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*The following are episode summaries I wrote.  Some of the dates are vague because the dates on the tapes are either confusing or are missing entirely. Please ask before borrowing my text and images. Thanks!

Scorpios Divided
January-July  l  September-November

Felicia the Sleuth- Looking for someone to blame for Emily's having been placed in danger, Edward was prepared to ask for Mac's resignation as police commissioner. But Felicia jumped to her estranged husband's defense and challenged Edward's judgement. Trying to assist Mac in gathering evidence against Sorel, Felicia came up with a few good leads, but wound up putting her own life in danger.

Bobbie Goes Snooping- Bobbie enlisted Felicia's investigative skills in gathering facts on Roy's past with Melissa. As Hannah provided Bobbie with a few insights, Felicia was able to get Roy to tell her that Melissa believed Roy had charmed her in order to ge proof against her brother. Meanwhile, Mac and Felicia grew closer emotionally after he rescued her from Sorel. 

Luke Returns- Overseas, Luke's knowledge of the Cassadine family history paid off, allowing him to get his hands on their funds. He was not, however, a complete success, since he failed to get his hands on the Ice Princess. As Mac and Felicia continued to work together, Luke returned to town looking for adventure... and Felicia.

A New Adventure for Felicia- While Felicia and Luke rekindled their flame, Mac and Laura found themselves depressed over their failed marriages. Later, Mac and Felicia wound up in hot water for having teamed up to help nail one of Sonny's shooters. Still concerned about Helena's hold over Lucky, Luke confessed his fears to Felicia. When she expressed interest in helping him find the Ice Princess, Luke said no, but was charmed into accepting her assistance.

  • 2/1- Mac was happy to run into Laura outside of Kelly's and bought her yellow roses as a gesture of friendship. Laura told Mac it was always a pleasure to see him. Dara confronted Felicia about Felicia's involvement in Mac's life. She suggested that Felicia should stay out of police business before she ruined Mac's career. Felicia asked Mac if he was sure that she should help him and he remained adamant that he needed her.

Laura Catches Luke & Felicia- Aboard Helena's yacht, Luke and Felicia overhear Stefan accuse his mother of retaining some form of control over Lucky. Luke convinced Roy to help him retrieve the Ice Princess in order to learn what was behind the power Helena had over his son. It was a majorly uncomfortable moment when Laura and Scott bumped into Luke and Felicia, who happened to be kissing at the time. In the end, all four realized that it was time that they move on with their lives. After a confrontation with the mayor, Mac decided to resign as police commissioner.

In Other News- Determined to prevent Laura from announcing Liz as the face of Deception at the launch party, Gia locked Laura and Mac on the roof and filled the lock with glue! Meanwhile, Carly told the press that no decision had been made as to whether Gia or Liz would be spokesmodel. Scott rescued Laura from the roof, only to find her in Mac's friendly arms. Although Mac declined Felicia's offer to join her P.I. business, he realized he still loved her and decided not to give up on their relationship.

Felicia Realizes She Loves Luke- Thanks in large part to the Deception launch party held at the club, Luke found himself on more financially stable ground. Mac shocked Felicia by saying that he wanted her back both professionally and personally. Unfortunately, Mac's heartfelt speech helped Felicia to realize she was in love with Luke. When Felicia went to tell Luke how she felt, she once again found herself facing proof of just how closely tied Luke remained to his former wife, Luke.

A Reunion for Luke and Laura?- Luke denied Felicia's charges that he was ambivalent about their relationship. Fully content in her budding relationship with Scotty, Laura was left unaffected when she spotted Luke and Felicia together. Wanting more out of their relationship, Felicia pledged her love for Luke, only to have him confess it might be hard for him to love anyone other than Laura. Stefan approached Luke with the suggestion that he put off divorcing Laura which might convince Nikolas not to cut off his ties to the Cassadines. In return, Stefan offered to help Luke keep Lucky safe from Helena. Despite Stefan's insistence that both Nikolas and Lucky were in need of protection, Luke and Laura turned down his request. Laura later told Scott that she wasn't yet ready to make love, and Felicia decided it was time to move on without Luke.

