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Scorpio Story Blurbs

The Scorpios and pals have gotten into a number of adventures over the years. Here's a recap of some:

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Read some Scorpio highlights from the Scorpio Timeline:
Storyblurbs, 1990-1995

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Single Fathers- Honor Dad, Robert Scorpio (SOU 11/28/90)
Case Title- Port Charles Protector Notes: DVX. WSB. They're letters Scorpio understands, but the same is true of D.A.D. For years this hero has been fighting off the good, bad and the ugle, not only making a living, but making a safe place for his daughter to live.
Under Investigation: The father's notorious history with the lady folk of Port Charles. Hopefully Scorpio will always find as much time to parent as he has to date.
Handicap to Child: Both parents, Scorpio and Anna (and Duke, for that matter) have accents. Each different. Child's future speech patterns predicted to be a bloody mess.
Advice to Child: When the DVX is in town, don't ask for help with your homework.

50 Big [Plot] Mistakes- Duke Is Alive! 1990 
When Duke returned from the grave (he had actually faked his death) with a new face and name, we (and Anna) could hardly believe it. Duke, formerly a dashing Scotsman played by Ian Buchanan, was now a completely stranger whose briefly renewed relationship with Anna nearly destroyed what their original characters had established. Besides being poorly recast for a hokey story, Duke served little purpose with his comeback- he was killed shortly after. (SOD 9/14/04)

50 Big [Plot] Mistakes- Robin Befriends Alien! 1990
This UFO (Undeniably Far-Out) tale of Casey Rogers, an alien from the planet Lumina, crashed and burned from the moment he landed on Earth. Casey arrived to retrieve a crystal that Robiin had found, and others like it, that were from his world. GH, which had always prided itself in its character-driven stories, was clearly lost in space with this wrong turn into sci-fi. (SOD 9/14/04)

Year of Discontent: 1990- An Alien Concept 
Unfortunate Participants: Robin Scorpio, Anna Lavery, Robert Scorpio, Casey the Alien, P.K. Sinclair (aka Cesar Faison), Frisco Jones and Sean Donely
Setup: After discovering a strange crystal on Spoon Island, Robin received an even stranger visitor- Casey, a gentle alien from the planet Lumina.
Preposterous Plot: Robin befriended Casey, whose mission was to collect her crystal- and others like it- to save his world. Meanwhile, Sinclair moved to Spoon Island, site of the other crystals. Only after Casey was proven to be an alien did a disbelieving Anan turn to Sean and Frisco for help in getting him home. Once Anna discovered Sinclair was Faison, the villain stole the crystals and formed one giant one that caused a blackout. In the end, Casey retrieved all of the crystals and departed for Lumina. 
Fallout: Casey may have bid his new friends farewell, but his doppelganger, reporter Shep Casey, suddenly arrived- and thankfully left a few months later. On the Faison front, Anna became engaged to him as part of a secret plot to bring him down. The plan succeeded and he left town.
Permanent Damage? Just because Faison exited didn't mean he was out of Anna and Robert's lives forever. He returned in 1991 and unsuccessfully tried to break apart the reunited pair. Then in '92, Faison made good on his threats and apparently murdered Mr. and Mrs. Scorpio- a charge he denied upon returning to PC earlier this year.
Rating: With its only redeeming value the introduction of villain extraordinaire Faison, this wacky tale gets an alien-8." (SOD 11/2/99)

Best Love Triangles- He's in Love with Another Man's Wife (SOD 10/1/91)
The Pair: Leopold and Dominique Taub, uneasily wed
The Third Party: Mac Scorpio, single
What Went Wrong: Leopold and Dom's marriage wasn't based on love. In fact, the groom forced himself on his virginal bride on their wedding night. When Mac showed up at Dom's mansion in need of shelter, he was bewitched by his benefactress. Luckily, Leopold was away on business.
Things Got Really Complicated When: Dom ditched her lavish lifestyle and fled to Port Charles to be with Mac. Manipulative Leopold arranged for a judge to name him as her legal guardian due to her previous mental instability.
Who Has the Advantage?: Ultimately, Mac. Leopold has power and money, but love is a powerful motivator and Mac is fearless when it comes to fighting for Dominique. He even helped her fake suicide so they could run off together.

