The Scorpio Case Files:
Faison Returns!, 1999
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Faison Catches Felicia- Walking home from the store, Felicia spots Faison and drops her packages. When she looks up, he's gone. Felicia goes home and tells Mac what she saw. Her hubby freaks out and puts an APB on Faison. Listening to a police scanner, Cesar scoffs at Mac's orders. Felicia spots Faison again, but he disappears before she can verify his identity. 

Felicia spots Faison at the hospital and follows him to an abandoned warehouse. Once there, Faison locks the silly girl in. An amused Faison retorts that she was the one following him after a nervous Felicia demands to know what he wants. She accuses him of killing Robert and Anna, but he claims that he wasn't even on the boat when the Scorpios died. Felicia promises him that he's going to prison, but he smugly assures her that he's a law-abiding citizen. Just as Faison's about to touch Felicia, Mac bursts in and order Cesar to freeze!

Faison Toys with His Foes- In the warehouse, Mac orders Faison to get away from his wife, then announces he's charging Faison with Robert and Anna's murders. A taunting Faison claims that he had nothing to do with the deaths and a fistfight ending in Faison's arrest! Cesar grins at Felicia as Mac leads him away.

At police headquarters, Mac informs a horrified Felicia he lacked any legal grounds to hold Faison. Just then, Taggert announces that Faison requested a visit with Felicia. Despite Mac's misgivings, Felicia insists that she go try to entrap him. In the cell, Faison tells Felicia that he came back to town because of her. Unnerved, she leaves, unwittingly dropping an earring. Faison retrieves it and smiles.

Mrs. Scorpio's further upset when Mac tells her that Faison will be set free due to lack of evidence. Upon his release, Faison declares that he's settling down in Port Charles. It's too beautiful to leave, he leers to a freaked-out Felicia. Mac warns Laura that Faison is alive and living in town, then shows her a photo of him. Laura is stunned to see that it's the same man who offered to donate money to the Laura's outreach program.

When she runs into him later, Laura firmly tells Faison to keep away from her family. Felicia spots the two and intervenes. Laura angrily tells her that she doesn't need her help and insists she could look out for herself. But Felicia urges Bobbie to call Luke with news of his wife's brush with evil. 

Faison Heals Helena- The next day, Faison visits Helena. He believes she's being poisoned, announces Faison. Helena confirms this with her eyes, the only body part she can move in her comatose-state. Later, he is intrigued to overhear Stefan admit that he'd rendered Helena an invalid with poison. 

Felicia encounters Faison outside of Kelly's. He lures her into a conversation during which he answers a phone call as "Krieg." She later freaks out to Bobbie when she realizes where she's heard that name before- from Luke! Knowing that Luke may unwittingly be dealing with Faison, Felicia scrambles to get in touch with her pal. Meanwhile, Laura tells Nikolas that she's going to North Carolina with Lesley and Lulu, mainly to get away from Faison, whom she fears is targeting Luke.

Meanwhile, Cesar visits a panicking Helena at Wyndemere and informs her that he won't be back for a while. Later, when Stefan comes home and taunts her with info on the antidote, which is only available in Zurich, Faison listens via a bug he planted in Helena's room earlier. He then books a flight to Zurich. There, Faison gets a copy of the formula for the antidote and returns triumphant. He then gives Helena the antidote for her paralysis.

After grilling a cryptic Faison about Luke's whereabouts, Felicia turns to Sonny for help in finding Luke. However, as Corinthos is away, Felicia fills Jason in on the Faison/Luke connection. Mac arrives to find out if Sonny has any connections to Cesar and Felicia ends up mediating between Jason and Mac. Leading her hubby away, Felicia tells him he's becoming obsessed with Faison.

Luke fools Faison- At Wyndemere, Faison wonders if Helena's permanently paralyzed when the antidote does not take effect. After he leaves the room, however, Helena wiggles her fingers slightly.

Meanwhile, fearful for her brother, Bobbie begged Felicia to tell Mac about Luke's connection to Faison. Felicia got even more frantic after Faison approached Georgie. Bobbie and Jerry are involved in a car accident, resulting in Bobbie staying over at the hospital At the Nurses' station at the hospital, Felicia gets a call from Luke. The next day, Bobbie awakens to find Luke standing by her bed. 

Felicia later arrives and tells him about "Herr Krieg" and Faison. Luke becomes furious and arranges to meet with his old fence. Spenser calmly confronts Faison and refuses to hand over the diamonds. Later, Faison vows to use Luke's son as leverage if necessary. Faison arranges for a meeting with Felicia but Luke shows up unexpectedly. Return the jewels, Faison warns, or hel'll be forced to take something of equal value to Luke. 

