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Scorpio Story Blurbs

The Scorpios and pals have gotten into a number of adventures over the years. Here's a recap of some:

Now and Then:


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Read some Scorpio highlights from the Scorpio Timeline:
Now and Then, 1983-1989

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Robert and Holly- When best buddy Luke 'died' in an avalanche, Robert was devastated by his inability to undo the past. So when Luke's pregnant English lover, Holly, faced deportation, Robert jumped at the chance to do right by his late friend and married her. Then, when Holly miscarried, the tragedy caused Robert o realize that he indeed did have feelings for his bride, and they consummated their marriage. Even though a not-so-dead Luke eventually returned, Holly discovered that she had the real thing with Robert, and the couple left the proverbial knot tied... at least until his not-so-dead wife, Anna, made her return, that is. (SID 5/18/99)

Wedded Bliss- Fire and Ice- When Luke Spenser was presumed dead, his best bud, Robert Scorpio, did the honorable thing and married Luke's pregnant girlfriend, Holly Sutton. Sexual tension ran high between the "friends" until their concerns went far beyond just obtaining Holly's green card. In fact, the morning after the Scorpios passionately consummated their union, Luke turned up alive! But having lost the baby, solved the Susan Moore murder mystery, and survived a hostage crisis, Robert and Holly stuck together. And once again, poor Luke was left out in the cold. (SID 10/19/99)

Unholy Matrimony- When fiance Luke was presumed dead in a avalanche, a pregnant Holly was about to be deported. Enter Robert Scorpio, Luke's best friend, who quickly married the Englishwoman to give her baby a name and keep her in the States. (SID 9/19/00)

Honey, I'm home- After being assumed dead in an avalanche, Luke planned to surprise his beloved Holly by walking through the door, alive and well. Too bad he didn't call ahead, because by the time he hobbled back to Port Charles, his English rose was blooming in another man's garden, namely that of his best friend, Robert! The men went from friends to foes overnight, only reuniting when, in true Spenser fashion, Luke's real love, Laura, proved his equal by staging her own triumphant return from the great beyond. (SID 5/30/00)


bwfrisco4.jpg (4798 bytes)Frisco Jones- At manager Steffi's suggestion, Frisco came to town to provide a boost to Blackie's struggling band, The Riff Raff. Much to Blackie's chagrin, Frisco was the one who got popular, thanks to his heart-melting voice. But when the pressure of the music biz got to be too much, Frisco tried to hightail it out of town. Steffi's boss sent some thugs to convince him otherwise- but they wound up injuring his larynx, cutting short his singing career instead of extending it. Oops. (SID 4/20/99)

Spies Were Us- Sure, 'adventuress' may never have been Felicia's official job title, but while married to superspy/rock star Frisco Jones, the former Aztec Princess spent more time searching for buried treasure and cracking international spy rings than running the vacuum! After she and Frisco parted ways, Felicia set her sights on a more stable life as Mrs. Mac Scorpio. But since teaming up with Luke, her focus has shifted back to solving mysteries, thus overshadowing her duties as wife and mother. And don't think her husband hasn't noticed! (SID 4/18/00)

The Music Men- Talk about your two-career couples! Aztec princess Felicia and superspy singing sensation Frisco made beautiful music together before their two-man band broke up, and each went their separate ways. (SID 6/13/00)


grayduke.jpg (4199 bytes)Political Suicide- Fearing a Mob family feud, Duke concealed Camelia's murder of Evan Jerome. But his good intentions backfired when, on the day of his wedding to police chief Anna, a reporter clued in the bride. That left the would-be Mrs. Lavery humiliated, seeing as she'd already been accused of improperly investigating the death of Camilia's dad, Angus, in order to protect Duke. Understandably P.O.'ed, Anna returned her ring (and badge). But ultimately, Duke dazzled her by dangling from a chopper in order to rescue her from an about-to-explode train.


Trying Devane- When Mob heiress Olivia Jerome was found gunned down in her hotel suite, there were a whole host of people with possible motives. But it was Anna Devane, trusty gun in hand, whom the cops discovered standing over Olivia's body. The case went to trial and, despite attorney Jake Meyer's efforts, things looked dismal for Anna. Then, everyone was shocked when the proceedings were interrupted by Dino, Olivia's little-known brother, who detonated a bomb and kidnapped a key witness. It later was revealed that Dino had tried to kill Olivia so that he would inherit the 'family business'. (SID 11/16/99)

Winter Blunderland- Calling himself "the Snowman," crazy Grant Putnam plotted to kidnap Robin as a way of getting revenge on her father, Robert. But when Anna arrived home early, Grant panicked, killed Robin's 'grandmother,' Filomena, and kidnapped Anna instead! Next, he locked up his hostage in a cabin in the Adirondack Mountains under the watchful eye of is doberman, Statan. Meanwhile, Robert teamed up with Anna's estranged hubby, Duke, to form a search party. Eventually succeeding in locating Anna, Robert chased Grant to the edge of a cliff before subduing the nut. Grant wasn't the only one disheartened by the happy ending, either. Duke's heart sank when he witnessed Anna collapsing in Robert's arms. (SID 6/29/99)

Gone But Not Forgotten- Deciding to abandon his family in favor of life as a WSB agent, Frisco left town with the promise to return one day. Informed he was missing, wife Felicia grieved with brother-in-law Tony, took up with cute Colton... and fainted when she saw Frisco again! (SID 7/11/00)


Shore Leave- Colton Shore thought himself the luckiest man alive when Felicia agreed to become his bride. Unfortunately, their honeymoon coincided with the anniversary of her marriage to her late first husband, Frisco. Cutting their trip short, the newly wed Shores returned home to find that the rumors of Frisco's death had been greatly exaggerated. Through "Torn Between Two Lovers" quickly became her theme song, Felicia surprised both men by divorcing Frisco, refusing to marry Colton, and instead, fleeing to Texas for some precious "alone time". (SID 5/30/00)ut very much available to the single ladies of Port Charles. (SOD 10/3/89)