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The Scorpios and pals have gotten into a number of adventures over the years. Here's a recap of some:

Now and Then:


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Read some Scorpio highlights from the Scorpio Timeline:
Now and Then, 1990-1999

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Missing Persons- Talk about dual careers! While rocking his way across Europe, Frisco Jones actually was working as a spy for the World Security Bureau! But the day his wife Felicia was kidnapped, the music died. Faster than fans could demand refunds, the rocker traded his backstage pass for a WSB badge and found his missing fan club president in Faison's lair. (SID 2/22/00)


Upstairs, Downstairs- When Bill Eckert's deceitful ex, Nancy, was found dead at the bottom of his staircase, the police suspected foul play and arrested him. Upon further investigation, Commissioner Robert Scorpio found a tape indicating that Lucy and Scotty had been working with Nancy, and that she'd been blackmailing boy toy AJ about their fling. It turned out, all these leads were wrong! The real killer was Finian O'Toole- the caretaker of Bill and Nancy's son, Sly- who accidentally had caused Nancy's fall during an arguement. (SID 11/16/99)

Blood Brothers Reunited- Robert never had forgiven his kid brother, Mac, for the death of their parents. So, when the siblings met years later, they still were filled with bitterness. Things got worse when someone made an attempt on Robert's life- the evidence pointed to Mac, and he was arrested. That's when Mother Nature gave her boys a talking-to. A disasterous earthquake hit Port Charles, tearing down the walls of Mac's jail cell. Free at last, he teamed up with Robert to track down the real would-be assassins. He then donated blood to save Robert's life, proving that Type O Negative really is thicker than water. (SID 3/7/00)


Robert Risks His Life to Save Anna- Realizing that a man who would kill his own mother would have no qualm s about doing away with his archenemy, Robert put his affairs in order before taking off to find matricidal maniac Faison, who had kidnapped Robert's beloved Anna. Putting daughter Robin in brother Mac's care, and leaving signed divorced papers for wife Holly, Robert tried riding to his true love's rescue. But the obessed Fiason, deciding that if he could not have Anna, no one would, detonated a bomb which landed all three in a watery grave. In the years since, however, both Faison and Anna have floated to teh surface, alive and well.  (SID 8/24/99) 

cesar18.jpg (4851 bytes)Don't tell the Babysitter Mom's Dead- No wonder Cesar Faison had made Anna Scorpio the lifelong object of his dubious affection: It seems the two had been playpen pals, since his mother was the one and only much-loved Nanny McTavish, who had helped raise the gorgeous spy. After Faison kidnapped Anna, his mom made a televised plea for him to return Robert's pilfered bride. Declaring his mom's act traitorous, Faison turned her walk in the park into anything but by roughing her up. When she was later able to lead Robert to her bad seed's hiding place, Faison left the denizens of Port Charles looking for a new babysitter by shooting and killing his own mom! (SID 8/24/99) 

Daytime's Most Unexpected Exits- Robert Scorpio and Anna Devane- Spy Games: When it came to winning the love of Anna, Faison's theory was, "If at first you don't suceed, kidnap, kidnap again!" But when Robert set out to bring home the woman he loved to their daughter, Robin, Faison went into supervillain overdrive, deciding that Anna was a conquest worth killing and dying for. As Robert finally caught up with his seafaring wife and her captor, Faison earned his "If I can't have you, nobody will!" t-shirt  by triggering an explosion which sank the boat on which they faced off, sending all three to a watery grave. Well, two anyway, as Faison later returned to torment Port Charles residents. Or maybe one, as Anna eventually resurfaced in Pine Valley. But Robert definately died... right? (SID 4/2/02)

Mac and Robin- After the death of his brother and sister-in-law, Mac Scorpio was shocked to learn that their daughter, Robin, had been left in his care. Whoa! Not only was Mac an ex-mercenary who had done no parenting whatsoever, but he also had just met his neice! Nevertheless, mutual grief soon forged an everlasting bond between Mac and Robin, and, despite his lack of training, he did a great job of helping his charge through the difficult teen years. The experience turned out to be great practice for Mac, because just as Robin left his nest, he was called on to play stepdad to Maxie and Georgie, the daughters of his new wife, Felicia. (SID 12/14/99)

