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The dashing Robert Scorpio was the perfect sidekick to Luke Spenser. They both had outrageous wit and egos, and drove the ladies crazy.

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The May-June theme is the sexy men of General Hospital:
*Over the years, GH has introduced many handsome men. In 1991, John J. York joined the show as Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio, Robert's long-lost baby faced brother.
*The mysterious, sexy Sean Donely joined the cast in 1984. Not only was he Robert and Anna's former WSB boss but also one of their best friends. He was the one they always turned too, so much so that he became one of Robin's godfathers. [The quote in the photo reads- "Hands down, he's a class act."]
*The hot-headed, handsome Andrew "Frisco" Jones joined the cast in 1984. His older brother, Tony, was a doctor at GH. The adventuresome croner fell in love with Felicia and idolized buddy Robert Scorpio. Frisco is the second of Robin's three godfathers.

The March-April theme is Felicia and Colton's wedding in 1989:
*Anna hands the bride-to-be her wedding bouquet, while Felicia's grandmother, Maria, looks on.
*Colton and Felicia recite their vows before friends and family in a lovely ceremony in the park. Unbeknownst to all, Felicia's supposedly dead hubby, Frisco, is watching but unable to stop the ceremony as he's being followed by his previous capturors.
*Robert and Anna, who were members of the wedding party, congratulate the couple on their nuptials.
*The proud flower girl, Robin, poses in the dress she wears for the ceremony. 
*Here, Frisco and Colton posing with Felicia, whom both claim as their wife. The triangle dragged on for months, but in the end Felicia went back to Frisco.

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