The Scorpio Case Files:
Faison Returns!, 1999
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AJ Learns the Truth- At the Grille, Sonny and Jax argue bitterly over who did what to Brenda. For Robin's sake, however, Sonny calls a halt to their battling. Jax takes Robin aside and advises her to remove herself from Jason and Sonny's troubled lives, but she refuses. Jax then tells his brother he's prepared to fight sonny if it comes down to that. Felicia advises Robin to follow her instincts regarding the Carly and Jason mess.  

Jax once again tries to warn Robin against staying with Jason and Sonny, to no avail. Sonny can help her with the Jason/Carly situation, explains an optimistic Robin. Meanwhile, Jason and Sonny discuss the recent tension between Jason and Robin. Sonny voices his concern that Jason's love for Michael could wind up costing him his relationship with Robin. Sonny also shares his plan to make Moreno come after him and Jason.

Robin's surprised to learn that Sonny has known all along that Jason isn't Michael's dad. She beseeches Sonny to help her get Jason less attached to the baby, but he refuses. The next day, Robin is even more stunned when Jason announces that he's going to move in with Carly- for Michael's sake. Brokenhearted, Robin breaks up with Jason for good and leaves the penthouse. Carly, of course, is overjoyed by the development and blabs all to AJ. Later, Carly and Robin face off and battle over Carly's manipulations of Jason. Pushed to the brink by this out-of-control situation, Robin breaks down and tells AJ that he is really Michael's biological father.

Robin Flies Away- After spilling the beans to AJ that he is Michael's biological father, Robin admits to Mac and Felicia that she's returning to Paris. She says her goodbyes to Alan, Jax, and Sonny before heading to the bridge. Jason, informed by Sonny of Robin's departure, goes there, too, and the exes share a painful farewell. Bobbie comes home from vacation and demands that Carly tell her why Robin is gone. Carly comes clean about Michael's paternity but blames the whole mess on Robin. Bobbie orders Carly to take some responsibility for the havoc that she's wrecked. 

Meanwhile, Mac warns Sonny not to mess up as he's watching him. Jax realizes Mac plans to let Jason and Sonny take down Moreno. Felicia, Bobbie and Tammy are discussing chili recipes at Kelly's when Alan walks in and suggests that Tammy run the diner. Jax arrives and updates Bobbie and Felicia on the blizzard. Later, Felicia and Tammy both find sanctuary at Luke's Club. As the trio throws back shots of liquor, Luke and Felicia convince Tammy to run Kelly's. Mac then shows up and takes home his happily soused spouse. Jealous of Bobbie's romance with Jerry, Tony tells Mac that Jerry is out to get him.

Felicia the Writer- V gives Felicia's book an enthusiatic review. Ned asks Felicia to write Lila's memoirs, but Lila refuses his offer. Felicia asks Lila to reconsider but Edward interrupts their conversation and assures her that Lila won't change her mind. Of course Lila then changes her mind and refuses to let Edward monitor her chats with Felicia. 

He's Backkkk!- After finding himself low on cash, Luke informs Felicia that he's taking off for Switzerland. The next day, he chips off another piece of the Ice Princess to take with him to sell. In Switzerland, Luke meets with his fence, Mr. Krieg. Unbeknownst to Luke, however, Krieg is really arch-villain Cesar Faison! Krieg examines the gem that Luke brought, then hands over some cash. The men exchange plesantries before Faison exits. Luke returns to Port Charles while Faison gives Nikolas's file to Helena, after Jax and Alexis have been prevented from taking it. 

After heckling Jason for having to turn over Michael to his rightful parent, Tony is beaten up by the hood. Tony later admits to Felicia that he deserved to be punched out. Mac makes it clear to AJ that he suspects the Qs in the warehouse fire.

