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*The following are episode summaries I wrote.  Some of the dates are vague because the dates on the tapes are either confusing or are missing entirely. Please ask before borrowing my text and images. Thanks!

Felicia and Sean Become Targets

Felicia's Trial- Scott puts the jeweler who sold Ryan the engagement ring on the stand, but Jessica counters the argument and the defense is forced to rest. During the wait for the jury's decision, Felicia has run-in with Ryan and loses her cool. Mac offers her his love and support. 

The jury find Felicia guilty and Mac tries to convince her that he and Sean will uncover enough evidence for a new appeal. Then he suggests she run away with him before she's sent to prision. But Felicia realizes she can't commit her daughter or Mac to a life on the run. Instead, she prepares for jail. Later, Scotty makes an impassioned plea for leniency at Felicia's sentencing. Then Ryan asks to have his say.

Tiffany Plays Dirty- Tiffany and Bobbie are relieved when Lucas comes out of his coma. But the antagonism between the women grows. Bobbie explodes when she learns that Tiffany's told the social worker about her hooker past.

Felicia's Options are Running Out- Halifax continues to feign a friendship with Bill, all the while plotting his next move. Holly unsuccessfully tries to worm information out of Lucy about Halifax. When he shows up, Halifax and Holly play a cat and mouse game. They seem to know a lot about the other. Bill and Holly, aware that her room is bugged, stage an arguement. As part of their plan, Holly maneuvers Halifax into catching Bill as he breaks into Halifax's room. They then pretend to break up before he leaves for Paris. 

Felicia's Options are Running Out- Felicia receives another blow when Ryan brings legal action preventing Maxie from visiting her "dangerous" mother in the hospital. Despite Mac and Sean's best efforts, the institution board decrees that Felicia lose her visitation rights with Maxie for 30 days. In the meantime, she arms herself with a knife supplied by her fellow inmate Cathy. When the corrupt attendant discovers the weapon, he offers his silence in exchange for sexual favors. Mac promises a desperate Felicia he'll return with a plan to free her, unaware that her phone and visitation privileges have been suspended.

Mac tells Holly, Tony, Bobbie and Robin that he plans to rescue Felicia. Ignorant of Mac's plan, Felicia plots her own escape. At the asylum, Jimmy forces himself on Felicia. Mac bursts in and beats him up, then he and Felicia escape in a stolen ambulance as the hospital alarm sounds and all hell breaks loose. 

Holly arranges for Mac and Felicia to hide out at a farmhouse run by two wacky friends of hers in Beecher's Corners. The couple however have to pretend to be married. Reaching Beecher's Corners, Mac slips a fake wedding ring on Felicia's finger as they settle in with Holly's friends, Ron and Nell. When state troopers search the house, Ron and Nell cover and say they've never seen the couple before. The happy couple share a kiss.

Sean is outraged that he is the last to learn of Mac's escape plan. Holly gives him a letter from Mac, which entrusts him with Robin's guardianship. Sean lies to Jessica about Felicia and Mac's plans, then mets up with them. Sean gives them a map for their trip to New Hampshire and the couple bid farewell to their new friends Ron and Nell. Posing as tv producers, Mac and Felicia question staff at the hospital where Ryan used to work and hit pay dirt when they find a roll of film Ryan had left for development at a local store. 

Tiffany Dumps Sean- A disgusted Sean warns Tiffany to fight fair with Bobbie or risk losing both him and Lucas. When a mortified Bobbie is forced to defend her hooker past at the custody hearing, Sean walks out. After listening to the parties involved, the judge reaches a decision and awards custody to Bobbie and Tony. A devastated Tiffany tearfully hands Lucas over to Bobbie. When Sean reaches out to comfort his wife, Tiffany blames the verdict on Sean's absence and declares that their marriage is over.

Bill's Wild Chase- When Halifax takes Holly to his house in Connecticut to see a new foal, Bill stows aboard the jet. A furious Bill holds a gun on Halifax and demands that he return his Buermont. Once back in Port Charles, the couple continue to pretend they're on the outs. Halifax tells a dubious Bill that he's tracked "Summer in Provence" to New York. But when Holly and Bill meet the fence that Halifax has contacted, they learn that the painting's already been sold to a party in France. Halifax then secretly pays Lucy to lead Bill on a trans-Atlantic goose chase. 