Our Favorite Heroine- Anna Scorpio (SOD 10/15/91)
Rescuer of Choice: She'd rather do it herself, thank you very much, but if the need arises, Anna would prefer that her husband, Robert, step into the fray.
It All Began When: Anna popped up in Robert's life, five years ago after their bitter divorce. The conniving Ms. Devane was hellbent on breaking up her ex's perfect marriage to Holly and stooped to all sorts of dirty methods. Eventually, Anna saw the error of her ways and evolved into a strong, compassionate woman.
Her Most Recent Crisis: Newly wed again, Anna's nemesis is creepy Cesar Faison, just as it was in her spy days. Faison is part of a cartel looking to rule the world. To distract Robert's attention, Faison hypnotized him into believing he's seen Cesar and Anna in bed together. Sean figured out his scam, but it caused problems.

Through Hell and High Waters- Hidden Truths, Robert and Anna (SID 6/12/01)
Spies Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane were in the profession of uncovering facts. But it was the truths that she concealed from him- like say, that she was a double agent- that destroyed their first marriage and strained all of their future attempts at reconciliation. Ironically, when she revealed her biggest secret of all- that he was the father of cute little Robin- it opened the door for a reunion. They grew close over their shared love for their daughter, but this time, it was their own stubbornness that kept them from rekindling that old flame. Both headstrong individuals, neither could admit to the attraction which, to buddies and Robin, was so obvious. Robert insisted Anna was just a friend, and the two enjoyed a bittersweet relationship, with him affectionately calling her an old hag and her growing exasperated by his so-called wit. Eventually, fighting fate proved fruitless, and they married for the second time in splendid fashion with an outdoor gala on the Quartermaine estate. 

Through Hell and High Waters- Long Distance Love, Frisco and Felicia (SID 6/12/01) To this day, the mere mention of Frisco Jones brings a sparkle to Felicia Scorpio's eyes. Sometimes, however, true love requires sacrifice. Felicia understands that her adventure-addicted ex-husband would go stir crazy being cooped up in Port Charles all the time. Not that Frisco doesn't still love the lady of his heart; but playing husband and wife at the brownstone pales in comparison to saving the world as a WSB agent. When their second child was born, he gave the Mr. Mom thing a try. Yet Felicia could sense that something was missing from his life. And as painful as it was, she let him go so that he could be truly happy. Despite the miles that exist between them now, their love continues to burn. And if his career ever fails to satisfy his need for excitement... well, he knows just the woman to visit. 

The Character Vanishes- Olin (SOD 10/1/91)
Occupation: Hip housekeeper
What Happened: Olin has been taking care of Anna Scorpio's household for the past few years. Cleaning, cooking and watching over young Robin keep her pretty busy. In recent months, however, the Scorpios were forced to take up temporary residence in a hotel, and Olin's services evidently weren't required.
Why We Miss Her: Olin's common sense, advice and street-smart rap provide a break from all the troubles plaguing the folks of Port Charles.
Odds on a Comeback: Olin is undoubtedly thrilled that the Scorpios have moved into the old Webber house (owned by Tony Jones). With a permanent base to call home, Olin has magically rematerialized and we are glad to see her.


The Forgotten- Scorpio Kings, 1991 
Mac Scorpio was on the wrong side of the law when he came to town in 1991. He clashed with brother Robert, who blamed Mac for their parents' death. Mac was jailed- twice!- followed by an arrest when he was framed fro Robert's attempted murder. Robert eventually saved his brother and they found the real culprits together. Years later, after Robert was presumed dead, Mac became police commissioner. (SOD 11/16/04)

Forbidden Love- Mac and Dominique (SOD 9/17/91)
The Sticky Situation: While on the run, Mac discovered a country estate and was given shelter by its kindly mistress, a lonely pixie named Dominique. He and his companions, Robert and Anna, were forced to flee when Dom's unkindly husband, Leopold, arrived on the scene.
The Telltale Signs: From the moment Mac gazed at Dominique, he was smitten. For the record, she seemed equally enchanted. When Dom was with Leopold, she seemed more nervous and frightened than anything else.
How Far Will it Go?: Dom ran off to PC to be with Mac, but Leopold's not letting go. He's part of a cartel plotting to control world affairs, so he wouldn't think twice about squishing Mac. Dom bounces back and forth in a dizzying game of ping pong.
Who Will End up Brokenhearted?: Luckily, Mac has a not-so-secret weapon- his big brother. Robert's out to crush the cartel and he's not about to let any harm come to anyone near and dear to him. Mac and Dominique seem destined to be together- if she can stop keeping secrets. 