Remember the Past- Stefan is surprised to see a chunk of the Ice Princess at Laura's after Luke leaves the gem. Laura dismisses it as a memento from the past. Felicia's fails to convince Bobbie to ease up on Tony, then consoles Luke on his crumbling marriage. Lila tells Felicia about her first marriage. Later, Luke and Felicia enjoy a little swing dancing together.

While Faison plots his next move, Mac struggles with the anniversary of Robert and Anna's deaths. Luke sadly toasts to his dearly departed friends. Meanwhile, Faison revels in the notion that he was responisible for the Scorpios' deaths. 

The Blame Game- Mac declared the fire an accident. Still, Liz blamed herself, believing that the candles she'd asked Lucky to light were the cause. Nikolas convinced her otherwise and was there to offer his support when a letter arrived from the New York Art Academy. Meanwhile, Laura remained certain that Helena was to blame but, out of fear for her other children, begged Stefan not to retaliate. Just back from Texas, Felicia walks in on Luke after he and Tammy share a kiss, and he tells her what happened to Lucky. 

At the Spenser house, Mac tells the grieving parents that the blaze was an accident. Lucky lit some candles, then fell asleep. Mac then goes to Kelly's and tells Bobbie and Liz the news. Liz is devastated as she recalls asking Lucky to light a candle for her the night he "died." 

Faison Toys with Lucky- Lucky, in the meantime, was alive and well and trying to escape his gadget-filled room. He continues trying to figure out ways to escape, unaware that an amused Cesar is waiting his every move. Spenser finally manages to escape his cell, only to come face-to-face with his captor, Cesar Faison! 

Lucky was stunned to learn that his loved ones believed him dead. Lucky lunges at Faison but is knocked to the floor. Faison also reveals that he's been in business with Luke as "Krieg." Furious, Lucky vows to escape but is silenced by a videotape of Liz at the funeral. Liz will die if Lucky does not cooperate, Faison menaces.

As a horrified Lucky watches the video of Liz, Faison assures him that she's safe- for now. Lucky asks why he's being held captive but Cesar keeps mum. Later, Lucky jumps Faison, who throws him off, then exits. Lucky whips out a cell phone he managed to steal from Faison and quickly calls Liz. When she picks up, Lucky screams her name... but she can't hear him. Faison re-enters the room and mocks Lucky for being so easily duped.

The Q Secret- Felicia discovered that Lila already had been engaged when she met Edward. Hoping to get more information, Felicia begged Ned to send her to London in an attempt to find old love letters written by Lila. Felicia sought access to Lila's love letters from Lila's cousin, Chloe, who bonds with Felicia over their mutual interest in Lila and Edward's love affair. Chloe insists on returning to Port Charles with Felicia. Arriving home, Felicia told Luke she thought Edward and Lila had a secret. When Felicia brings Chloe to the Q mansion Chloe gets to glimpse the Qs squabbling as Felicia tries to find Lila. Lila warmly greets Chloe but Edward becomes visibly nervous when Chloe asks to read one of the love letters aloud. Lila allows her to do so. Later, Felicia overhears Lila and Edward discuss their concerns.

Felicia sends the Girls Away- Felicia and Bobbie played peacemaker when Mac and Jerry argued during dinner together. Later, Felicia borrowed some of the dresses from Lucy's Serena line and imagined herself as a young Lila Quartermaine. Still later, she bid Mac goodbye before leaving to take the girls to Texas for a visit with Grandmother Maria. 

No Escape- Luke annoys Faison by calling "Krieg" and telling him their business was through. Unable to share his grief with Laura, Luke throws his wedding ring into the harbor during a fit of anger. He later calls back and informs him that he's ready to do business again. Meanwhile, Lucky uses the wires on his computer to open the door to his room. But he barely gets down the hall when Faison stops him. There's no escape, smiles the villain. Faison then shows Lucky live footage of Liz at Kelly's and cautions the teen that he can have Liz killed at any time.