A New Adventure for Felicia- Despite Cesar's threat, Luke refused to turn the diamonds over. When Luke told her that the diamonds were stashed in Mexico, Felicia insisted on going with him to retrieve them. Luke also refused to cut a deal with the FBI. 

Meanwhile, Jason promised Luke that he wouldn't turn on Sonny and later had a run-in of his own with Faison. Bobbie, unaware her fiance Jerry is still involved in shady dealings, excitedly shares her marriage plans with Felicia, but asks her to keep them from Luke. Before his bail hearing, Sonny swears to Mac that he has on information on Faison. Luke goes to Sonny to discuss ending their partnership, then gets Sonny to sign the papers. Luke turns down Corinthos's offer to bring Faison down. 

Felicia lies to Mac, claiming she's going elsewhere to do more research on Lila's memoirs. The unsuspecting hubby takes Felicia to the airport. Once Mac leaves, Luke collects Felicia, both unaware that Faison is observing them.  

On the Run in Mexico- Faison trails Felicia and Luke to Mexico, where Felicia managed to get herself arrested after getting into a heated discussion with a stranger. "I'm in a pickle!" Felicia exclaims when Luke arrives. "You're in a jar of jalopenos," he corrects. Luke tries to help, but thanks to his poor grasp of the language, he says the wrong thing and ends up in jail, too! He convincines Felicia not to call Mac, instead suggesting they break out of jail. 

Which they manage to do and make a run for the desert. Again the duo discuss their past and finally give into a kiss. Faison, who's issued orders to have his diamonds found, interrupts them and demands his gems. He threatens to maim Felicia, then temporarily paralyzes her. To save Felicia, Luke hands over the diamonds in order to save Felicia. 

Luke admits to Felicia that he'd given Faison fake diamonds. Back in Port Charles, he also catches Faison trying to break into his safe and thwarts the effort. Later, Mac accuses Luke of having a connection to Faison and assures Spenser that he'll bring down Faison by any means.

Faison Taunts Felicia- Felicia worries that Cesar will tell Mac about her kiss with Luke. Faison learned that the diamonds Luke gave him were fake and took his revenge by taunting Felicia in Mac's presence about her relationship with Luke. Later, Felicia told Luke that their recent kiss could never be repeated, and the two agreed to remain partners and friends. They teamed up to retrieve the real diamonds from their hiding place on Helena's yacht. But after donning disguises to talk their way past Ari, the two were shocked to discover the cloak-and-dagger technique was unnecessary, as the guard was dead! The duo leave the yacht and are relieved to learn that they weren't seen. 

Tony assures Luke that Felicia and Mac's marriage is solid. A guilt-ridden Felicia flips out on Faison, telling him he will never use her to get to Mac. She then turns to Luke for help. Spenser breaks into Faison's office and works on opening the desk drawer that- unbeknownst to him- contains photos of Lucky!

Cassadine Confesses- In order to protect Nikolas, Stefan and Laura arrive at police headquarters to "confess" to Katherine's murder. Stefan assures Laura that the police will buy their story, but is rocked when Mac informs them that eyewitness accounts point toward Laura. Stefan then confesses to killing Katherine. He tries to prove his case to Mac, while Laura assures the commish that Stefan could never murder anyone. All three are stunned by the news of Ari's death, making Stefan wonder if Helena played a role in Katherine's death. Mac arrests Stefan, whose admission of guilt is overheard by Nikolas. Mac advises Cassadine to admit his confession was fake. 

Helena Arises- Laura asks Mac to drop the investigation against Stefan. When he balks, she realizes that she's the number 1 suspect in the homicide. Stefan privately shares with her his theory that Helena is behind the murder. Out on bail, Stefan and Laura, after many attempts, finally catch Helena moving. Tony shakes Laura up with news that Stefan may have poisoned his mother. Stefan of course denies this, then warns Helena not to try framing Laura for Katherine's murder. Now that everyone knows she's not paralyzed anymore, Mac informs Helena she's now his prime suspect.

Roy Creates New Ties to PC- Roy finally confronted Bobbie, explaining his 20-year absence to his shocked ex. Furious to learn that Faison had been harrassing Felicia, Luke broke into Faison's office, where he almost discovered photos of Lucky. Luke hides in Faison's closet, then sneaks up on the unsuspecting scondrel. An enraged Luke chokes Faison into unconsciousness. Luke returns to the club, only to be confronted again by Faison,who pulls a gun on Luke and demands the diamonds. Suddenly Roy appears and comes to Luke's rescue by knocking out Faison. The old friends toss the unconscious villain into the woods. Roy then fills Luke in about his past. 

