Mail Call

Mail Call:
  • Viewers are keeping their fingers crossed that Georgie will stick around. (SOW 12/25/07)

  • Fed-up Robin and Patrick lovers are "Scrub"-ing their hands of NIght Shift and Leyla. (SOW 10/23/07)

  • Robin and Patrick should work more than the Night Shift. (SOW 7/10/07)

  • Patrick and Robin need to "scrub" away Mr. Craig. (SOW 5/8/07)

  • Paging Dr. Robin Scorpio... (SOW 10/3/06)

  • Why bring Finola Hughes back only to use Anna once a week? (SOW 8/29/06)

  • With Finola Hughes back as Anna, summer has never looked so good. (SOW 6/20/06).

  • The short-term gigs of Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms don't seem enough for most of you, who clamor for more permanent returns! (SID 3/14/06).

  • Specers + Scorpios + Springfield = Sweeps Success (SOW 3/14/06).

  • Having Tristan Rogers back as Robert is fantastic (SOW 3/7/06).

  • Robin and Patrick are perfect for each other (SOW 2/21/06)

  • Hopefully, Finola Hughes will be the next blast from the past to return (SOW 2/14/06).

Mail Bag:
  • "Scrubs" fans were thrilled with 11/7's GH episode during which their favorite couple finally declared their love. "It was the most romantic scene that I have ever watched on a daytime drama," pens one. "After a year of buildup, Patrick and Robin's 'I love You's' were more than worth the wait," notes another. (SOD 12/5/06)

  • Supporters of GH's Robin and Patrick are sick of having to read about the couple on the female doc's blog. "Their storyline is almost completely written out online and that isn't fair to the viewers who want to see more of them, individually and as a couple," writes a "Scrubs" fan. (SOD 11/28/06)

  • Ghers want to see more Robert and Anna. "I am so disappointed that after all the hype about Finola Hughes and Tristan Rogers finally returning to GH, they are rarely on," pens one. "Sign these two faves and put them on front-burner. We were promised Robert and Anna and I want to see them! (SOD 11/7/06)

  • GHers were happy with Robin and Luke's scenes. "It's nice to see the writers use characters that have history together," writes a viewer. However, they are begging for more scenes with Ms. Scorpio and Patrick. "End the Scrubs drought," pleads a supporter. "Put Robin and Patrick back on our screens." (SOD 10/17/07)

  • GH's 8/22 episode has Kimberly McCullough fans screaming "Emmy!" One writes, "She is indeed an extraordinary actress who is a joy to watch." (SOD 9/19/06)

  • GH's HIV storyline involving Robin and Patrick has accolades like this pouring in: "They should be very proud of the great job they are doing in bringing this powerful storyline to life." (SOD 9/12/06)

  • "Scrubs" fans love having Robin and Patrick's fathers involved in their relationship on GH. "I love the family dynamics of Robert encouraging Robin about Patrick, and Noah encouraging Patrick about Robin," exults one. "I like how it bridges their story with their parents' stories. I can't get enough of the Scorpios and Drakes." (SOD 8/15/06) 

  • Anna and Alcazar have GH fans eager for more scenes between the two. "I am very interested in this new 'relationship' between Anna and Lorenzo. Wow! There is some great chemistry goig on between them," notes one (SOD 8/1/06)

  • Several GHers are hoping that Robin kicks Patrick to the curb. "I do not want to see Robin being treated like second choice any longer," writes another. "If Patrick does not want her enough to commit to her fully, then I want Robin to move on." (SOD 7/25/06)

  • Anna's return to GH was a huge hit with viewers. "Anna and Robin are the best mother/daughter team on ABC daytime," cheers one. "Anna Devane is one of the more celebrated female characters in the history of daytime TV. She is smart, strong, tough, compassionate and unforgettable," raves another. Meanwhile, another GH alum is on at least one fan's wish list: "With the return of all these legacy characters on GH, I am hoping there is room for Duke Lavery." (SOD 6/13/06) 

  • "Scrubs" fans were thrilled to see their favorite couple smooch on GH. "We got a Patrick and Robin kiss at last! These two docs ooze chemistry, and that kiss was hot," raves one (SOD 4/4/06). 

  • GH viewers were annoyed when a Patrick/Robin scene in 2/21's preview didn't air during the next episode. "It is very disrespectful to faithful viewers who love that pairing," grumbles a fan (SOD 3/21/06).

