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Scorpio Story Blurbs

The Scorpios and pals have gotten into a number of adventures over the years. Here's a recap of some:

Now and Then:


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Read some Scorpio highlights from the Scorpio Timeline:
Now and Then, 2000-Present

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Caught in the Act- Can Mac Forgive Felicia's Betrayal? When Mac first got an eyeful of that steamy videotape starring his wife and Luke, he was sure that the thing was fake. Then his detective instincts kicked in, and he had to face facts: The missus has a cheating heart! While we wait to see if he can forgive Felicia, recall how these other couples negotiated similarly sticky situations. (SID 1/25/00)

Basic Instincts- Felicia has warm feelings for husband Mac, sure. But what "pal" Luke makes her feel is hot, hot, hot! So, even though she keeps promising her better half that she will put her flirtation behind her and again become the perfect wife and mother, he isn't buying it. He's seen with his own two eyes that when "Spenser" walks into the room, Felicia's good intentions walk right out. While she grapples with the undeniable truth- it's Mac upon whom she depends and Luke who she desires. (SID 6/27/00)