Mac and Robin- Adventurous ex-mercenary Mac didn't know the first thing about raising a kid, but he had to learn fast when he gained custody of Robin following the ultimately demise of her folks, Anna and Robert. Mac and Robin's mutual grief formed a steadfast bond between them, and despite the inevitable tug of war that came about as teenage Robin tried to assert her independence, she always knew that Mac was someone on whom she could count. (SID 9/21/99)


Parent Trap- Estranged from wife Tiffany, Sean sought comfort in the arms of lawyer Jessica. But when he found out that Tiff was pregnant, he dropped Jess like yesterday's legal briefs. Alas, Tiff found out about the affair and was so upset that she miscarried. To make matters worse, it turned out that Jessica was preggers! When an hysterical Tiffany was found holding a bloody statue over Jessica's dead body, Sean proved his love by "confessing" to the crime to save her. We say, wouldn't a nice piece of jewelry have done the trick with less fuss? Well, Sean's seemingly foolish gamble paid off: Ryan was proven the killer, and Tiffany took her hubby back. (SID 1/25/00)


But When They're Bad, They're Better- Streetwise Stone frequented strip joints, dabbled in drugs, and even drove a getaway car in a jail break. And honor-roll student Robin? Forget it. She couldn't resist him. (SID 8/8/00)

Stone Cates- Stone wasn't a scientist or a community leader. Rather, he was a runaway working for a strip-club owner! But Robin saw his potential and through her, many came to love him just as she did. Unfortunately, life on the street left Stone with HIV, and his early demise devastated Robin. His valiant struggle to survive left him better known in death than he ever was in life. Now, his name graces the AIDS wing at GH and is heralded at every Nurses Ball. (SID 2/16/99)

50 Stand-Out Soap Moments- Maxie's Heart Transplant, 1994- In one of daytime's finest tearjerkers, Bobbie and Tony's daughter, B.J., was brain dead after a drunk driver hit her school bus, and Tony had her heart donated to save her ailing cousin, Maxie. In a hearbreaking sequence, Felicia and newly returned Frisco celebrate their miracle, but Felicia sank to her knees in horror when she realized its cost. Then, a bereaved Tony listed as his dead daughter's heart beat in his neice's chest. "Gutwrenching," is how Jacklyn Zeman (Bobbie) describes it. We agree. (SOD 10/4/05) 


moment.jpg (14577 bytes)Robin and Stone- As if Uncle Mac's disapproval wasn't enough of a challenge for Robin and her mob-flunky boyfriend, Stone, to overcome, these two had an even bigger obstacle to face: Stone was sick! When it was discovered that his long-term bout with the flu was really AIDS, Robin had to make a choice: Bow to Mac's wishes and move on or stay by Stone's side. To Stone's joy, she chose the latter and their tender romance blossomed, even under the extreme circumstances. But in the end, Stone died leaving Robin with more that just memories- he left her with HIV. (SID 10/19/99)

50 Stand-Out Soap Moments- Stone Dies of AIDS, 1995- It was a gutsy move to tell a story with no happy ending. By the time Stone's AIDS was detected, it was in an advanced stage, and in the throes of first love, he had unknowingly passed the disease to Robin during unprotected sex. We cried when stone wanted to kill himself rather than let the disease ravage his body. "I thought it could be the worst thing that ever happened," admitted Michael Sutton (ex-Stone) at the time. "Most people my age don't think about dying." (SOD 10/4/05) 


The Face is Familial, But... - Apparently Dr. Kevin Collins believedin the phase 'Physician heal thyself' because although he knew he was having blackouts, he didn't seek help. Unfortunately, it was during those missing moments that his alternate personality began stalking Felicia, who closely resembled his abusive late mother. Kevin finally completely lost it when he kidnapped Felicia and held her at knifepoint in his boyhood home on Jasmine Island. Against the authorities' better judgement, Kevin's girlfriend, Lucy, used the deep connection they share to talk her Doc back to reality. (SID 6/29/99)


Women of the Cloth- Lucy had a hunch that Kevin's father, Victor, wasn't nearly as dead as he was believed to be, and she wanted to prove it. Determined that the MIA man was holed up in a European convent, Lucy and her 'very best friend,' Felicia, disguised themselves as nuns and went in search of the long-lost mathematician. The 'sisters' did indeed locate Victor, but not before undertaking the difficult task of convincing the mother superior that their habits were indeed habitual.