Felicia and Luke Kiss Again!- At a concert at Luke's Club, Felicia realizes how important Mac is to her but winds up feeling left out when she learns that Roy helped Luke one-up Faison. She nearly admits her feelings to Luke, but a revived Faison interrupts their tender moment. To Luke's amazement, Felicia "admits" to Cesar that she was the one to knock him out. Afterward, she and Luke share a kiss, just as Roy walks in. Jarred back to reality, Felicia realizes an affair with Luke would be a mistake. Roy's amused by his old friend's rascally ways.

A conflicted Felicia struggles to set parameters in her relationship with Luke. He agrees to her terms but secretly longs to be with her. They share a dance together. Spenser vows to eliminate Faison before he can hurt Felicia. Later, she's unnerved when Cesar alludes to killing Anna and his intention to make Felicia love him. 

Faison Kidnaps Felicia- Luke encourages her to come clean with Mac about Faison, but Mac's intense anger toward Faison prompts Felicia to change her mind about confiding in him. Upon seeing Felicia in her role as wife and mother, Luke realizes that there's no room for him in her life. 

Meanwhile, Faison readies another secret hideaway, this one designed to hold the new object of his affections. He then puts his scheme into action when he rendered her unconscious and absconded with her to his private bunker. Awakening, she's horrified to find herself in a room designed as a bridal suite. She remains defiant, but Faison assures her that neither Mac nor Luke will ever come looking for her. It's inevitable that she will fall in love with him, declares Faison. The next day, Felicia tries desperately to escape, but is caught by Cesar and reshackled. He becomes infuriated when she throws a plate of food at him.

Luke's attentions were indeed elsewhere- he was taking out his anger on Sonny for keeping Jerry's illict activities a secret. On Thanksgiving, Luke's thoughts finally returned to his confused relationship with Felicia, while Laura pondered her future with Stefan. He also officially severed all ties with Sonny, then rebuilt his partnership with Roy. Felicia later got Faison to admit that he had killed Anna, with whom he'd been obsessed. Felicia was horrified when Faison swore that he would make her love him.

You Did It!- Laura and Helena are shocked when Stefan gives proof to Mac that Helena killed Katherine. Mommy Dearest retaliates by revealing that Stefan poisoned her. Laura's horrified. Mac arrests Helena for murder.

Where's the Princess?- Luke and Mac grow worried about the timing of both Felicia and Faison's disappearances. Luke realizes he'll have to hand over the diamonds to get her back. Mac confronts Luke about his trip to Mexico with Felicia and blames him for her abduction. Determined to find her, Luke enlists Roy's help in flushing out Faison. They break into the telephone company and try to obtain clues. Mac takes another approach, hiring a mercenary to find her. Bobbie suggests him try working with Luke. 

Felicia panics when Faison presents her with a recent photo of Georgie and Maxie. She tries to fool him into trusting her, so she can escape. Luke and Roy flush Faison out and plot to follow him to the hideaway there Felicia's being held. Soon after, however, Faison discovers a tracking device in the diamonds that Luke arranged for him to get. As a result, he successfully throws the duo off his track. Realizing Cesar's onto them, they opt to find him another way. The pair scour the city for Faison.

The Trap- Getting hold of a dagger, Felicia holds it against Faison's throat. He dares her to kill him but she can't do it. Now he can't trust her, Faison menaces. Meanwhile, Luke manages to locate the bunker but when he arrives it's empty. Mac arrives and has Luke arrested for withholding evidence. Luke's released later.

Felicia awoke in a new bunker and realizes that Faison planned to kill her. Luke, concerned he may have lost his edge against Faison, concocts a new plan to track Felicia on his own. Faison slowly lures Luke into a trap. Mac demands Luke include him in the search for his missing wife and Faison. Spenser agrees but later knocks Mac out to protect him from Faison. Despite knowing he's walking into a trap, Luke continues and arrives alone at the hideout. Faison rejects Felicia's plea to go away with him if he spares Luke.

Faison's Arrested!- Faison holds the duo at gunpoint and forces Luke to admit that he loves Felicia. He then knocks them out with sleeping gas and locks them in a chamber. Awakening the next day, Faison threatens to kill them. Convinced the end is near, the two fall into a passionate embrace. Faison watches all via a hidden camera. Felicia then pulls back from Luke's embrace, but in order to draw Faison's attention, Luke forces himself on her. Their escape attempt was thwarted when Faison inadvertently shot Felicia while aiming at Luke! Mac bursts in to the rescue and tries to kill Faison. He then arrests him.

Luke told Bobbie and Roy that he was giving up on Felicia. Mac surprises Felicia by bringing Maxie and Georgie home for the holidays. Later, a videotape from Faison arrived in the Scorpios' mail.

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