Notable Scorpio Quips


"Because they rub shoulders with stars, soap opera small-fry find their notoriety zooming.   Eight-year-old Kimberly McCullough, GH's Robin Soltini, is constantly being hustled for autographed pictures of co-star Jack Wagner (Frisco Jones).  Her mother, Susan, admits 'That's basically why Kimberly is very popular at her school, more so than her being Robin.'" (SOD 7/29/86)

"One actor who never underestimated the rapport he shares with his co-star is Ian Buchanan, GH's natty Duke Lavery.  He was stuck in a story and a set he didn't like and was relieved he could at least play it with Finola Hughes, who plays his television wife, Anna. 'There I was with all my hair cut off and no nice clothes to wear,' remembers the Scotsman.  'I really felt like I'd been sent to the back and beyond.  I was so pleased that I had someone I was close to work with and not someone I hated.'   Buchanan says he and Hughes became instant fiends at his screen test.  They goofed around, talking, he says, 'in funny English accents, like Monty Python.  And we used to go out a lot dancing.  She's a very let's-go-out-to-the-movies person.  I'm not.'  Still, they remain close, largely through work.  'We're so close, there's no need to go out together,' Ian remarks.  'It's like working with your best friend.  You can only take so much of your best friend.'"
-Ian Buchanan on Onscreen Friendships (SOD 12/27/88)

"I wanted very much to give a past to Tristan Roger's Scorpio.  I had brought both Robert and Anna in.  I always felt that they were so right for each other.  [Bringing them back together] has gone over enormously.  They are the new couple.  Also, Mac (John J. York) has been a great success.  I had wanted to create a new, younger hero."  -Gloria Monty, on what's working on the show, Soap Opera Weekly 7/2/91

(1997) Felicia and Lucy have snuck into a convent to figure out what Kevin's secret is, and Felicia reminisces about the nuns in the movie, The Sound of Music.  "I always wanted to be the pretty one- you know, the one who looked like Lila Quartermaine."  Anna Lee (Lila Quartermaine) played the character, Sister Margareta in the Sound of Music.

"Buying her share of The Outback.  She put the entire down payment on her credit card and they've never brought it up since.  This girl should be in some serious financial trouble." -Kristina Wagner in response to "What's the most foolish thing your character's ever done?" (SOD 4/1/97)

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