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Patrick:  I would stop flirting if your stalin-like charm hadn't driven me to seek company elsewhere.
Robin:  Do these lines actually work on some women?
Patrick:  I don't know. I haven't tried that one yet. You bring out the best in me, robin.

Patrick (to Robin): "It's not bragging when you really are the best."

Scrubs milestone- November 6th, during an argument with Robin following a contentious surgery, Patrick announces he loves her.

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Patrick and Robin Reunite: Noah plays matchmaker this week on GH when he brings Patrick and Robin together at Metro Court. 
     "He's pulling for them," sets up Jason Thompson, who plays Noah's son. "He can see there's an attraction and a mutual respect there. As much as they try to deny it and push it away, it's there. With everything Noah has gone through with pushing away intimacy in his relationships, he doesn't want Patrick to make the same mistake."
     Unfortunately, Patrick balks when he realizes Noah has arranged lunch for him and Robin at MC. "He basically says to his dad, 'I'm not going to go,' previews Thompson. When Robin gets wind of what's going on, "She says, 'Whatever, he's not going to show up.' But she shows up anyway, ans Patrick isn't theree. She says, 'You know what? I'm making a big mistake.' Then she turns around to leave and he appears."
     The two reluctantly sit down to have lunch and finally admit they miss each other. So instead of ordering from the menu, they decide to have each other as the main course... (SOW 7/25/06)

Why We Clapped:  GH's Robin depends on rules to stay alive, and when she started shedding those strictures, her portrayer, Kimberly McCullough, really breathed life into the character. McCullough showed the timid Robin, cowed by the prospect of cutting loose and openly pursuing Patrick, but also the hopeful Robin, the one who longed for a relationship. But when the thoughtful Robin remembered and weighed the dangers and balked, Patrick called her on it. McCullough gave her the strength to blurt, "I'm not afraid to live!" The actress made fans believe that declaration, even as Robin recoiled from the playboy surgeon. For showing fans a cautious Robin taking a tentative first flight, Kimberly McCullough earned Applause, Applause kudos for Issue 21. (SOW Online 5/12/06)

Why We Clapped:  Soap newcomer Jason Thompson was handed the demanding task of giving depth to a seemingly superficial character, General Hospital's womanizing Dr. Patrick Drake, and he filled the prescription. The writers provided the storyline (a father on the brink of death) and Thompson supplied the heart. He took Patrick from icy and aloof to angry and threatening, and then to emotional and vulnerable. As Patrick tried to goad his father into fighting to live, Thompson showed how his character struggled with his emotions. Patrick now has layers, which will make watching Robin peel them back so much more interesting. Our diagnosis: Thompson deserves Applause, Applause honors for Issue 17. (SOD Online, 4/14/06)

Outstanding performer for the week of March 27, Jason Thompson:  Since arriving in Port Charles, Patrick Drake has been the model of the detached - not to mention cocky - surgeon. But as that cool exterior finally started to dissolve, General Hospital's Jason Thompson delivered a stand-out performance that was, well, just what the doctor ordered.
     It began subtly enough when Patrick confronted Noah about his decision to refuse a life-saving transplant. Thompson's voice dripped with contempt as Patrick coldly rattled off all of the complications Noah would face. "You'll start bleeding from your nose, then your lungs," he listed. "If you're determined to die a slow, agonizing death, I'm not going to stop you," he added with a sneer.
     But Patrick's icy demeanor was threatened when Robin warned that he would be haunted by Noah's death. Thompson later allowed Patrick's anger to bubble to the surface as he slapped a syringe, loaded with enough drug to let Noah take his own life, by his father's bedside. "You'll go out the way you've chosen to live: as a coward!" he railed.
     Conflicted Patrick's sarcastic veneer showed more cracks when he returned to bargain with his unconscious father. "I am not going to let you kill yourself," Patrick vowed. Thompson - eyes glistening - hunched by the bedside like a man defeated. His voice was incredulous and weak as Patrick ed wondered: "You gave me life twice and now you expect me to not try and save yours?"
     Patrick wasn't going to just give up. "I've never lost a patient, not once," Thompson stated evenly as Patrick gathered himself. "You're not going to be my first. I am not going to let you haunt me."
     Bad medicine? Noah would say so. Good performance? No question. (SOW 4/25/06)

From Editorial Assistant Mala Bhattacharjee: GH's hotshot doc, Patrick Drake, made a naked debut in the OR last fall, but these days, former model Jason Thompson is definitely dressed for success. No, I don't mean the sweater vests he's been borrowing from my dad's closet I mean his powerhouse performances across from Rick Springfield's Noah and Kimberly McCullough's Robin. Thompson, who bears a striking resemblance to his on-screen pop, is a pleasure to watch...even when it's painful! (Soap Opera Weekly Online, 4/28/06)

Okay, so I'm a huge Scrubs fan and just love Patrick.  I know he's not a Scorpio but some of his lines are just hilarious and so off-the-cuff that he reminds me of Robert.

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Scrubs Quotes:

"He does. There's no question about it. When they first met, he said, 'I thought you were a bucket of garbage,' but now, he's glad to have him be part of the family." -Tristan Rogers on whether Robert approves of Patrick as a mate for his daughter (SOD 1/16/07)

"As much as he wishes that Robin wasn't in the position she's in, I think he's thankful for the fact that he has someone to ask questions and pick the brain of when it comes to AIDS and HIV. As terrible as it sounds and as bad as he feels that she [has HIV], she balances him out because she can share with him what she has gone through already. He's so grateful and thankful for Robin's support." -Jason Thompson on what is your character most thankful for? (SOD 11/28/06)

"[She] held his liver in her hands! Why won't he commit? What's wrong with him [laughs]?" -Kimberly McCullough on what does her character think about Patrick's inability to commit? (SOD 8/22/06)

"It's like with any girl. They're delusional. They think they can change a man." -Kimberly McCullough on her character's continued interest in womanizing Patrick (SOW 6/13/06)

If Patrick likes Robin, why do they constantly bicker? "For as great a surgeon as Patrick is, his social skills could use some work. But he's learning. He has learned a lot from Robin." -Jason Thompson (SOD 4/4/06)

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