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Below is a storyline blurbs on the Scorpios from 2007.  Didn't know where to stick this, so just made up a new page.

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New Year News - Maxie/Felicia/Coop/Mac: "The death of Georgie has tremendous effect on the Jones/Scorpio family. Maxie cannot forgive her mother for her absence - and Mac will have a surprising reaction to Felicia's return. Maxie's anger will take her on a path of self-destruction that will spin out for a while and create an unlikely friendship along the way. Coop will do what he can to help Maxie through her pain, but heartbreak will befall these two young lovers - causing one of form an unusual bond in an effort to track down the text-message killer.
     Robin/Patrick/Leyla: "Leyla will give Patrick a taste of his own medicine in the new year, leaving him spinning. Robin and Patrick will work together to help find a solution to Nikolas's medical problem - their proximity will bring up lots of conflict and lots of yearning. Robin's quest for a father for her baby will take a huge turn and create a major ddilemma and a delicious secret. (SOD 1/1/08)

Best and Worst of 2007 Best Couple - Surely there are a few fanbases out there who will happily bury us in plastic trinkets or slogan-wrapped candy bars to prove us wrong, but this year love was hurting in the afternoon... GH's Robin and Patrick were contenders, but their current state robbed them of top honors. [excerpt]
     Best Story - The Metro Court Hostage Crisis, GH - In a genre as steeped in tradition as soaps, it's hard to shake up storytelling methods without alienating stunt-wary viewers. But when it comes to sweeps extravaganzas, GH is the show to beat. The taking of the Metro Court was a month-long roller-coaster ride of action, told in real time, la 24. More importantly, the innovative format turned out to be a perfect platform for what really matters: solid, can't miss-a-second drama that still resonates. The crisis introduced seductively sinister Mr. Craig, who played sadistic life-and-death games with his terrified hostages. That led to unexpected heroics (Sonny leapt to ex-wife Carly's defense), surprising romance (Maxie fell for her captor while trapped with a ticking bomb) and juicy revelations (Jason saved pregnant Liz, who spilled that he fathered her baby). After the last bullet was fired, survivors dealt with Alan's death, a tear-jerking triump for 30-year vet Stuart Damon. GH took a bold chance- every month in daytime should be this riveting. (SOD 12/11/07)
     Best Vixen - Maxie, GH - What happened to that little angel who got a second chance at life when she received her dying cousin's heart in 1994? Well, her larger-than-life parents, Frisco and Felicia, deserted her, her first sexual experience was broadcast on the Internet and her first adult love was gunned down. Life left Maxie a petty, pot-stirring minx, but still, her vulnerability always shines through. Maxie acts out in a desperate need for attention: With no female role model, she folded under pressure to set a good example for her lil' sis and (with the exception of Uncle Mac) every man she's ever loved has left. Deep scars may have hardened her, but we still know she's got quite a heart underneath - we saw it break when she lost Coop to her self-destructive vendetta against Lulu. But we're hoping she hasn't quite learned her lesson yet because in the talented hands of Kirsten Storms, it's a grand, guilty pleasure to root for - and rant at - this once-good-girl-gone-wild. (SOD 12/11/07)

It's Only My Opinon: As silly as that Dr. Noah Drake-turned-rock-star story is, I do enjoy having Finola Hughes and Rick Springfield front and center. It highlights how old and responsible Robin is by comparison. 
Anna (questioning about Patrick and marriage and...): "Children?" 
Robin: Since when are you eager to be a grandmother?" 
Anna: "Oh. I didn't think it through." (excerpt from Carolyn Hinsey's article in SOD 8/21/07)

Late-Breaking News:  Hot on the heels of last week's news that Finola Hughes (ex-Anna) would be returning to GH this summer comes word that Tristan Rogers (Robert) may not be far behind. Scorpio's return would certainly complicate plans for a burgeoning romance with Noah. (SOD 6/19/07)

