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The Scorpios and pals have gotten into a number of adventures over the years. Here's a recap of some:

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Read some Scorpio highlights from the Scorpio Timeline:
Storyblurbs, 1981-1989

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The Lost Episodes- Me & Scorpio Against the World
Life's a Beach: The sought-after Ice Princess secretly contained a formula hidden in its base for a powerful weather machine that the Cassadine clan planned to use for world domination. WSB agent Robert Scorpio teamed up with Luke and Laura, and the intrepid trio sneaked aboard the Cassadine yacht, where they trailed Victor, Edward's niece, Alexandria, and their entourage to a remote-island paradise. Upon their arrival, the do-gooders discovered the underground lair of Mikkos, who announced his plans to freeze the world, beginning with Port Charles.
Isle Be Seeing Ya: Robert fell for B-movie actress Tiffany Hill, who aided the rebels in their quest to overtake the evil Cassadines. While members of Mikkos's band became human popsicles and PC literally began to freeze over, Luke and company penetrated the fortress. A life-and-death struggle ensued: Mikkos fell into the ice chamber and froze to death, while Luke struggled to guess Mikkos's password to decode the program and shut down the weather machine. With seconds to spare, Luke correctly guessed "Ice Princess" and saved the world.
The Sands of Change: The legacy of the Cassadines is still felt in Port Charles today. Bitter matriarch Helena, who cursed lovers Luke and Laura on their 1981 wedding day, kidnapped their son, Lucky, and faked his death in 1999. She thawed out cryogenically sealed son Stavros to wreak havoc on the hospital in 2001 and recently resurfaced from "the dead" after seeing to it that her own grandson, Nikolas, was imprisoned, rather than have him happily wed to Emily. (SOD 6/7/05)


Soaps Luckiest Characters- Holly Sutton 
Splish, Splash, She was Takin' a Bath: Still grieving over his beloved wife, Laura, Luke Spenser took to the mountains to clear his head. Surprise! There was Holly Sutton, skinny-dipping in a lake. Luke quickly befriended her, and they made love in the wild. He brought British con woman Holly back to Port Charles, where she tried to scam him and the town in a bogus oil deal. Though Luke and Holly eventually broke up, Holly was lucky to get off without a jail sentence.
Goin' to the Chapel: Luke was presumed dead in an avalanche when Holly found out that she was pregnant with his child. In an unusual gesture of friendship, handsome police commissioner Robert Scorpio married Holly to keep her from being deported to England and to give his best friend's child a name. Holly miscarried, but the newlyweds fell madly in love. What luck!
Bye-bye Love: After triumphing over many challenges, including the resurfacing of Robert's ex-wife, Anna, Holly and Robert began a new life in Australia. Robert returned with the sad news that Holly had perished in a plane crash, but years later, it was revealed that she had survived, was in a coma and had gone on with her life after learning Robert had found happiness with Katherine Delafield. Holly resurfaced in New York as "Sabrina" and was soon spotted by Robert, who had a hard time believing her coma story. Unfortunately, he and Anna soon perished in the waters off Venezuela.
Everything Old is New Again: No longer a con woman, Holly has settled into her new life in Port Charles, working sporadically at The Outback and solving crimes with Luke's cousin, Bill. In her quiet moments with Bill, Holly is comforted by his resemblance to her former lover, Luke. She knows she is lucky to have loved two such outstanding (and similar!) men. (SOD 3/16/93)

Soaps' Winter Diasters- Stone Cold Busted  
The Big Chill: Luke's "Death" by Avalanche
Frozen in Time: 1983
Freeze For All: Luke Spenser, Holly Sutton, Robert Scorpio
Cold, Hard Facts: It was on a mountain hiking trip that Luke was, ironically enough, knocked out and mugged. (His belongings were taken by a local drifter.) If that weren't bad enough, upon awakening, Luke found himself right in the path of a bone-crushing avalanche. When the mangled body of a hiker was discovered with Luke's ID on him, authorities and Luke's loved ones naturally believed the worst. But Luke wasn't dead- he was paralyzed and in a mountain hospital. Distraught, pregnant and about to be deported, Luke's love, Holly, turned to his best pal, Robert. Do-gooder Robert offered Holly a marriage of convience, which she accepted. Though Holly later lost the baby, she found love with Robert. Needless to say, there were shocked expressions all around when a very-much alive Luke eventually made his way back to P.C., only to find out that his woman had wed his best friend. Now that's cold. (SOD 2/6/2001)


