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Scorpio Story Blurbs

The Scorpios and pals have gotten into a number of adventures over the years. Here's a recap of some:

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Read some Scorpio highlights from the Scorpio Timeline:
Storyblurbs, 1997-Present

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Cheap Substitute (SID 4/3/2001) 
What's in a Name: Scheming Tess double-crossed Mac when she hired him to track down her "deadbeat" husband, James. Then the couple tricked Mac and gal pal Felicia into believing that James was deceased before kidnapping the investigator and holding him prisoner while James- who was not dead, but a dead ringer for Mac- assumed his life in Port Charles.
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: James may have looked just like Mac, but he was much more romantic, and Felicia fell for his act hook, line and sinker. It wasn't until after James proposed- a step Mac was far from ready to take- that Felicia realized that something was fishy. James' real goal? Having convinced everyone he was Mac, he intended to kill enterpeneur Jax at the docks gala and collect a hefty paycheck from Jax's treacherous brother Jerry.
The Old Switcheroo: Having escaped from Tess, Mac teamed up with Felicia to thwart the assassination attempt and kidnap James. then Mac masqueraded as James while trying to trick Tess into revealing the mastermind behind their plan. In the meantime, Mac and Felicia had to continue their faux engagement!
Where Do We Go from Here: Although Mac and Felicia solved the case, it was too late to back out of the double wedding that they had planned with old buddies Kevin Collins and Lucy Coe. While James may have robbed Mac of his life temporarily, in the long run, he can be credited with reigniting the real McCoy and Felicia's love. Plus, if James is ever paroled for a return engagement, he might find the new-divorced Felicia a little more wary... and a lot more available! 


Welcome Back Hotter! (SOD 8/24/99) 
The Returnee: Anders Hove
Who He's Playing: Cesar Faison.
Previous Soap Address: GH, where, off and on from 1990-92, Hove's Faison terrorized Anna Devane (with whom he was obsessed) and her once-and-future hubby, Robert (an old rival), until all three were ostensibly terminated on a boat.
What Makes This Return Special: Hove was arguably one of GH's most effective supervillains, striking fear into our hearts with a steely stare and a cloud of cigar smoke. (The menacing accent didn't hurt, either.) And who better to unwittingly reintroduce this presumed-"dead" Faison than Luke, the man who knows all too well Faison's name and dirty deeds (ie. murdering Luke's best pals, Robert and Anna), but has never seen his face? Having already cruelly faked the death of Luke's beloved son, Lucky, we can only imagine what other fiendish tricks Faison has up his sleeve.
The Way He Sees It- "My big problem in all this is that I hope I can live up to expectations," admits Hove. "I really mean it. It's due to Tony [Geary, Luke] that I'm back this time. It's all Tony's work." As for Faison's future, "I hope Faison will get into a lot of trouble and deal with it along the way," Hove grins. "That's the beautiful thing about Faison."

Here We Go Again (SOD 6/6/00) 
Twice-Told Tale: Stalkin' a Scorpio
It seems Like Only Yesterday: Slimy Cesar Faison had eyes for Anna Devane years before he began stalking her in 1990. With former hubby Robert's help, Anna chased away Faison later that year. Faison returned in '91 and tried unsuccessfully to win her again, moments before she was rewed to Robert. Faison continued to pursue Anna, kidnapping her the next year. Robert traced Faison and Anna to a boat, which exploded. All three were presumed dead until...
Deja-View: Faison popped back into Port Charles as part of Helena's plot to punish the Spensers. With Anna gone, Faison turned to another Mrs.Scorpio- Felicia, whom he had also abducted. As is his style, Faison apparently perished in another boat explosion earlier this year.