  • 4/4- Felicia was relieved when Mac didn't blow her cover at the bank. Still, the bank manager was freaked out when he realized Mac was the former police commissioner and he told Felicia, or, "Mrs. Spencer," that he couldn't help her. Mac and Felicia walked in the park afterwards and Mac told her that he had secured a loan and wanted to join her in the PI business again. Felicia was thrilled until Mac told her that in addition to wanting to be her business partner, he wanted their marriage back.

Romance Roulette- Laura cancelled a date with Scott so that she and Luke could take Elizabeth and Lucky out for dinner to celebrate their engagement. After Scott wound up asking Bobbie, they, along with Mac and Felicia, wound up in the same restaurant as the Spenser clan. Roy was shocked to see Bobbie out on the town with her ex-lover, while Scott, Felicia and Mac had varying reactions; meanwhile, Luke and Laura shared a close moment while discussing their son.

The End Of Luke And Laura? Laura took the final divorce papers to Luke, who signed, but told her that they would always be connected. Although both he and Felicia acknowledged the end of their respective marriages, Luke was unable to say he loved her. Luke and Felicia decided to move on, but both found themselves fighting their attraction to one another.

  • AMC 6/1- Alerted that someone is listening in on them, Alex tackles the intruder before she can escape. Gillian's upset when Alex refuses to let the lady's film crew wander about Wildwind. The intruder, pretending to be a film producer, is actually an assassin after Anna. Hidden in the horse barn, Robin and Anna catch up. 
  • AMC 6/4- When Anna refuses to accompany her to Paris for fear of endangering her daughter's life, Robin tearfully tells her mum she's HIV-positive and won't live her life in fear. Anna's devastated by the news of her daughter's illness. Robin tells her how much she needs her mother. Meanwhile, the assassin notifys her boss that she's located Anna. Back inside the mansion, Anna and Robin catch up some more. Noting Edmund's reaction to her mom, an amused Robin asks her if she's in love with him. Anna explains the awkward situation of Edmund being in love with her twin, who's also his brother's wife. Later, Edmund interrupts them to ask if Robin placed a call from her cell phone. When Robin says she didn't have it on her, Edmund and Anna deduce that a stranger is on the grounds. Anna insists Robin leave for her safety but her daughter refuses until Anna promises to visit her in Paris soon... or else Robin will return to Wildwind. Anna promises and the two desperately embrace. After Robin's departure, Anna breaks down into tears.
  • 6/4- Mac and Felicia shared a kiss, but Mac could tell by her response that she wasn't quite ready for it yet. Felicia later gently told Maxie that while she and Mac were trying to reconcile, Maxie and Georgie shouldn't put too much hope into it happening. Maxie assured her that she and Georgie just wanted their mother to be happy. Luke ran into Felicia on his way to the Cassadine yacht. She was shocked to hear that Luke was preparing to kill Helena. Luke wouldn't be swayed from his course because he wanted Helena out of their lives once and for all. As he waited for Helena on the yacht, Felicia crept in to try and stop him. Joining the party moments later was Laura, who was surprised to find them together.

The Cassadine Plot Is Unveiled! After he and Felicia concluded that the Cassadines were planning to rule the world with biochemical warfare, Luke cornered Tony, demanding to know what Helena was up to. Tony evaded the question, but told Luke he was on the right track. As Felicia investigated a medallion left at the location where Luke was knocked out, he took Helena’s elevator down and encountered Stavros! Felicia found Luke in bad condition and, although relieved that he was alive, was angered when he became sexually aggressive. Unaware that he was under the influence of Helena’s drug, Felicia slugged him.

  • 7/31- Roy made Melissa's dreams come true with a kiss, but their bliss was interrupted when Felicia burst into the club. She still hadn't heard from Luke and worried that something had happened to him. Roy didn't want to interfere with whatever Luke was working on, but he agreed to step up the search for him in the morning. Luke remained motionless in the alley and was unaware when a man stole his wallet and money from his pockets. Inside of the club, Stavros toasted Luke's demise and found the Cassadine necklace that Felicia had left behind. He put it back on and vowed that Stefan was the next victim on his hit list.

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