Revolving Door:  A GH rep confirms that fan favorite Finola Hughes is returning to GH for a storyline involving Robin and Patrick (and Noah) which will run through the summer. Yay!
     Hughes returned to GH in May 2006 and aired on a sporadic basis into last summer. But the actress was never involved in a major plot due to time constraints and her commitment as host of Style Network's How Do I Look?
     Meanwhile, rumors that Tristan Rogers will come with Hughes appeared to be untrue at press time. "It would be great news and we'd love it, but we haven't heard anything," responded a rep for the actor. The GH rep also could not confirm that. Rogers last appeared during Luke and Laura's wedding in November. (SOW 6/19/07)

May Sweeps:  Robin/Nikolas/Patrick/Emily- "Mr. Craig's inimitable presence has put a tremendous strain on the relationships of Robin and Patrick, and Nikolas and Emily. How committed are they? Can they withstand this situation? And could Patrick and Emily hook up as a result?" (SOD 5/1/07)

GH: Nikolas Kisses Robin... And Gives Emily The Kiss-Off!  Emily is hit smack in the face with Nikolas and Robin's "affair" this week on GH when she catches the two in a lip-lock. "Emily stumples in on a conversation between Robin and Patrick," sets up Natalia Livingston (Emily). "She hears Patrick say that Robin is living with Nikolas. Emily is shocked. She and Nikolas haven't spoken since they got into an argument, and Nikolas said he wasn't sure about them getting remarried." Still, shacking up with Robin seems odd.
     "Emily asks Robin, 'Is this true?'" continues Livingston. "Robin says yes, and Emily can't believe it. She feels betrayed. She can't believe her friend would do this to her. But Emily is pretty smart. A part of her knows this can't be true. Something else has to be going on."
     So Emily heads to Wyndemere to confront Nikolas. Unfortunately, she finds him and Robin locked in a kiss- all orchestrated by Mr. Craig.
     "The whole thing keeps getting stranger," sighs Livingston. "Emily doesn't want to completely jump to the conclusion that this is for real. So she does a few things to test Nikolas, to see if he really cares about Robin or if he still has feels for her."
     Nope. Nikolas declares his love for... Robin! "Nikolas explains that he and Robin have know each other for years and that they bonded and realized their feelings for each other during the hostage crisis," gulps Livingston. "Emily leaves heartbroken and confused. She's devastated. Yet, she still senses that something else is going on- and she's determined to figure it out. (SOW 4/10/07)

Craig's List:  GH's Metro Court Villain Breaks Up Robin and Patrick.  It's a week of heartache on GH. Jason's baby drama with Elizabeth brings forth long-buried feelings but first up, Mr. Craig drags Robin into his latest deadly scheme.
     Nikolas is horrified to see Robin tending to a wounded Mr. Craig at Wyndemere. "Robin showed up unexpectedly at Wyndemere and finds Craig there," explains Tyler Christopher (Nikolas). "We've already seen that Nikolas has been poisoned and he's been using Nikolas's resources to aid him in creating a new identity so he can live his life and not be hunted down by authorities."
     To silence Robin, Craig threatends Patrick's life and instructs Robin to move into Wyndemere, where he can keep an eye on her. "Part of Mr. Craig's persona is he likes to play games outside of his own agenda," nods Christoper. "So, he decides to rope Robin into the whole thing and play a game of cat and mouse between them by making them fake a relationship, just to amuse himself."
     Fearing for Patrick's safety, Robin complies and pretends that she's fallen out of love with him and has decided to make a new life with Nik. The news leaves Patrick flustered, to say the least. "They've passed the hurdle of the HIV test and he's still just as much in love with her as he was before," recaps Jason Thompson (Patrick). "She had started getting cold feet about them living together again. She was wondering where their relationship was going since they weren't that successful the first time they did live together. She's dealing with the emotional and physical repercussions of the whole Metro Court crisis so, understandably, she has gotten a little timid. But this just comes out of left field.
     Patrick refuses to believe his ears but, out of fear, Robin insists it's over between them. "Patrick is fighting for her," Thompson affirms. "He's confused about the why. 'Why is she doing this?' He's wondering if he did something wrong. He just doesn't get it. They love each other. Isn't [moving in together] what they're supposed to do? He's trying to understand, but he's very confused about the reasoning behind the decision she's making."
     "Patrick is tyring to trust her, but this is not famiiliar territory he's dealing with. Here he has committed and now she's the one going in the opposite direction - that has thrown him for a loop. They just went through hell and survived. It raised the level of the bar for their relationship and now they're taking two giant steps backward. He is not understanding what just happened."
     "It's torture to have to push away the people that you care about," add Christopher. "This guy [Craig] is one warped individual!" (SOD 4/3/07)

