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*The following are episode summaries I wrote.  Some of the dates are vague because the dates on the tapes are either confusing or are missing entirely. 

Robin and the Mob

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Back at the hospital, Miranda convinces Jax and Mac that she's strong enough to stay in Port Charles. Then, she makes eye contact with Stefan. Katherine keeps mum about the tingling in her leg. Felicia comforts a tormented Mac. Despite Alexis's warning to keep his distance, Stefan visits Katherine's hospital room. Unfortunately, he interrupts a private moment- Mac is proposing marriage. Stefan eavesdrops as Mac asks Katherine to marry him. She says no, adding that they both deserve mates who appreciate their true characters. Felicia helps Mac lick his wounds. Cassadine returns to Wyndemere, where he and Bobbie play happy hostess to Felicia and Tom. Felicia doubts their sincerity. Suddenly, Tom's cell phone rings. Felicia answers it, but the person hangs up. 

Tom feels guilty for lying to Felicia about Laura's "death". Mac, Felicia and Miranda jog by and become suspicious of Tom and Sonny's meeting on the docks. Tom explains that he's been counseling Sonny. That evening, Tom cancels a date with Felicia when the Spensers summon him to Rochester. Mac drives his ex-fiancee home and the two bond. Marooned by the storm, Tom bunks with the Spensers in Rochester, while Mac spends the night at Felicia's. (Felicia thinks that Tom is out of harm's way because he was suppose to be working at GH). In the morning, Felicia learns from Audrey that Tom wasn't on duty after all; he had the night off. Later, Mac overhears Tom and Sonny discuss the Spencers' imminent move to Switzerland, where Lesley will be institutionalized. The next day, Mac follows Tom to Rochester, where he spies the doc hugging a "dead" Laura good-bye.

Thinking that Tom is cheating on Felicia, Mac barges into the house in Rochester. He's shocked to find out that it's the Spencer hideout and that Lesley and Laura are alive. Luke reveals himself, too. Mac demands to know if he shot Katherine; Spencer says no. Just then, Sonny, Lucky and Foster come back to the house. They all decide to return home and bring down Cassadine. 

Robin surprises Jason on his birthday. Jason romances Robin in his apartment. Despite their closeness, Robin thinks of Stone. She admits she's tired of living with HIV. Before she returns to Yale, Robin considers a new drug-intensive HIV therapy.

Mac and Taggert discuss how Harry was the linchpin of the Port Charles drug scene. Just then, Jax runs in and exclaims that Brenda is alive. Jason, Taggert and Mac arrive to save Sonny and Brenda. Later, Brenda is about to take a pill when Robin enters, looking for Jason. Brenda is overjoyed to see her old pal. Felicia is arrested for overdue parking tickets and held at the station because she fits the description of a bank robber. Mac is amused. Tom returns from Switzerland and is annoyed to hear about Felicia's adventure with Mac. He accuses Mac of trying to cause problems. Tom, Felicia and Luke review Lesley's medical records.

  • 3/7- Like Luke, Felicia's not convince by Bobbie's claims that Stefan is a ethical and wonderful human being, so unlike any of the other Cassadines.

Worried that Brenda's phone is out of order, Sonny rushes to her penthouse. He's greeted coolly by Brenda, but warmly by a visiting Robin. Ms. Scorpio inquires about the pair's harrowing experience in the catacombs. Sonny reassures Robin that he is fine; Brenda tells them that she now has a handle on her pain pill habit. Sonny and Robin head back to his place, where Robin advises him to give Brenda some space. Robin bolsters an insecure Brenda.

Felicia's bank account shows a mysterious $10,000 deposit. After receiving lingerie and weird faxes, Felicia accuses Kevin of stalking her again. 

Miranda admits to Mac that she'll do anything to get Jax back. Mac walks into Luke's to tell Taggert that Emily's "friend" Matt was found dead of a overdose. 

