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Wonder Women:  Georgie and Maxie should leave their bodies to science when they die so that we might all benefit from their amazing healing powers. Georgie had brain surgery one week, only to have her hair fully restored and be back on the job at the Pizza Shack a week later. And after spending weeks at death's door, Maxie found out she didn't need a new heart- whoops!- but could get well by taking some magic pills while on the run with Jesse. The folks at GH aren't doctors... they're miracle workers! (SID 8/16/05)

Forget Me Not:  Does Felicia have an addiction to flea markets and antique furniture that we're not aware of? That's the only way we can explain how the Scorpio attic is full of dusty but functional old furniture  when the stuffy room and its belongings were burned to a crisp a few years back when Laura chose that as the location for her infamous breakdown! (SID 8/16/05)

Summer Preview:  Georgie and Maxie's health crisis comes to a head just as a new mystery man comes into Maxie's life. He's an undercover cop, so you can expect that Mac is going to be none too happy that she takes up with this renegade police officer. (SOD 6/28/05)

GH Writers on Matters of "The Heart"  First, GH fans learned the show planned to revisit it's Emmy-winning heart-transplant storyline without Robyn Richards, who was replaced by Kirsten Storms. Then, 20-year vet Kristina Wagner quit and Sandra Ferguson took over. Can this heartfelt plot still float?
     "Absolutely," responds GH Head Writers Robert Guza, Jr. and Charles Pratt, Jr. "In fact, we think the opposite effect may occur," notes Guza of the transition. "Because we have resurrected a story from the past, we are now trying to invest more in this family, rather than less."
     The execs aren't the only ones who have faith in the new blood. On his official fan club website, John J. York says, "Having spent only one week with these two wonderful actors, I can tell you that our two beloved characters, Felicia and Maxie, are in very capable hands... I know that it is very important to them to bring the best possible performance to each and every show." (SOD 6/28/05)

Heart of the Matter:  Facing a Cardiac Transplant, GH's Maxie Struggles to Beat the Odds-  On the surface, the choice seems fairly simple: undergo a heart transplant or face death. For GH's ailing Maxie, however, this decision is complicated by the fact that a little over 10 years ago, the then-gravely ill youngster's life was spared thanks to a new heart... that belonged to her cousin, B.J., who had been rendered brain-dead in an accident. This week, a now-grown Maxie, who is suffering from a serious infection, once again faces the possibility of a transplant. But will she have the heart to give up her cousin's precious gift?
     "Maxie is in a place where she could die if she doesn't get a transplant," relates Head Writer Robert Guza, Jr. But when Monica comes to Maxie and explains this, the teenager flat out refuses to be put on the donor list. "Her whole thing is, 'This isn't just any heart. I have B.J.'s heart. And in a sense, I'd be letting her down,'" notes Guza. Adds Head Writer Charles Pratt, Jr., "It's like, 'If it's not B.J.'s heart, it can't be anybody else's.'"
     A glimmer of hope comes when Monica reveals that a medical procedure could eliminate the need for Maxie to have to take such a drastic step. "She's given one last option and she basically says, 'Try it. Try anything. I want to keep B.J.'s heart. I owe it to her,'" state Guza. So later in the week with friends and family keeping vigil, Maxie goes under the knife. But something goes horribly wrong and "she flatlines," reveals Guza.
     It's at this moment that Maxie has an "into the light" experience in which she's reunited with her departed cousin. "It's the B.J. that Maxie remembers," explains Guza. Nods Pratt, "And B.J. gives her permission [to take a new heart, if necessary]."
     Though she survives the procedure, a recovering Maxie is ultimately hit with the worst possible news: She will need a heart transplant to live. Soon after, "Things take a sudden and dramatic turn," previews Guza. Nods Ptratt, "A potential heart becomes available, but it belongs to someone very, very close to her."
     "It's probably either the last one that your readers would expect... or maybe the first, if you think about it," teases Guza.
     Hello, Frisco?  If you're thinking that the playout of such a seminal moment in Maxie's life may be coming at an odd time- given the fact that the role was recently recast with Kirsten Storms- it's purely intentional, according to GH's head scribes. "From a technical point of view, we want to identify this new actress with the character immediately," says Robert Guza, Jr. "And the best way to do that is through the thing that is most specific to Maxie, which is, of course, her heart." Don't, however, look for Maxie's biological dad, Frisco, to come swinging back into town as he did during Maxie's health crisis all those years ago. "We have no intention of bringing him back," allows Guza. "[Jack Wagner, ex-Frisco, now-B&B's Nick] is on another show. For all intents and purposes, we are now playing that [Maxie's stepdad] Mac Scorpio is her father." (SOD 6/7/05)