Unexcused Absences! GH wrapped one of its most exciting sweeps with the one-two punch of the Metro Court hostage crisis and Alan's death, so we feel almost guilty about complaining. Almost.
     Gaping absences took away from the drama. Last year, Robin's MIA superspy parents, Robert and Anna, resurfaced and bonded with the daughter they'd abandoned. Robin was held hostage and nearly died from a gunshot wound, yet no one thought to call or even mention them, including Robin herself?
     The same was true for Felicia, who had already missed Georgie's wedding (and divorce) and Maxie's affair with a married man. Eh, why come home just because her firstborn was being held captive in a vault with a bomb. And that "caring for her ailing grandmother" excuse has worn out. Get Maria a live-in nurse!
     Let's talk about Alan's funeral. No Lucy? They were married! And she came home for Lila's funeral. Same with Kevin, Lee and Gail (whose son, Scott, is back). Ned returned without Brook Lynn or Lois? What about half brother Jimmy Lee? This was the perfect opportunity to continue the trend of bringing home fan faves, if only for a few episodes.
     Alan, Robin and the Jones sisters deserve better. So do fan. (SOD 4/10/07)

Patrick Phones It In - To Save Robin! Robin hovers between life and death this week on GH, and it's up to Patrick and Carly to save her. "Patrick walks up to the hotel door and says, 'I am unarmed. I'm a doctor. Let me trade myself for Robin. Let me do whatever I can go save her,'" previews associate head writer Elizabeth Korte. "Craig refuses, but he offers a compromise."
     Craig will allow Patrick "to talk people in the hotel through a procedure on Robin," continues Korte. "But he won't let him send in any medical supplies. Patrick has to think up what they can use from office supplies and kitchen implements inside the hotel."
     After Nikolas and Sam retrieve the instruments, Carly picks Emily to help her with Robin's surgery. "Emily is in a horrific situation," emphasizes Korte. "She's on the phone with Patrick being talked through a procedure sh'es never done before. And she knows that in another office her father is suffering a massive heart attack. Then, for the fun of it, Craig demands that Carly stitch up Robin. Patrick is outside with Mac going, 'We have to get her out of there immediately!'"
     Luckily, they do. But that doesn't mean Robin is out of the woods. (SOW 2/13/07)

Heartbreak Hotel: As GH's Metro Court is Taken By Storm, Robin's Dying, Scotty's Prying and Will Liz Finally Stop Lying? ...Robin is Shot- Prior to the calamity, Robin and Patrick are not on good terms. "There are a couple of rocky days," acknowledges Jason Thompson, whose Patrick wound up in the doghouse after a road trip to Vegas with single pal Pete. "Robin, of course, got mad, but didn't know how to admit it to him or herself," interjects Kimberly McCullough, whose Robin had her own situation and had to be bailed out of jail after a bar brawl. But the friction comes to a halt. "She is with Patrick when he learns there's a problem with the results of his HIV test," McCullough continues. "And Robin makes it clear that she will stand by Patrick, no matter what."
     Well, she thinks she will. After waiting the obligatory six months for the test results to determine if he's HIV positive, the results are- inconclusive. "Do you believe that?" huffs Thompson. "They don't know if somebody made a mistake somewhere in the testing process or if his viral load is just so low that it's undetected. There are a couple possibilities. "Naturally, the Bickersons disagree over what course of action to take next.
     Robin wants a retest, but, "He puts it on the back-burner," continues Thompson. "He just doesn't want to deal with it anymore. Deep down, he's still nervous about it, but says he's not going to retest and 'Little One' gets mad at him for it."
     And how! Robin moves out of their apartment and checks into Metro Court- just before the devious Mr. Craig and his band of mercenaries take over the hotel and hold its occupants hostage. To prove he means business, the ruthless thug shoots Robiin.
     "Eh, she's been shot before," chuckles McCullough of her character's perilous predicament. "Manny shot her during the train wreck [in 2005], and she might have been shot before that, I don't remember." However, as McCullough teases, what looks like a cruel and random act may not be what it appears. "I think it's a little more deliberate than that," she nods of the circumstance. "I think there's a reason he shoots her specifically and not someone else."
     As Robin's condition quickly deteriorates, Patrick is stuck at the hospital, having to perform a risky operation on an ailing Alcazar. "Patrick's not used to that type of dilemma, having to choose betweeen his work and his personal life, since he's never had a woman he's cared for like this," Thompson notes. But as much as he wants to rush to Robin's aid, only Alcazar knows the access code to a bomb that threatens to detonate at Metro Court.
     "How's that for a dilemma," laughs McCullouch. (excerpt from SOD 2/6/07)

