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Felicia Stalked Again, 1996
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The Car Crash
Marriage to Lily is Sonny's get out of jail card and the mobster tries to reassure everyone, including himself, that their marriage can work. When Lily announces she's pregnant, Robin wishes the duo the best and is sad for Brenda who's still in love with her ex. 

Damian on the Loose
In Isla Patito, the storm ends. Lucy and Kevin immediately fly home. Mac suggests that he and Katherine hop a plane to Miami before they return to Port Charles so big-mouthed Lucy won't know that Kat is back in town. Meanwhile, Damian rents the lake house belonging to Dr. Dorman.

Back home, Mac and Kat ask Garcia what they have to do to put Damian away forever. Garcia wonders if Katherine will testify against Damian; she'll think about it. Robin volunteers to sneak into Kat's apartment and bring back some of her things, but Damian spots Robin leaving. 

Unnerved at being alone in Mac's house, Katherine leaves to meet him at The Outback. Lucy greets Kat in the parking lot. Seconds later, Damian abducts Kat and shoves her into his car. Lucy is puzzled by Kat's sudden disappearance. 

At the lakehouse, Damian drugs Katherine to keep her unconscious; then he plants blood, fiber, fingerprint and footprint evidence on the couch, freezer and woodchipper to construct a crime scene.

Damian then dumps the still drugged woman in his car on the side of the highway, where she is found by a police officer. A groggy Katherine can't explain to Garcia or Mac how she cut her had or ended up with Damian's handkerchief. When Damian feels that he has sufficiently framed Kat for his "murder," he skips town to begin a new life away from Port Charles.

Kat's Arrested
Lucy tells Kevin about having seen Kat in the parking lot and he warns her not to be such a busybody and to stay out of Mac and Kat's business. Since their last "vacation" was a bomb, Kevin and Lucy leave for Paris to try again. At police headquarters, Mac spots a stain on Katherine's shoe, so Garcia sends it out for tests. Sonny asks mobster Riveria if Damian is really dead. 

Garcia learns that the blood matches samples found at the lakehouse. Meanwhile, Audrey informs Tom that Damian banked blood at the hospital. Tom tells Mac and Katherine, who are convinced that it's a set-up. Garcia arrests Katherine. The police have a theory on how Damian was murdered- Kat knocked him out, stabbed him to death and then disposed of his body. Edward agrees to post $500,000 Kat's bail in exchange for her 5 percent ELQ stock. Mac, Kat, Felicia and a forensics expert visit the "crime scene" and, after examining the evidence- or lack of, the expert determines that Kat was framed.

The Qs Loose Their Favorite Son
At the hospital, Tony breaks the news to Monica and Alan that Jason has sever head injuries. AJ confesses his true role in the accident to Kevin, who then swears to Ned that he won't expose the cover-up but asks Ned to take it easy on his cousin. Jason recovers but can't remember anything and displays a violent temper.

Then to the horror of his family, Jason Morgan (he changed his name to suit his new identity) went to work for Sonny Corinthos. Alan and Monica were crushed! The Jason they knew no longer existed! 

Robin and Jason meet up at the bridge where she used to go with Stone and the duo bond. When Robin breaks down during her speech at the Nurses' Ball, Jason astonishes everyone by marching onstage and carrying her off. Eventually they become involved but Robin later leaves for college.

Lucy the Psychic
Lucy tells Mac that she saw Kat in the parking lot before her disappearance. Mac is certain Lucy's testimony before the grand jury will destroy the prosecution's time line. When questioned on the stand, Lucy admits that it was Sigmund who caused her to spot Kat because he quacked when he heard a noise outside. Katherine is unnerved that her fate is in the hands of Lucy Coe's duck.

Lucy has a chilling dream about Damian and she decides that Damian's alive. She bolts to Chicago and ends up on Madame Maia's doorstep. Maia tells her all about Damian's past schemes. Once back in Port Charles, Lucy swears to Kat and Mac that Damian is alive. Lucy, Sigmund the duck and Kat are summoned to appear in front of the grand jury again.

Sigmund refuses to cooperate in court and reacts violently to Katherine. Back at Luke's, Lucy tells Laura about her visions of Damian. Laura recognizes the setting as San Antonio. Lucy is anxious to go to Texas, but Kevin and Mac urge restraint.

Kevin, Luke and Mac head to San Antonio in search of Lucy... and Damian. The group, along with Luke Spenser, go undercover at a spa in San Antonio and prove that Damian was very much alive! Kat's freed from suspicion of murder but  Damian's return from the dead didn't last too long. When Damian broke into Ward House and set it on fire, Justus Ward saw him and knocked him unconscious. In the fire, Ward House was destroyed, but so was Damian! 

