The ScorpioFiles Biography on Tristan Rogers

Tristan's Work in Television and Movies:

*Diagnosis Murder cameo, 2000
*Fast Track as Harry, 1997
*The Bold and the Beautiful as Hunter Jones, 1997
*Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Lethal Lifestyle, 1994
*Night Eyes Three as Jim Stanton, 1993
*Soulmates as Richard Wayborn, 1992
*Sky Commanders as 'Spider' Reilly, 1987
*General Hospital as Robert Scorpio, 1980-1992,1995)
*Sex Farm as Robert Waitman, 1975
*Number 96 as Cain Carmichael, 1974
*The Flesh and Blood Show, as Tony Weller, 1972
*Four Dimensions of Greta as Hans Wiemer, 1972
*V.I.P. as Harry Murdock in episode: "Escape From Val-catraz" (episode # 1.12), 1/30/1999
*Acapulco H.E.A.T. as Jon Hardy in episode: "Deep Six" 5/15/1994
*Babylon 5" as Malcolm Biggs in episode: "The War Prayer" (episode # 1.7), 3/9/1994
*Walker, Texas Ranger" as Nash in episode: "She'll Do To Ride the River With" (episode # 2.7), 11/24/1993
*Tales from the Crypt" as Evian in episode: "Spoiled", 1991
*Captain Planet and the Planeteers voicework, 1990
*The Love Boat, 1980s?

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loveboat2.jpg (9407 bytes)

Tristan with Susan Lucci on an episode of The Love Boat.

*Tristan in A Piece of Heaven

babylon5.jpg (31405 bytes)

Tristan with Nancy Lee Grahn on Babylon 5.

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Diagnosis Murder cameo

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