Soaps' Most Shocking Videos (SOD 1/30/01) 
Caught on Tape: Luke Spenser and Felicia Scorpio-Jones
Amazing Footage: In December 1999, while trapped in a cell by Cesar Faison, captives Luke and Felicia believed they were about to die and nearly made love. Cooler heads prevailed, but little did they know that Faison had captured their truncated love connection on videotape.
Video Voyeurs: Felicia and Luke were later rescued by Mac, completely unaware of Faison's taping tendencies (and the fact that he'd edited the tape to make it appear as though Luke and Felicia did do the deed). The only one allowed to peep at the final cut was the filmmaker himself, Faison. Until...
Film Forum: generous soul that he was, a jailed Faison arranged to have the videotape sent to the one person it would hurt the most: Mac. The commish was crushed to view his wife consorting with the enemy and concluded that she and Luke were lovers. Rather than confronting Felicia immediately, however, Mac gave his wife every opportunity to come clean; she didn't. When a series of events truly convinced Mac that Felicia had chosen Luke over him, Mac showed Felicia the tape and booted her out of the house. Felicia desperately tried to explain, but a destroyed Mac would have none of it.


Halo there- Mac Daddy (SID 9/19/00) 
How Sweet He is: Though Mac rebelled in his youth, he grew into a fine, upstanding citizen. As a matter of fact, such a good guy did he he turn into, he was left to care for niece Robin Scorpio following the apparent deaths of her parents, Robert and Anna. Upon marrying Felicia Jones, the police commissioner also became more of a father to her daughters, Maxie and Georgie, than their real dad, globe-trotting superspy Frisco, ever has been.
How He Earned His Wings: Besides stepping up to the plate as a model parent, Mac once risked his life to save Felicia from crazed stalker Ryan Chamberlain. Unfortunately, Mrs. Scorpio has a yen for excitement that's bigger that her longing for her spouse; thus, if pity earned Mac points, the lonely guy would be in a league of his own.
The Devil's Advocate: Luke Spenser makes Mac see red- and green, as in jealousy. He's the guy with whom Felicia has been running off on one adventure after another. So now that Luke is the prime suspect in the murder of Stefan Cassadine, Mac is working overtime to prove his rival guilty... of something. Anything!
Rating: Two halos.


While you were away... Felicia returns to town, only to find it turned upside down! When Felicia scurried off to Texas to play round-the-clock caregiver to her ailing grandmother, she left her family, friends and career in the lurch. And, frankly, their lives have been a little rocky ever since. Wait till she gets a look at everything she missed in Port Charles! (SID 3/16/04) 
Maxie lost her innocence: Without mama Felicia guiding her pubescent daughter through the treacherous teen years, Maxie spiraled out of control. Not only did she sleep with a boy to get into the "in crowd," their romp wound up in a peep show plastered live on the Internet! She wanted to be popular- she got it.
Georgie found and lost her first love: He may be a motorcycle-stealing, gangster sidekick with wild hair, but Dillion's a dreamboat in Georgie's eyes. Although he respected their contract to wait six months before having sex with each other, there was no clause about him having sex with someone else. Next time, read the fine print, Georgie. 
Max lost control of the PCPD: Granted, Mac did his best, under the circumstances, to keep a tight rein on his job as police commissioner. But, somehow, it all slipped through his fingers. Scott and Ric took over the police department, leaving Mac nothing but a badge, a code of ethics and a bottle of Tums.

Love's First Blush... Dillion and Georgie, Hot and Bothered Eager to get noticed by Lucas, Georgie Jones grabbed the first guy she saw- newcomer Dillion Quartermaine- and pulled him into a kiss. But she never expected the stolen smooch would take her breath away! When they began dating, the youngsters took advantage of their absentee mothers by embarking on some wild adventures that would be eventually cause Dillion to be indebted to crimelord Lorenzo Alcazar. Despite all the hot water that got them into trouble with Georgie's police-commissioner stepdad, Mac, the real heat they fought was the growing passion between them! (SID 3/16/04) 
Flashforward: Eager to keep Dillion safe- and out of military school- Georgie agreed to break up with him in exchange for his mother Tracy's dubious protection. Devastated and confused, Dillion gave up his virginity to Alcazar's neice, Sage, and broke Georgie's heart. Vengeful, she set out to return the favor, even going so far as to invent a new boyfriend to make Dillion jealous. Will the two young lovers ever find their way back together?