Lucky refuses to believe that Faison's video feed of Liz is live, so Faison has his operative (who's tailing Liz) ask her a question. She answers and Lucky realizes Faison's telling the truth. Faison challenges Lucky to a game of chess. If Lucky wins, he can ask one question. Faison wins but allows Lucky to ask a question anyway. Spenser's stunned when Cesar tells him he's holding Lucky as bait and then spends his time studying the computer's chess tutorial. Via hidden camera, Faison watches Lucky practicing chess and getting frustrated. Just then, a woman's hand covers Faison's. What took her so long? smiles Faison.

Luke and Felicia Hit a Roadblock- Felicia confesses to Luke that she's uneasy about trying to uncover Lila's secret. Desperately needing a distraction, Luke convinces her to continue. Following a lead in Lila's letters, Luke and Felicia were shocked to discover the grave of a baby Jennings. Believing Lila's secret has something to do with a dead child, Felicia tells Luke she's done investigating.  

The annual Nurses' Ball arrives and Jason explains to Carly how important it is to him because of his previous relationship to Robin. Lucy confides to Felicia that she and Scott want to adopt a baby.

Helena Taunts the Spensers- On the anniversary of BJ's death, Felicia, Bobbie and Tony mourn their loss. Laura commiserated with Tony on the anniversary of BJ's death. Faison calls Luke's office but remains silent when Felicia picks up. At AJ and Carly's engagement party, Carly exchanges words with Felicia and Luke. Stefan saved a distraught Laura from being hit by a train. Helena dared to comment on Lucky's demise to Luke. When she later did the same to Laura, Stefan had to restrain his lady love from attacking his mother. Laura was sad to see that Luke had removed his wedding ring.

Lila's Letters are Found!- Nikolas disobeyed Stefan and informed Luke of Laura's mental meltdown. Luke encouraged her to get away from Port Charles, but was less than thrilled when she opted to do so by vacationing with Stefan at his country home. Convinced that the child wasn't Edward and Lila's, Luke pressed Felicia to continue their investigations. Later, Lila confronted Felicia about her snooping at Oyster Bay. Luke and Felicia break into the Q's Long Island mansion and get nabbed by the caretaker, who turns out to be Reginald Sr. After they are kicked out, Luke and Felicia spy Reginald holding the letters and talking to someone on the phone. Luke warns her that if the Qs find out about their snooping, Lila may put an end to Felicia's writing stint. A stubborn Felicia refuses to give up, so they try breaking into Reginald Sr.'s house, only to discover that the missing missives had been burned! Luke finds a piece of a letter and discovers that Lila spent a lot of time at the cemetary. 

Diamonds Galore!- Luke's surprised when Herr Krieg pays a visit and asks Luke to help him smuggle diamonds into the States. An intrigued yet wary Luke considers the partnership. Then, just as Luke agreed to smuggle "Kreig's" diamonds, Taggert tipped off Mac that an international diamond fence was operating in PC.

Watching the Scorpios- Faison reviews his files on Mac, Robin and Felicia. Helena gives Faison a suitcase full of diamonds. Meanwhile, Mac's got his hands full dealing with Sonny and Hannah. After Sonny is arrested on conspiracy charges, the mobster blasts Mac for trying to get Hannah to give evidence against him. Felicia later surprises her hubby with a picnic lunch but he gets irked upon learning that she's working so closely with Spenser. 

Lila's Two Suitors- Luke informs Felicia that the dead child wasn't Lila's, then convinces her to continue investigating. Lila tells Felicia that she knows about the trip to Oyster Bay and gives Felicia a box of mementos. Felicia suspects Lila is trying to throw her off the track. She and Luke later discover that Lila's former fiance, Elliott, and Edward looked a great deal alike and then notice discrepancies in the letters.

The duo wonder if the burned note- signed with a letter E- was from Edward or Elliott, but soon realize that the handwriting is the same as Edward's. Felicia theorizes that Edward wrote it to Lila after visiting Elliott and asking him to release Lila from their engagement. She and Luke return to Oyster Bay to meet with a former employee of Edward's family. She informs them that Edward's father died shortly after arguing with Edward and had threatened to cut him out of the will if he married Lila. Luke speculates that Edward killed his father but they decide to break into the family crypt to verify this. 