Lucy convinces Felicia that Kevin is not stalking her. Tom reveals he's returning to Africa for a while... Felicia enlists Kevin's help in exposing her cyber-stalker (who she now thinks is Stefan) but winds up investigating Kevin's trip to England. Felicia learns Kevin sent a package to a convent in France, and convinces Lucy to fly there with her to investigate. She and Lucy arrive in France and head to the convent. After failing to get the info, the ladies decided to return disguised as nuns. In PC, Kevin finds out about Lucy's plan and jets to France. Mac gets wind of Kevin's plan and follows him to protect Felicia. In Europe, Mac confronts Kevin on a train bound for the convent. Collins tells Mac that he'll explain everything after he speaks to Lucy. Meanwhile, Felicia and Lucy, dressed as nuns, end up in the same train car as Kevin and Mac. The "sisters" steal the men's passports, thus delaying Kevin and Mac's arrival at the convent. Lucy and Felicia enter the convent and search for the room containing Kevin's secret package. Soon, Kevin and Mac show up. A panicked Lucy prays for a vision. She "sees" a unique cross and locates a door that has that same cross hanging on it. Lucy opens the door, looks inside and screams.

In the convent room, Lucy spies a man who looks like Kevin. She quickly exits- and runs right into Kevin. He take her in his arms and tells her the man in the room is his father, Victor, who communicates only thorugh math equations; he hasn't seen Victor for years. Lucy asks Kevin to go see his dad, but he declines. Back at the hotel, Kevin and Lucy explain everything to Mac and Felicia; Victor is mentally ill, explains Collins. Lucy convinces Kevin that he can't leave France without seeing his dad, and the two head back to the convent. Once there, Kevin tries to break through to Victor, but realizes his father isn't in touch with reality. Kevin and Lucy make arrangements to have Victor come live with them in Port Charles.

Jax storms into Mac's office and demands that his name be cleared. Mac begs him to continue playing decoy; they're so close to nailing Dorman. The mayor and Dorman's lawyer overhear the exchange. The mayor orders Mac to hand in his badge- and turn Dorman loose. Felicia heads to Texas for an extended visit.

Outside the PCPD, Brenda and Jason explain to Mac tht Brenda was set up for Dorman's murder and escaping is her only chance. Mac lets them pass. Mac gets into the PCPD's evidence room, where he examines the evidence against Brenda. Among the items he discovers: a tiny, origami animal made of tin foil. 

Robin comes home and is not thrilled to learn Jason is in jail for helping Sonny give the cops the slip. He's later released. Jason returns to Mac's with food and flowers, to finally enjoy a romantic evening with Robin. While they're dancing by candlelight, Jason sees a reflection in the window and shoves Robin out of the way. The Tin Man's bullets smash through the window as Jason and Robin fall onto a glass table. 

Robin admits to Kat that she was accepted at the Sorbonne in Paris, but will decline because of Jason.  

Mac hires V. as a waitress, but is forced to fire her when her brusque manner offends everyone. She later becomes Jax's assistant. At Maria's ranch, Felicia contemplates paying Tom a visit in Africa when a "Dear Jane" letter arrives from Dr. Hardy. Felicia hides the letter and tells her grandmother they will stay on a bit longer. Mac calls Felicia, and grows concerned about her reaction to the letter. After hanging up, Mac decides to fly to Texas. Later, Felicia learns Maxie dug up an ancient idol; she makes her daughter rebury it. Mac arrives in Texas and surprises Felicia. He tries to convince Felicia to return to Port Charles, but she's already decided to do so. Before they leave, Maxie secretly returns to the burial site and digs up the ancient idol again. Bobbie and Felicia bond over the fact that they both need romance in their lives.

Maxie has stage fright about taking her Indian doll to show-and-tell. Felicia is grateful when Mac talks her through it. Stranger Lonnie eyes the mysterious doll. 

Felicia and Mac go on a stakeout to find their new client, Tess's, husband.

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