Felicia's New Romance
Tom and Felicia decide that they want to be romantically involved but agree to take it slow. Simone is surprised when Tom takes Justus side after the frustrated groom calls off the wedding. Tom doesn't want Tommy to get the idea that bad behavior can get him what he wants. When Steve Hardy passes away, Tom, Audrey and Felicia hold a wake for GH's most beloved chief of staff.

Felicia Jones had the scare of her life when someone began stalking her. Mac and Kevin fear that Tom is Felicia's stalker. Scorpio reveals his suspicions to his stunned ex. Meanwhile, Lucy worries about Kevin's obsession with is work. To cheer him up, she displays his art at The Outback. Dr. Collins is mortified by the public showing untile Sonny makes a purchase. 

Felicia insists that Tom isn't her stalker. Furious at Mac and Kevin's accusations, she makes love to Tom. Later, Felicia becomes suspicious when Tom exhibits strange behavior and makes threatening phone calls. Her fears are confirmed when she comes home and finds her apartment trashed. When Tom returns to the brownstone, Felicia is waiting for him with a gun.

Kevin's Caught
After realizing that Tom was innocent, Felicia was horrified to discover that her stalker was Dr. Kevin Collins! Kevin, suffering from mental illness due to his guilt over his brother Ryan's childhood abuse at the hands of their mother, took Felicia to a house on deserted Jasmine Island, but Lucy soon put two and two together and talked the demented doc out of hurting Felicia or himself. Kevin lost his license to practice medicine, but he didn't lose Lucy or her love.

Alexis Davis becomes Kevin's defense attorney. Despite some urging from Lucy, Mac and Tom, Felicia testifies for the state at the preliminary hearing. The courtroom erupts when Kevin pleads not guilty. Kevin has a hard time being incarcerated. A sudden memory of holding Felicia at knifepoint escalates his guilt over his actions. Elsewhere, a stressed Felicia breaks down in Mac's arms, then visits her stalker in jail. Her angry resolve wavers when a dejected Kevin is led back to his cell.

Katherine fumes when Mac volunteers to accompany Felicia to Texas to bring her daughters home. Lucy asks Mac and Luke to help her free Kevin, who is mistaken for Ryan by an angry prison guard. She also has a nightmare that Kevin is free but delusional. Felicia rethinks continuing her case against Kevin.

With Alexis's help, Lucy pursues a lawsuit against Felicia, Mac, Tom and Dara. She reconsiders her move when she learns that Felicia intends to drop the criminal charges against Kevin. Collins is transferred to GH after a painful childhood memory causes him to become catatonic. Gail helps him through his trauma. Later, Felicia visits Kevin, who vows that he will never harm her again. Afterward, Felicia and Tom get passionate. 

Mac considers resigning as police commissioner, much to Katherine's chagrin. Felicia lends Mac a more sympathetic ear. 

Blasts From the Pasts
After Jason rescues Gina, the late Stone's sister, from a bad date, she helps him write a letter to Robin, who's still at college. Later, en route to Brenda's wedding, Jason and Robin become stranded when his bike breaks down so they instead share a romantic day in Llanview. 

On the anniversary of Stone's death, Sonny, Mike and new roommates Gina and Jason toast Stone.

Tom and Gail come to realize that Kevin faked his catatonia and though Collins is released, he can no longer practice psychiatry. Kevin resigns before he can be fired.

With Ned's encouragement, Sonny presses Mac for dirt on Jax's past but Scorpio refuses to blab. Mac does however encourage Jax to come clean with Brenda about his past. After Sonny breaks up Brenda's wedding to Jax by bringing his presumed-dead wife along, Mac and Mike have to play interference to keep Sonny away from Brenda at GH, where Jax's father is being treated for a heartattack. Mac's stunned to see Miranda alive and is later relieved when Jax promises not to reveal Mac's part in the explosion. 

A lingerie-clad Katherine climbs into Mac's bed, finds Miranda in it, and screams. Miranda explains that she and Mac lived together years ago in Melbourne. Later, a guilt-ridden Mac confesses to Miranda that the Jackes hired him to set explosives, vowing no one would get hurt. When he "killed" her, he ran away to Port Charles. Miranda forgives him.

Brenda sneaks into the Scorpio house and searches Miranda's room. There, the two trade insults until Mac interferes. Sonny and Mac team up to uncover PC's drug source.

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