Music Makers- Frisco Jones (SOD 5/3/05)
Behind the Music: In 1984, new-to-town Frisco joined Blackie's band, Blackie and the Riff Raff, as their new lead singer, courtesy of the group's manipulative manager, Steffi.
Big Break: Through Blackie and Frisco initially clashed, musically speaking the pairing was a smash. Their first single, "Make Me Believe It," was a hit: The only problem was that Blackie had stolen it from bellboy Josh.
Tune Out: When Blackie's girlfriend, Lou, suffered a fall and died, Blackie went to prison for manslaughter and the band disbanded. Steffi focused her attention on Frisco, but when he wanted no part of the seedy music biz, she had him beaten up. An injury to his larynx persuaded Frisco to give up rock n' roll for good. But he continued to make music for the women in his life. He penned "All I Need" for paramour Tania later that year, and when they broke up and he fell for future wife Felicia he crooned "Lady of My Heart" for her in 1985. Though still a music lover, Frisco went on to become a cop and later, a WSB agent. He and Felicia had two daughters, but the nature of his work proved too much for their marriage and he left town for good in 1995.
Conception Question: Wagner went on to have a successful music career in real life. "All I Need" was a No. 1 adult contemporary hit and he continued producing music with a string of albums during the '80s and '90s. He later hit the boards on Broadway in West Side Story, Grease and Jekyll and Hyde. Still singing after all these years, Wagner can be heard crooning on B&B as Nick and just released his latest CD, entitled "Dancing in the Moonlight" now available at
Signature Song: "Make Me Believe It"; "All I Need"


Father Knows last (SOD 6/20/00)
It's a Girl: Robin Scorpio
Birth Parents: Anna Lavery and Robert Scorpio
Year: 1985
Conception Question: Years earlier, Robert and Anna had been a formidable husband-and-wife team of WSB agents. But the union dissolved when Robert discovered that Anna was also a double agent for the evil DVX. Needless to say, theirs was not a happy reunion when Anna arrived in Port Charles in 1985. What Anna didn't share with Robert, however, was that at some point during their brief union, she had gotten pregnant and later gave birth to daughter Robin.
Lost: After mending fences with Anna, Robert, planned to return to Australia with current wife Holly. Anna went back to new York, where Robin (who only knew Anna as "Luv" and not her mom to protect the child) was living with "grandma" Filomena. Robin wound up on Robert's doorstep, neither one knowing their father-daughter connection. Anna returned to P.C. determined to find her daughter and tell Robert the truth. But all he needed to figure out things was to see Robin and Anna together. An overjoyed Robert was concerned for the safety of Robin, who appeared to be the target of a devious faction in PC's Asian Quarter. Just before being kidnapped, Robin overheard the truth about her parentage. Robert and Anna rescued their little girl and went on to share a tight relationship with her until their deaths in 1992.

Moments of Truth (SOD 3/30/99)
The Year: 1985
Characters Involved: Robert Scorpio, Anna Lavery and Holly Scorpio
The Secret Storm: Robert was none too happy to run into Anna in New York. He was even less happy to find, upon returning to PC, that Anna now lived there and had befriended his wife, Holly. He promptly ordered Anna out, causing her to faint. While unconscious, Anna's hair fell away from her face, exposing a large scar. Holly was curious to learn the connection between her hubby and Anna, but he remained mum. Turns out he and Anna were former WSB partners who fell in love and wed, but split when she was exposed as a double agent.
The Reveal Deal: Holly eventually learned that Robert and Anna had been partners, but remained in the dark about their marriage. Robert finally gave in to Holly's pressure to 'fess up and admitted that Anna had been his wife. Infuriated, Holly took off for London and refused to return until Robert settled things.
The Aftermath: Robert and Holly wound up making amends and planned to move to Australia. Holly left first, while Robert stayed behind to tie up loose ends. Anna admitted her scar was a fake (she wore it as a penance for past sins), then returned to New York. Shortly thereafter, a young girl named Robin showed up on Robert's doorstep. Robert came to realize that Robin was his daughter. After helping to save her from a kidnapping, Robert left for Australia, while Anna went on to fall for Duke Lavery. Through the years, Robert and Anna stayed in each other's lives, but it wasn't until 1991 that they became romantically involved again and remarried (at this point, Duke had been killed and Holly had been presumed dead). Alas, the Scorpios were allegedly killed in a boat explosion in 1992 with Cesar Faison. But now that a very much alive Faison has turned up, we wonder if the same could happen for Robert and Anna. Hmmm.....

