ida into going on the run in the hope she'll go directly to the person who bribed her.

2002 Year in Review
Bobbie Goes Snooping- Bobbie enlisted Felicia's investigative skills in gathering facts on Roy's past with Melissa. As Hannah provided Bobbie with a few insights, Felicia was able to get Roy to tell her that Melissa believed Roy had charmed her in order to ge proof against her brother. Meanwhile, Mac and Felicia grew closer emotionally after he rescued her from Sorel. 

Luke Returns- Overseas, Luke's knowledge of the Cassadine family history paid off, allowing him to get his hands on their funds. He was not, however, a complete success, since he failed to get his hands on the Ice Princess. As Mac and Felicia continued to work together, Luke returned to town looking for adventure... and Felicia.

Laura Catches Luke & Felicia- Aboard Helena's yacht, Luke and Felicia overhear Stefan accuse his mother of retaining some form of control over Lucky. Luke convinced Roy to help him retrieve the Ice Princess in order to learn what was behind the power Helena had over his son. It was a majorly uncomfortable moment when Laura and Scott bumped into Luke and Felicia, who happened to be kissing at the time. In the end, all four realized that it was time that they move on with their lives. After a confrontation with the mayor, Mac decided to resign as police commissioner.

Felicia Realizes She Loves Luke- Thanks in large part to the Deception launch party held at the club, Luke found himself on more financially stable ground. Mac shocked Felicia by saying that he wanted her back both professionally and personally. Unfortunately, Mac's heartfelt speech helped Felicia to realize she was in love with Luke. When Felicia went to tell Luke how she felt, she once again found herself facing proof of just how closely tied Luke remained to his former wife, Luke.

Romance Roulette- Laura cancelled a date with Scott so that she and Luke could take Elizabeth and Lucky out for dinner to celebrate their engagement. After Scott wound up asking Bobbie, they, along with Mac and Felicia, wound up in the same restaurant as the Spenser clan. Roy was shocked to see Bobbie out on the town with her ex-lover, while Scott, Felicia and Mac had varying reactions; meanwhile, Luke and Laura shared a close moment while discussing their son.

Lucky & Sarah Get Trapped Together! Although Lucky decided to steer clear of Sarah, Maxie accidentally locked them together in the darkroom, then ran for help. Trapped in close quarters, Lucky and Sarah were forced to examine and label their relationship. Sarah was caught completely off guard by Lucky’s view of them as more than friends. After they finally got out of the room, Lucky questioned Maxie about her motive for locking them up, At the same time, Sarah ran into Liz, and the estranged sisters tried to deal with their differences. Later on, Lucky escorted Maxie back to her house. Little did he know that she saw the platonic gesture as something much more. Felicia tried waving the white flag in her war with her daughter, but was shot down by Maxie’s less-than-receptive mood

Around The Town-  Felicia tried to warn Lucky that her daughter had a crush on him, but failed miserably, leaving Maxie free to make another move on the object of her affection. After spying Lucky in a clinch with Sarah, Maxie decided to share what she’d seen.

Roy Leaves Town- A grateful Jason offrered Roy a permanent position within Sonny's organization. But with Felicia and her children no longer in danger, Roy set his sights on a new life, and with that in mind proposed to his girlfriend. But when she declined, saying she couldn't ask him to change his life for her, Roy accepted Jason's offer and left town.

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