A Reunion for Mac & Felicia?  This week on GH, Maxie's condition takes a dramatic turn for the worse, sparking Felicia to go to desperate measures to save her daughter's life. If that's not enough for Mac and Felicia to deal with, they also find Georgie in a life-or-death situation that sends everyone into a panic. Will seeing their family ripped apart by tragedy bring Mac and Felicia back together?
     "What's going through Mac's head and heart has nothing to do with how he appears on the outside," says John J. York (Mac). "He's uncertain and nervous, but he will remain the pillar of strength for Felicia and keep a positive face on everything. He won't let anyone get down." In the process, if Felicia realizes what a great guy her ex is and that she's a dodo for letting him go, well, so be it.
     "I'd like this to be a new beginning for Mac and Felicia and for our family," York admits. "Let's do the right thing and get back together. We've always been there for each other. We've tested other waters. Felicia's love is as deep for Mac as it should be, and my love for her is as deep as it can be. So what are we waiting for? Let's just jump in with both feet and be a full-fledged family again!"
     There is one thing that could further complicate the issue- the question of Georgie's paternity! Could she possibly be Mac's daughter and not Frisco's?
     The last time Maxie was ill, Mac and Felicia were in mid-relationship. Mac found Frisco in some far-off jungle and brought him back to Port Charles. But after seeing Frisco and Felicia together, Mac realized that they were still in love, so he broke up with her. Then Kristina Wagner (Felicia) got pregnant in real life, and it was written into the show. That baby was Georgie. "Wouldn't it be interesting if she was really Mac's baby?" ask York. "It is possible!" (SID, 6/21/05)

Matter of the Heart: DAYS Vet Kirsten Storms Joins GH to Revisit a Classic Plot- The greatest soap story ever told- hands down, no contest, don't bother sending letters of rebuttal- was the death of little B.J. Jones on ABC's General Hospital. That 1994 plot, in which the tyke's heart was used to save her dying cousin Maxie, will take center stage again next week when Maxie collapses. It'll be revealed that the heart has become infected and the teenager will die if she doesn't get a new one. But finding a suitable donor isn't the only problem.
     "Maxie will refuse to give up B.J.'s heart," reports Kirsten Storms. The former DAYS star, who takes over the role of Maxie on May 23, notes that her character "was always told she must live for herself and for B.J. Her parents drummed that into her. Now she doesn't want to let this last piece of her cousin die."
     The crisis will put Kristina Wagner, who plays Maxie's mom, Felicia, back on the front burner. Like a lot of GH vets, Wagner fell out of favor when ABC turned the soap into a mob drama years ago. "I'm excited they're revisiting the transplant story but also surprised because GH is such a different show now," she says. "It's kind of a glorious thing to get back to our history and to a story that was all about love." But will that love go too far? In June, a freaked-out Felicia will decide to forge Maxie's signature on the transplant waiting list. (MIchael Logan, TV Guide, 5/22/05)

Is It Just Us?... or were you shocked when you first got a look at GH's Mac, fresh out of the hospital after head to toe bandages were removed? The man's entire face had been so severely burned that they thought he was a goner. But when he limped into the Scorpio home gauze-free, he was just as handsome as ever. A tiny, barely noticeable burn scar was enar his hairline. That's about it. Either the hospital's diagnosis was really overdramatic or they've got the best plastic surgeon in the biz. Um, pass that number to Michael Jackson, will ya? (SID 6/8/04)

Speed Decorating- You know that speed-of-light jet that gets GH characters from exotic locations back home to Port Charles within a commercial break? Well, Georgie must have a portable one! Dillon showed her his new "room" aboard the Haunted Star, then said he'd raid its refridgerator to get them something to eat. The minute he stepped out, she called Maxie and asked for a favor. By the time Dillon returned with a sandwich, the room had been spruced up. Georgie explained that Maxie brought some stuff from the Scorpio garage. Talk about quick decorating! (SID 6/8/04)