Soaps Long Lost Children (SOD 8/22/89)
Child: Robin Scorpio
Parents: Anna Lavery and Robert Scorpio
Lost: Shortly after Robert and Anna wed, he discovered she was a double agent. He didn't turn her in, but they divorced. Robert didn't know that Anna was pregnant. Anna gave birth to Robin and turned to Filomena (the woman who helped her and Robert marry in Italy) for assistance. Anna was afraid that her dangerous lifestyle would jeopardize her daughter, so she gave the baby to Filomena to raise as her granddaughter. Robin grew up believing Anna was Luv, a close family friend.
Found: One summer, the evil Mr. Wu had Robin kidnapped from camp and deposited on Robert's doorstep. When Anna discovered Robin's whereabouts, she didn't have much choice but to admit that the child was their daughter. Eventually, Robin learned the truth, too. Mom, dad and daughter get along quite well... if only psychos, mobsters and other assorted dastardly types would stop causing trouble.

50 Big [Plot] Mistakes- Cover-Up in Laurelton, 1985-1986 
Terry had a cryptic connection to Drs. Kevin and Patrick O'Connor that originated from a scandal in their hometown of Laurelton. The secret intensified when the brothers' cousin and uncle were murdered. But no one cared about these never-before-seen characters. When the truth finally came out that Kevin was the killer, viewers had lost interest. His deadly spill off a cliff wasn't enough to save a story that had fallen flat months earlier. (SOD 9/14/04)

It was the worst of crimes- Z-z-z-z  
Puzzling Plot: In 1985, Terry Brock was found in the Brownstone standing over the body of a man with a knife stuck in his back. The victim was revealed to be Neil Johnson, the cousin of recent P.C. arrivals Kevin and Patrick O'Connor, whom Terry knew from her hometown of Laurelton. In Neil's pocket? A glass eye believed to belong to Kevin and Patrick's uncle, Earl Moody, who had disappeared from Laurelton three years earlier. Police chief Anna Devane soon discovered Moody's strangled corpse in a fresh grave. When Patrick was named the recipient of Earl's estate, suspicion fell on him. Terry married Kevin, though she remained troubled by hazy memories of her past in Laurelton. Terry's grandma, Jennifer, wound up dead soon after, and Kevin was arrested for that crime after an eyewitness placed him with Jennifer before her death and he inherited half of the woman's estate. Kevin was cleared, but an increasingly agitated Terry recalled seeing him kill Earl. Kevin gaslighted Terry into believing that she had committed the murders, but was ultimately revealed to have been the evil-doer. After Kevin tried to do in Terry, she offed him in self-defense.
Things that Make You go Ho-Hum: Um, who? What? To begin with, we had no clue who the first two murder victims were, so why would viewers care about them? Sure, they were related to the O'Connor boys, but the brothers really hadn't been around long enough to make that a relevant fact. From there, the mystery took one convoluted turn from another involving Laurelton (where?). Even after Kevin was revealed to be the killer- and despite a dramatic to-the-death struggle between him and Terry on the cliffside of Catalina Island- his motives were hazy at best and not laid out well enough to feel strongly one way or the other. And the fact that after all was said and done, Terry and Patrick promised not to make public the scandal, lest Laurelton's Purity Water Company be adversely affected, just drove home the fact that this was one whodunit that was all wet. (SOD 4/22/03)


Daytime's Most Romantic Couples- Most Dangerous, Anna Devane and Duke Lavery 
They Could Have Danced All Night- Drawn to one another like bees to honey, the former British double agent and the brooding Scotsman met during a tango at the Port Charles Policeman's Ball. The electricity that flowed between them as they tripped the light fantastic was sensually apparent- and a foreshadowing of the passion that lay ahead. "Anna and Duke were soulmates," says Ian Buchanan, the Emmy winner who played the dashing rogue. Although the couple sparred on many occasions over his connection with organized crime- she was, after all, the police commissioner of Port Charles- their verbal daggers merely were foreplay... preludes to intimate make-up sessons fueled with a desire and a heat that could have melted even a Cassadine's heart. (SID 10/31/00)


