The Scorpio Files Episode Guide
*The following are episode summaries I wrote.  Some of the dates are vague because the dates on the tapes are either confusing or are missing entirely. Please ask before borrowing my text and images. Thanks!

Mac and Felicia's Foiled Wedding

Robin Scorpio developed a crush on Stone, although her uncle Mac had no use for him whatsoever.

Luke and Laura Spencer got good news- their son Lucky would recover from the shooting that nearly killed him. Realizing that Frank Smith was plotting his own prison break-out, Luke told Laura he'd spring Frank- then have a final show-down with him. Laura didn't like what Luke was proposing, but she trusted him to make things right. She found a "safe house" for Luke to bring Frank to after his escape.

Jagger stopped his brother Stone from driving the getaway van that would carry Frank Smith out of jail.

In the botched Frank Smith prison break, Sonny Corinthos took two bullets and was rescued by Brenda Barrett. A mob doctor patched Sonny up. In the midst of this life-threatening crisis, Brenda realized that she had truly fallen for this sexy and dangerous man.

At the safe house, Luke intended to shoot Frank, but Laura arrived. Frank grabbed Laura as a shield and got away, later letting her go. Luke finally managed to get Frank Smith to leave him alone, using incriminating information that he had discovered about Smith's daughter, Jennifer. Luke and Laura were finally safe! And Laura was pregnant! Later in the year, Laura gave birth to a daughter, Lesley Lu.

Lucky and Sly found a gun and a blood-stained dressing gown while playing in the attic. Luke and Laura found a body in their yard! It was Bradley Ward, Mary-Mae's long-missing son! He'd been murdered! Bradley's son Justus, a lawyer, came to Port Charles for the funeral along with his cousin, Keesha. She began dating Jason Quartermaine. Neither Mary-Mae nor Edward seemed pleased that their grandchildren were dating. Later, evidence in the Bradley Ward murder pointed to Edward as the killer! He was indicted. Edward swore to Mary-Mae that he didn't kill her son. She told him that she knew that. It was revealed that Bradley was Edward and Mary-Mae's son. Edward was acquitted.

  • 2/9- Dr. Ryan Chamberlain also escaped from his prison cell and traded places with his brother, Kevin. He showed up at Felicia and Mac's wedding wearing a bomb! Ryan was captured. In the aftermath, Mac and Felicia's wedding was called off.  But Paul and Jenny seized the moment and married in an impromptu and heartfelt ceremony.

Mac and Felicia postponed their wedding again when Felicia's daughter Maxie became terribly ill. Maxie desperately needed a heart transplant, and it was highly unlikely a match would be found. Mac and Felicia stood vigil at Maxie's bedside. Finally, Mac brought Frisco home.

Damian bet Lucy that he could charm any woman she could name into bed. She picked Bobbie Jones and Damian set out to win her affections. It worked -- Bobbie fell for Damian's charms. At the hospital, Tony was stunned to see Damian and Bobbie embracing. Tony punched Damian out and stormed off. His confrontation with Bobbie was interrupted by news that their daughter BJ's school bus had been hit by a drunk driver. BJ was badly hurt. As soon as Tony saw her, he knew she was brain dead. He made a decision. He told Bobbie they had to donate BJ's heart to her little cousin Maxie. When the transplant was completed, Tony put his head on Maxie's chest and heard BJ's heart beating. A miracle!

Damian learned that Lucy helped Luke Spencer discover he'd used mob money to buy his major share of ELQ. Ned forced Damian to sell it a loss!

In a Puerto Rican cemetery, Luke had one final showdown with Frank Smith -- and shot him dead. The long vendetta was over.

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