A New "Woman" For Dillon? This week on GH, Dillon's life is complicated by a new mystery woman in town who is strangely reluctant to fall under his spell. With yet another dose of estrogen affecting Dillon's every move, does Georgie have anything to worry about?
     "They're back together, and she genuinely trusts him," assures Lindze Letherman (Georgie). Completely aware that the audience loves Dillon and Georgie as a couple, Letherman guarantees that her character won't put up with anyone- especially a female- coming between them ever again. In fact, if Dillon thinks Georgie is going to let another Sage fiasco erupt, he's got another think coming. "She knows Dillon is going to do everything in his power to make things right between them," says Letherman. "He's not going to mess up again, or he's outta there! She's not going to let it happen again."
     If you hear a more confident, grownup voice coming out of Georgie these days, it's all part of the plan. Although she was introduced onto the canvas as a studious, shy, awkward teen, there's a new-and-improved Georgie rearing her pretty head. As the rebuilding of L&B unfolds, she'll be getting more involved in the mix, allowing her to show her strong, persuasive side. "I get to be manipulative! I get to be a businesswoman!" says Letherman. "When Dillon goes crazy having to deal with Ashley or whoever, and they're butting heads because they hate each other, Georgie's the rock. She's the one to calm them all down. It's cool to see that side of Georgie because you've only seen her as insecure and booksmart. But she's learned a lot. She's not the same person she was a year ago." (SID 6/8/04)

Dillion and Georgie's World Will Be Rocked! GH's Lindze Letherman shares with SID what's ahead for Georgie and Dillion, how Sage (still!) will figure into the equation, and who L&B's most surprising singer to date may be!
    The Indepth Story: As summer nears, Georgie and Dillion are knee-deep in L&B business. This week, after Sage demonstrates that she's got pipes deserving of the label's respect, can Georgie stand to have Dillion's ardent pursuer underfoot so much? "Georgie's trust in Dillion has grown greatly," Letherman notes. "There's still that [potential for jealousy] that could get a little hairy, but overall Georgie knows Dillon isn't going to hurt her again. He can't screw up. Otherwise, it's over." 
     As this new arc unfolds, Letherman enjoys seeing the musical side of her castmates- even though she can't always show it. "I get all excited when Katie [Stuart, Sage] gets to sing," she says, "but as Georgie, I have to hold it in, which is difficult!" And while Letherman herself sings, she guesses it will be "a while" before GH ever has Georgie belt one. But if she does? "Lindze is a rock-n-roll girl, but Georgie would sing more of a Norah Jones style. Or like Dido. Somewhere in there." (SID 5/25/04)

Here's a nice letter from Felicia fan, L.P., in SOD's 3/30/04 issue, Mail Bag- Homecoming Queen: "Watching GH's Felicia reunite with her daughters was bittersweet for me. I have missed Kristina Wagner since she left. Felicia is a much-needed character on the GH canvas, especially now. With Georgie immersed in a wonderful teenage saga, what a perfect time to have her mom at home full-time. And having Felicia back makes for the perfect chance to weave Maxie back onto the front-burner. Of course, there are plenty of eligible bachelors in town who would lucky to court Felicia. Hopefully, the show will keep her around for a while."

Carolyn Hinsey hits it on the head with her 4/6/04 comment in SOD: "And what can we say about GH? Are they telling me that the hospital is so dumb that doctors changed the bandages of the famed and badly burned Commissioner Mac Scorpio for weeks without noticing it was actually the presumed-dead Zander under there faking burns? Wha-at?"

Felicia Comes Home- and Guess Who She Will Face Off With!  Kristina Wagner returns to GH this week when Felicia reunites with her daughters, Georgie and Maxie. Although the actress hasn't inked a new contract with the show- as previously reported, she's returning on a recurring status- head writers Robet Guza Jr. and Charles Pratt Jr. insist Wagner is here to stay.
     "It's forever as far as we're concerned," declares Guza. "This isn't a limited run," concurs Pratt. "Kristina will be working as much as she wants and we want." Felicia's re-entry into the storyline comes via the tragic Port Charles Hotel fire. "In the wake of the fire, in the wake of Mac being burned, in the wake of her kids' personal problems, Mom rides to the rescue," previews Guza. "Felicia is right there for them. What she's going to do is whip this family back into shape, and also whip Georgie and Maxie back into shape, although they might not entirely agree to go along."
     Viewers will learn what Felicia has been up to. "We're going to deal with why she didn't come back sooner," reveals Pratt. "Mac will play into that. Felicia comes back with a pretty good story."
     Nevertheless, there will be some resentment on the part of her daughters. "We're going to address that," promises Guza. "But more of the friction is going to come as we proceed with the story, as Georgie and Maxie get on with their lives and their boyfriends and so forth. It will be less about why Felicia left and more about what happens." In a neat twist, Felicia will also butt heads with Tracy. "Georgie has needed some kind of ally, because she's been battling Sage," notes Pratt. "Tracy and Sage have been trying to make Dillon and Sage the couple, not Dillon and Georgie. When Felicia comes in, suddenly Tracy has somebody formidable to deal with." (SOW 3/9/04)

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