Rogers and Out GH's Scorpio is on a mission- to find a storyline. "I haven't had anything to do on the show since [Luke and Laura's] wedding, and in the wedding I was just an extra," sighs Tristan Rogers. "I have no idea what is going on over there, I read a comment from (head writer) Bob Guza, who said something to the effect that sadly they had nothing else [for Scorpio] for the foreseeable future. I read it while I was standing in line at the store and thought, 'Oh, okay.' I haven't heard that before." 
     Rogers is keeping the faith, though. "I was told that two writers from The Young and the Restless were coming on board," he notes, referring to Y&R's former head writers, Kay Alden and Jack Smith. "That might impact the show quite a bit, because let's face it, Y&R has a different way of doing things than General Hospital does. I got the feeling that everybody was upbeat about it, that it was a positive thing. THe constand comment I get from the fans is that nobody seems to be paying attention to business at General Hospital." This would seem to indicate that that isn't true at all, that somebody is paying attention. THis might be the first step to much greater change. (SOW 1/9/07)

SoapNet has posted A Look Ahead 2007 -"Patrick gets the results of his latest HIV test and his and Robin's relationship moves to a new level. However, as Robin settles into the relationship more and starts nesting a bit, Patrick may have the urge to spread his wings."

It's Only My Opinion... But that was a nice scene between Mac and Maxie about how she feels unworthy of his love "wedged" in between the perfect Robin and the even more perfect Georgie. It was a nice nod to GH's history and the fact that Mac raised Robin. You know, like real soap operas do. (SOD 2/6/07)

2007 Preview- GH rings in the new, which includes a new way of telling story in 2007, according to Head Writer Robert Guza Jr.: "Our first part of the year is completely different than anything we've ever done. We're going to tell a gangbusters story, but the way we tell it will be different than anything you've ever seen. We're playing with the form, which will amp up the emotional conflict. It will involve the entire canvas in a crisis of gargantuan proportions and some people will not survive."
     Lucky/Maxie:  "Lucky will find out the truth of this pregnancy, Maxie is not ready to give up on Lucky just yet. As much of a pot-stirrer as she has been, it will continue. During this crisis, you will see a different side of Maxie. She is not just purely villainous."
     Lulu/Dillon/Georgie/Professor Pete:  "Lulu and Dillon have embarked on this quest to prove that Laura may be innocent in Rick Webber's death. It will affect Georgie, who seems to be in the sights of a certain college professor.
     Robin/Patrick:  "Patrick's deadline is coming up and we will find out if he's HIV-positive or not. Their romance will be turned upside down during this crisis." (excerpt from SOD 1/2/07)

Will Patrick Leave Robin? As Robin and Patrick's relationship continues to evolve, how will it be impacted by the results of his latest HIV test? "Their romance is going to escalate to a new level," says Guza. "What happens when Robin's nesting instincts begin to kick in? There will be some comedic moments but also some serious complications as a result. He has committed to Robin and has declared his love for her. But it is one thing to say it and another to experience the next phase." Could Patrick soon be looking to play doctor with someone else? (SID 1/2/07)

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