Best Kept Secret (SOD 4/28/92) 
The Secret: Holly didn't really die in that Australian plane crash.
Why Couldn't Anyone Figure It Out?: We suspect Holly really was dead- until actress Emma Samms agreed to reprise the role. The official explanation is that Holly skipped the fatal flight and someone else used her ticket. Instead, Holly was in a car crash that left her in a coma for two years. The news that Robert loved another woman kept Holly from contacting him.
Was the Truth Ever Revealed?: A few months ago, a pretty newcomer named Sabrina befriended Mac and Dominique. The lady sure looked like Holly, but viewers weren't certain until she came face-to-face with Robert. The reaction of the husband and wife confirmed the truth. 


Meet My Twin (SOD 4/27/93) 
In the Beginning: Beautiful con artist Holly Sutton married handsome WSB agent Robert Scorpio. Holly's twin sister, Paloma, didn't attend the wedding. In fact, she wasn't invited because she didn't exist. So no one's feelings were hurt.
The Sister: When Holly returned to Port Charles- not dead but at the height of her beauty and fame- she was very worried about her twin sister, Polma. Flashbacks revealed that the sisters had indeed met at boarding school (funny, most twins don't wait that long to get acquainted).
The Wig: Holly sailed to San Sebastian with new boyfriend Bill (who looked amazingly like old boyfriend Luke), and the sisters switched identities at a masked ball to fool evil Simon Romero, who was trying to thwart Paloma's efforts to fee the good people of San Sebastian. Paloma was quite the tireless activist. When you're fighting to save the world, do you really have the right to fix your hair? Paloma had two kinds of hair- red wig on top, dark hair underneath- which we couldn't help but notice.
The End: When we last left her, Paloma hinted that she might see Holly again at Paloma's wedding to Ric, a fellow freedom fighter. May we assume that they eloped, since they haven't been heard from since?


The Heart of Stone, 1994-1995 (SOD 8/6/2002) 
Adolescent A-listers: Robin Scorpio and Michael "Stone" Cates. 
Terrific Teen Tales: It was not a relationship that Robin's Uncle Mac approved of, but that didn't stop her from falling hard for Stone, a one-time employee of mob boss Sonny Corinthos. Their abiding relationship eventually turned sexual, sealing their romantic connection to one another. They had no way of knowing that heartache was ahead, however, when Stone discovered that the "flu" he had been battling wa actually HIV. Though he initially tried to hide the news from his true love, a devastated Stone explained that he had probably contracted it from his ex-girlfriend, Crystal, who had been a drug addict. Despite this blow, Robin stood by Stone and unconditionally loved and nursed him through his final days. He succumbed to AIDS in 1995.
Why It's Tops: Tremendous time, attention and care was put into telling this cautionary tale of young love and unprotected teen sex. As a result, the compelling saga never turned preachy or maudlin. Instead, it compassionately personalized a hot-topic issue by presenting it through the eyes and hearts of two people so in love and so right for each other, but unable to live out a future together. Young actors Kimberly McCullough and Michael Sutton pulled out all the stops to turn in subtle, affecting performances throughout their characters' very adult trial. This perfectly complemented GH's top-notch, realistic storytelling, making the tale of Robin and Stone a lesson in love for viewers of all ages. 

Til Death Do Us Part  When straight-A student Robin looked at Stone, she didn't see the street punk so many had found it easy to dismiss and abandon. She saw through his hardened exterior, all the way to his soul, a vessel that was starving for the love she'd waited her entire life to share. Naturally, her guardian, Mac Scorpio, had a different take on the situation: To him, Stone was trouble, and would bring Robin nothing but trouble. And in a way, Mac was right. Robin's feelings for her bad-boyfriend started her acting out of character. Teacher's pet became a rebel, at least a little bit. Then, when Stone and Robin were diagnosed HIV-positive, Mac's worst fears were realized. But even amid that heartbreak, Robin's fondest wishes were granted. She had discovered passion with Stone, and more important, she had learned the true meaning of forever. Even now that Stone has passed on, that's what their love still is. (SID 3/30/99)

Daytime's Most Romantic Couples- Most Tragic, Robin Scorpio and Stone Cates  Defying her Uncle Mac, the honor student snuck around town to tryst with the runaway teen whose guardian was underworld overlord Sonny Corinthos. "Stone and Robin were Romeo and Juliet," says former GH headwriter Claire Labine. Against all odds, the two remained a couple, and their devotion to one another was only strengthened when Stone learned that he had contracted AIDS and unwittingly infected Robin with HIV. In a bittersweet moment, a dying Stone regained his sight moments before he passed away to gaze lovingly at the sweet face that he adored above all others. Today, the legacy of their love lives on in Robin's heart and viewers' memories. (SID 10/31/00)