  • Kimberly McCullough's return to GH hasn't been as exciting as expected by some viewers. "Her character, and Kimberly's talent, is being wasted. I hope with her father returning that she is finally given as interesting story that demonstrates Kimberly's amazing talent," says a fan. (SOD 2/21/06)  

Speak Out:

  • Robin and Patrick fans are thrilled they've finally admitted their love for each other, and some even want them to start a family. (SID 12/19/06)

  • Readers continue to support Robin and Patrick's relationship throughout their troubles (SID 10/3/06)

  • Patrick's caddish behavior has some wondering why the doc is supposed to be such a great catch!  (SID 8/15/06)

  • Glory Days:  Finola Hughes returning as Anna had longtime viewers jumping for joy, but also wanting her to stay longer. It also inspired some to ask GH to bring back another vet: Genie Francis as Laura.  Robin's romance with Patrick is proving popular, but the Jason/Robin fans are creeping out of the woodwork again! (SID 5/23/06)

  • I Love the '80s:  The returns of old favorites Tristan Rogers and Emma Samms (Holly) have longtime fans jumping for joy and hoping for a return to the glory days of GH.  Some of you want to see more of Robin outside the hospital but wouldn't mind seeing her play doctor with Patrick! (SID 2/28/06)

Remote Patrol:
  • Real Love:  It's nice to see a couple arguing over something as simple as furniture arrangement, which is how GH's Patrick and Robin have spent a lot of time of late. Chances are, more people can relate to this argument than, say, being stalked by a serial killer or man-lovin' mermaids. We're just sayin'. (SID 2/27/07) 

  • Quick Hits- Should Robin perhaps seek out therapy for her self-esteem issues? After all, she keeps mooning over a guy who openly flirts with and solicts the attentions of other women right in front of her! (SID 8/15/06?) 

  •  I've Got a Secret:  It would appear that despite his years in the biz, Robert doesn't quite get that part of being a secret agent is... well, keeping a secret! As soon as he suspected that Anna was flirting with Alcazar as part of an assignment, should he really have been sharing that info with both Skye and Robin? Wouldn't doing so potentially put the two women in danger? On the plus side, we can't get enough of Robert and Tracy, which means her marriage should get even more interesting when Luke comes home. Throw in the news that Genie Francis' Laura will be returning in October, and you've got the definition of must-see TV! (SID 8/15/06)

  • Sex Talk:  For months, GH's Patrick has talked a good game, but when push came to shove - so to speak - the guy lived up to his self-proclaimed reputation when he and Robin finally made love. After her treak to the jungle, he picked the beauty up, carried her to the bed in his hotel room, slowly removed her shoes and whispered, "Welcome home, adventure girl." Hello, swoonage! Sure, we wondered if he was feeling a tad overconfident when he removed not one but two boxes of condoms from the nightstand drawer. And we find it tough to imagine a girl who is HIV positive and lost a lover to AIDS ever saying, "It's just sex." But all in all, this is one couple who proved to be worth the wait! (SID 7/4/06)

  • Is it just us? ... or are you wondering what, exactly, became of the GH's superspy we once loved? There was a time when Robert Scorpio was able to fight off villains who wanted to destroy the world, and now he is easily beaten into submission by teenage girls and housekeepers. Might we suggest that before he go another round with Big Alice, Robert should rent some Bond flicks... or at least watch Alias for a few pointers? (SID 6/6/06)

  • Come Again? In leaving town yet again, Robert may just have proven himself the worst dad on the planet. Sure, Robin said go and that she wanted nothing more to do with him. But who could blame her, given the fact that he'd kept her in the dark about his walking-dead routine for years! It doesn't take Dr. Phil to realize that the right thing for Robert to do would be to stick around and try and make up for lost time. Instaed, he tossed back a few drinks while laughing with Luke and went merrily on his way. And while we remember that Holly as a con artist, did the soap really need to bring back the beloved character as a viper willing to sacrifice an entire town for cash? Here's hoping that when next we see Holly, it is discovered that the nasty creature we mistook for her was actually her duplicitious double, Paloma! (SID 4/11/06) 

The List:
  • Dumb and Dumber. GH's Maxie went from chasing married Lucky to pining over thug Cooper. (SOW 3/20/07)

  • GH's Robert got locked in the Quartermaine freezer, which made him the... ice prince. (SOW 5/23/06)

  • Been There, Donely That:  Too bad John Reilly and Sharon Wyatt are on Passions. They could have rounded out the GH returnees. (SOW 3/14/06)

Winners and Losers:


  • GH's Anna and Robert. They're finally taking their parental duties seriously. (SOW 8/29/06) 

  • GH's Robin, Lainey and Kelly. Girl's night out has moved from sleazy Jake's to ritzy Metro Court. (SOW 8/1/06)

  • GH's Robin and Patrick. They're officially young doctors in love. (SOW 7/4/06)

  • GH's Duke Lavery. Robert talks about the dead "toilet flush" all the time. Paging Ian Buchanan. (SOW 7/4/06)

  • GH's Robin. She learned how to pick a lock when she was 10. (SOW 6/27/06) 

  • GH's Robert. He's living in the Quartermaine mansion. (SOW 6/20/06)  

  • GH's Anna. She kicked Robert's ass (SOW 6/6/06) 


  • GH's Robin, Lainey and Kelly. The docs can't afford their own digs? (SOW 8/8/06)

  • GH's Lady docs... They're keeping the bar afloat, but we fear for their patients.. (SOW 7/4/06)

  • GH's Robin. Busybody! (SOW 7/4/06)

  • GH's Robert. He's living in the Quartermaine mansion. (SOW 6/20/06)

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