A True Tess of Mac's Mettle- While working for a Florida corporation, Tess concocted a doozy of a plan to get rid of the company's rival, Jax. She wanted to make it appear that his longtime enemy, Mac, had killed him! But she soon learned, there was no way the former mercenary, having since turned into a solid citizen, would take the job. So, Tess hijacked Mac to a remote cabin and sent his look-alike, James, to perform the hit during the docks inauguration gala. Unfortunately for her, clever Mac managed to escape his captor and contact Felicia in time for the two of them to foil the assassination attempt. But the charades didn't end there: After apprehending James, Mac then impersonated him in order to determine what Tess had been after! (SID 6/29/99)

kimhead.jpg (6670 bytes)Jason and Robin- When brain-damaged Jason met HIV-positive Robin, the two became each other's lifelines. Unfortunately, later, his Mafia connections nearly got them both killed. Getting a clue, Robin exchanged her ticket to the afterlife for a seat on the Concorde to France. Still, distance didn't dim the light of their love, and she returned to her bad-boy boyfriend. However, the family he'd created for himself in her absence proved to be too stiff competition, and she took flight once more. Although there's some bad blood between them now, we now that time heals all wounds... even those of these two. (SID 5/4/99)

Mac and Felicia- Mac and Felicia started out as partners in the fight against crime, detectives who shared the kind of adventures that forge lifelong bonds. Then, as their relationship grew passionate, the two took their turn down the aisle. But when the wedding was sabotaged, Mac took it as a sign. Believing Felicia never could love him the way she loved her first husbnand, he convinced her that they should remain friends. However, despite subsequent dalliances with others, the two could never break their emotional link, leading them to tie the know for good last year. (SID 5/4/99)

Robbing the Cradle- On a hunch about the whereabouts of Carly's missing baby, Robin paid a visit to Tony's wilderness cabin. And while she did find the tyke, she also found herself in a heap of trouble! The kid's 'napper, Tony, couldn't risk his secret getting out, so locked up Robin, too! Things went from bad to worse when she caught pneumonia; without her HIV medication, she went on to become critically ill. Jason saved the day when he tracked down his MIA girlfriend. After crushing Dr. Tony's hand, the hero whisked Robin and the baby off to the hospital. (SID 6/29/99)


macfeliciamaxie.jpg (10947 bytes)Perennial Partners- It took best friends and sometime lovers Mac and Felicia years before they finally- and almost accidently- realized that they were truly in love. Soon after that, their fairy-tale romance took a tormented turn when Felicia began mixing a bit too much pleasure into her business partnership with fellow sleuth Luke. Having faced death and danger together on numerous occassions, the two have found the magnetic pull between them to be too much to ignore. Still, Felicia's heart belongs to Mac. (And let's not even get into the issue of with whom Luke should be.) It's Felicia's greatest desire to regain Mac's trust. Will she succeed? And if not, will Luke be waiting in the wings? (SID 1/25/00)

Multiple Personalities- Years ago, the long-haired European masqueraded as P. K. Sinclair, a novelist come to Port Charles searching for a place to feed his muse. Later, he did business with Luke as Herr Krieg, a German with jewels to fence. Then he introduced himself to Laura as Anton Gardner, a benefactor for the youth outreach program. And while we know this man best as former DVX agent Cesar Faison, a villain with a staggering capacity for evil, it'll come as no surprise to us if that name turns out to be an alias as well! (SID 10/19/99)

Will Faison's 'Lucky' Run Out?- Lucky's captor is no stranger to hostage taking. As Lucky recently learned from Luke, the former DVX operative once held Anna and Robert captive before they were blown to bits in a boat explosion. But the fact that Faison lived to tell the tale doesn't scare Lucky. He's bound and determined to beat his abductor at his own game and make his way back to Elizabeth. Will he ever succeed? Only time will tell.

May Two Dads- Returning home from Paris, Robin was shocked to discover that her beau, Jason, had become a doting daddy to Carly's baby. Trouble was, the child was AJ's, not Jason's. Desperate to save the innocent tot from the hopelessly corrupt Quartermaines, Jason begged Robin to keep this bit of information to herself. But when Carly conned Jason into spending his nights with her and Michael, Robin's patience wore thinner than ice in August. Finally, she answered to her conscience and committed the ultimate betrayal: She told AJ the truth, thus dashing any hope for her future happiness with Jason. (SID 3/30/99)