Year of Discontent: 1988 
Kidnapper: Grant Putnam
Designated Victim: Robin Scorpio
Eventual Victim: Anna Lavery
Why me? Four years earlier, Robert Scorpio busted maniacal Grant for murder and attempted murder.   After being released from a mental institution, vengeful Grant made a beeline for Port Charles to kidnap Robert's young daughter, Robin.
Without a trace: Grant didn't count on Robin's mom being at home with his target. Anna confronted him and ended up stashed in a cage in the basement of a house. Grant stationed a pernicious pooch named Satan to guard her.
Lost and Found: As Anna's hubby, Duke, and Robert worked feverishly to rescue her (Duke even rejoined the mob in exchange for help from Julian Jerome), Anna injured Grant, who was hospitalized.  She later knocked out Satan, but was snagged by a recovering Grant.  He dragged her to a remote mountain area, with Duke and Robert hot on their trail. Anna broke free, but got lost in the frozen terrain.  After a snowmobile chase, Robert saved Grant from falling off a cliff, subdued him and found a sobbing Anna.
Future shock: Duke and Anna's relationship initially suffered because he tried to hide his return to the mob, but eventually, they united to bring down the syndicate. This cost Duke his life. Robert and Anna found their way back to each other and remarried. Alas, Anna was abducted again, this time by Cesar Faison.  Robert went after her, and the Scorpios died (or so we believe) in 1992 at the hand of Faison." (SOD 5/18/99)


All's Pharaoh In Love and War
Innocent Bystanders: Robert Scorpio, Katherine Delafield, Paul Devore
Dopey Doings: Back in 1989, Robert found himself enchanted with newcomer Katherine Delafield, a renowned pianist. She was engaged to stuffy archaeologist Paul, but secretly had feelings for Robert, as well. Following her betrothal, several attempts were made on Kate's life. Later, Kate's car was found demolished on a mountain road and she was presumed dead. Imagine a grieving Robert's surprise and delight when Kate turned up alive and romance blossomed. Kate left to begin her concert tour and break things off with Paul. Naturally, Paul didn't take Kate's rejection well, and he snapped. He locked her in a storage room in a deserted restaurant.
Silly Summit: Paul then began transforming the room into an Egyptian tomb. Meanwhile, Robert realized Kate hadn't gone on her tour. learned Paul was actually a murderous wack job and set out after his musical miss. Just before Robert and Sean Donely arrived, Paul locked Kate in a sarcophagus. Robert and Sean chased Paul to a conveniently located tower nearby, but he jumped to his death to avoid telling them Kate's location.
Campy Conclusion: Crack commish Robert noticed the restaurant was now on fire and ran back to rescue Kate. An unconscious Ms. Delafield was rushed to the hospital. She eventually woke up and she and Robert lived happily ever after. (Or at least until the next year when they broke up after she became convinced that he still loved Anna... which he did.) (SOD 10/16/01)

Tempestuous Triangles- Frisco, Felicia and Colton  
The Couple: Frisco and Felicia Jones. Frisco was young Felicia's first love and their romance led to a joyous wedding. But there was rough sailing ahead. Being a cop on the Port Charles police force wasn't challenging enough for Frisco, who became a secret agent and joined the WSB. While away on assignment, he was declared missing and presumed dead.
The Spoiler: Colton Shore. The first time that this ex-Marine laid eyes on the grieving wido, he was smitten. Still, their relationship was strictly platonic. Colton helped Felicia find out what happened to her husband, and together they found Frisco's grave in Canada. Felicia finally put the past behind her and fell in love with Colton. They wed- on the day Frisco returned home. Unbeknownst to everyone, Jones had been in a Bulgarian prison.
And the Winner Will Be...: This is almost impossible to call. Both Colton and Frisco are decent, caring men who love Felicia very much. She would be very happy with either one. Despite the fact that she's much more comfortable with Colton's stay-at-home nature- as opposed to Frisco's yen for adventure- we predict Felicia will choose Frisco. This would leave Colton broken-hearted, but very much available to the single ladies of Port Charles. (SOD 10/3/89)