Birthday:  March 5, 1978; born in Bellflower, California.

At age five, Kimberly was scouted as part of a break-dance crew at a local club and got  cast as a dancer in the movie "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo."

She won a Daytime Emmy at age 11 for her role as Robin Scorpio on General Hospital, and, at the time, was the youngest actress to do so.

Kimberly won her second Emmy Award in 1996 for her HIV storyline on GH.

Taking a break from GH, Kimberly attended NYU's Tisch School for the Arts from 1996-97.

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Biography- Kimberly McCullough
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The Stones, 2004


CSI, 2004
AMC, 2001

Dying to Dance, 2001

ER, 2001

GH, 1995

Bugsy, 1991


Legally Blonde, 2001
Dying to Dance as "Alyssa Lennox," 2001 [3 pics]
Consenting Adults as "Lori Parker," 1992
Bugsy as "Barbara Siegel," 1991 [1 pics]

The Stones, 2004 [4 pics]
CSI as "Vampire #2" in "Suckers", 1/5/04 [3 pics]
Firefly as "Chari" in "Heart of Gold," 8/3/03 
The Shield as "Deena" in "Pay in Pain," 4/23/02
The Shield as "Deena" in "Blowback," 4/9/02
Family Law as "Carly Sifton" in "Big Brother," 3/18/02
Crossing Jordan as "Isabelle" in "Four Fathers," 1/28/02
Judging Amy as "Melissa Johnston" in "Who Shot Dick?," 1/8/02
ER as Noni, 2001 [3 pics]
All My Children as "Robin Scorpio," 2001 [3 pics]
DAG as "Becky Jo Jensen" in "America's Sweetheart," 2/20/01 
Once and Again as "Jennifer" in "I Can't Stand Up (For Falling Down)," 11/14/00 
Once and Again as "Jennifer" in "A Door, About to Open," 4/24/00 
Party of Five as "Phoebe" in "Taboo or Not Taboo" [episode # 6.21], 4/19/00 
Once and Again as "Jennifer" in "Sneaky Feelings" [episode # 1.14], 1/31/00 
Once and Again as "Jennifer" in "Mediation" [episode # 1.13], 1/24/00 
Once and Again" as "Jennifer" in "Outside Hearts," 11/16/99 
Once and Again as "Jennifer" in "Liars and Other Strangers," 10/12/99 
Once and Again as "Jennifer" in "The Scarlet Letter Jacket," 10/5/99 
Once and Again as "Jennifer" in "Let's Spend The Night Together," 9/28/99 
Once and Again as "Jennifer" in episode: "Pilot," 9/21/99 
Sons of Thunder as "Jennifer" in "Lost and Found," 4/10/99 
Nothing Sacred as "Rachel's classmate" in "Speaking in Tongues," 11/13/97 

Crosstown, 1996
General Hospital as "Robin Scorpio," 1985-1996, 1997-1998 [3 pics]
Bosom Buddies as "Kimberly", 1980

Purple People Eater as Dorra Orfus, 1988