I Hear Dead People- Faison has Mac and Felicia followed then sneak into see Helena. Later, Felicia was unnerved to run into Faison. When she and Mac confronted Faison, he denied being responsible for Anna and Robert's deaths. Laura grew concerned that Felicia had not heard from Luke. When Taggert presents Mac with a recording of the jewelry fence they've been after, Mac freezes upon hearing the voice- Faison. He then makes Felicia hear it but she assures her shaken hubby that Cesar's dead.

Cryptic Encounter- In the crypt, the two snoops find two skeletons in Edward's father's grave. Felicia screams as Luke holds up the two skulls. They speculate as to who the second body belongs then decide that an autopsy must be done to both skulls. Luke asked Tony to take a look. Tony later reports that one of them belonged to someone in their 60s and the other to someone in their 20s, who died from a blow to the head. A nervous Felicia insists they return the skulls.

Returning to the crypt, Luke and Felicia became trapped inside when the doors slam shut. As Felicia tries to get the door open, Luke finds the cell phone they had left behind previously but the batteries are dead. Luke speculates that the Qs locked them in and that Edward murdered Elliott and concealed his body in the crypt. Felicia disagrees, and as she optistimatically states that Mac will find them she has a flashback fantasy about Lila and Edward. She admits to Luke that he always plays Luke in her fantasies. They then trade stories of past adventures.

Mac to the Rescue- Back in Port Charles, Mac searches for his missing wife. After Lila and Edward provide little clues to Felicia and Luke's whereabouts, Mac questions Tony who tells him about doing an autopsy on two skulls. Tony also tells him that Felicia wanted to return the skulls to the tomb.   

Waiting to be rescued, Felicia rests in Luke's arms and the duo think they may die there. Luke thanks her for helping him through his grief over Lucky. Just as the two are about to kiss, Mac barges through the crypt door. He chews out Luke, then takes Felicia home. Unseen by all, someone lurks nearby. 

Once home, Felicia soothes her upset hubby. Mac gives Felicia his blessing to continue her investigation and hands her a file containing Elliott's war records. Mac tries questioning Emily after a beaten up Juan is rushed to the hospital but the girl refuses to cooperate after Sonny tells her to keep quiet. 

Raising the Past- Meanwhile, "Krieg" grew irritated with Luke's ambivalence toward their deal. Felicia overhears Mac listening to Faison's tapes and realizes he's obsessed with finding Faison. After finding Elliott's Army ID photo- which is actually a shot of Edward- Luke deduces that Edward shot Elliott in order to have Lila to himself. Felicia nixes the idea and decides they should go back to Oyster Bay. As she heads home to discuss things with Mac, Faison secretly follows her.  

Felicia and Luke return to the cypt to look for a murder weapon. There, Luke finds a fireplace poker. Felicia reluctantly concurs with Luke's theory that Edward killed Elliott in a fit of jealous rage. On their return home, Luke and Felicia accused Edward of having killed Elliot. After initial denials, Edward confesses but is interrupted when Lila enters and admits that she did the deed. A stunned Luke and Felicia listen as Lila explains that after she returned Elliott's ring to him, he tried to force himself on her. She then killed him in self-defense. Reginald then appears and states without remorse that he locked Luke and Felicia in the crypt- to protect Lila. Luke and Felicia promise to keep Lila's secret. 

Afterwards, Felicia meets Mac at Kelly's and tells him the investigation is over. From afar, Faison watches the Scorpios. With the adventure over, Luke meets with Krieg to discuss their partnership and the mysterious fence leaves to get more money. Kreig returns with the cash and Luke takes off. Spenser tells Felicia he was leaving town to embark on another adventure.

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