In Lisbon, Bill is attacked by thugs but is rescued by his old buddy Kris. Eckert's unaware that Kris, like Lucy, is working for Halifax to make Bill believe that Victoria is still alive. Bill's stunned when he learns from the art dealer that the person who received the painting in Lisbon fits the description of Victoria, and then gives chase to Lucy, who's posing as Victoria. 

Bill confides to Kris that he fell in love with Victoria ten years ago when he kidnapped her. Per Halifax's instruction, Lucy strolls past Bill disguised as Victoria. Bill takes the bait but loses her in the crowd. Holly flies to Lisbon and demands and explanation from Bill about Victoria. He tells her Victoria was the love of his life. Later, Holly confronts Halifax, who tells her he loved Victoria they were engaged. But she disappeared. And Bill was the private detective Halifax hired to find her. When Victoria was presumed drowned, Richard found her diary, detailing her affair with Bill. Holly's unsure whether to belive Halifax's story. Lucy flees back to Port Charles and is follwed by Halifax who demands to know why she fled.

On the Move- Bobbie and Tony take pity on Tiffany, and invite her to spend time with Lucas. Jessica decides the newly separated Sean looks pretty good. Brenda moves into the Scorpio house to keep a lonely Robin company. Robin's loyalties are torn when Karen rightly accuses Brenda of breaking into her locker and doctoring her term paper. 

Holly Dumps Bill- In Paris, Bill stumbles across his painting at a gallery. Halifax shows up, and explains that he is tormenting Bill with "Summer in Provence" as revenge for Bill stealing Victoria all those years ago. Bill finally realizes the whole painting thing was a big charade, and he entreats Holly to go back to Port Charles with him. A disgusted Holly tells him she will find her own way back. Later, Tiffany confides to Holly that she and Sean have split up. 

Ryan on the Loose- In New Hampshire, Felicia and Mac picked up the photos Ryan left at the drugstore. Felicia recognizes Ryan's murdered wife, Gloria, posing with a local woman named Michelle. Mac secures Gloria and Michelle's social security numbers from their old employer and phones Sean, who puts a trace on the women. Sean learns that Gloria disappeared and Michelle is in Port Charles. When Michelle contacts Ryan and asks about Gloria, the madman plots to kill her too. Mac's furious when Felicia slips off to see Maxie. Bobbie's thrilled to see her friend. 

Sean arranges for Felicia and Mac to hide out at a local motel while the police search for Michelle. Sean puts a tail on Ryan, who is also trying to find Michelle. Meanwhile, Michelle researches Ryan's crimes at the library. Jessica unwittingly tips off Ryan that he's being tailed. Ryan gives the detective the slip and finds Michelle who tells him she knows what happened to Gloria. Ryan counters with $5,000 and a ride to the train. Sean figures out what's happened but by the time he gets to the station Michelle is gone.

Mac and Felicia almost make love until Maxie interrupts them. Her innocent questions lead to some serious soul searching about their relationship. They agree not to sleep together before they really get to know each other.

Sean's fears are realized when Tiffany overhear's that Jessica might be pregnant with his child. Even though it proves to be a false alarm, Tiffany is devastated by Sean's betrayal. During a heated exchange, she begins to cramp. At the hospital, she learns that she could lose the baby.

When Bill remains torn between Holly and Victoria, a hurt Holly plots her revenge. She entices Bill to her apartment under the pretense of a romantic tryst. Then she makes sure that Victoria arrives in time to see them in bed. Admitting that she set him up, Holly tells Bill that she can't forgive him- then changes her mind.

When a suspicious Lucy tells Mac about Katherine being Dominique's school pal, Mac reveals that Dominique never went to school. Meanwhile, Scott accompanies Katherine to New York, where she finds her apartment ransacked. A concerned Scott convinces her to stay with him in Dominique's apartment.

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