Promos for General Hospital
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20anniversary.jpg (110802 bytes)

Promo for GH's 20th anniversary, 1983: 
Peter Hansen, Tristan Rogers, Stuart Damon, Jackie Zeman, and Leslie Charleson.

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In 1998, GH celebrated it's 35th anniversary.  This cast photo was taken while the show was taping the Cassadine Bacchalian Ball, so all the characters are in formal wear.   Given out at the 1998 GH Fan Club Luncheon, I was able to get Julian Stone and George Alvarez to sign the photo.

20anniversary2.jpg (15383 bytes)

Promo for GH's 20th
anniversary, 1983:  Tony Geary, Chris Robinson, John Berandino, Emma Samms, Denise Alexander,
and Rachel Ames.

rsposter.jpg (19537 bytes)

The romance of Robin & Stone was a wonderful but bittersweet one.

promo2.gif (142240 bytes)

Promo for GH's 30th anniversary, 1993

annaposter.jpg (31253 bytes)

In 1988, Duke and Robert fought with one another while searching for the kidnapped Anna.  This ad for the Snowman Storyline was given to me by my pal, Lucas.

promo.gif (142253 bytes)

Promo for GH's 25th anniversary, 1988

promo85.jpg (59803 bytes)

Promo for Anna's arrival, 1985

ghparty.jpg (23881 bytes)

The GH cast celebrates another anniversary.  Standing next to little Kimberly (Robin), the legendary producer Gloria Monty prepares to cut the celebratory cake.

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