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*I scanned the majority of the pictures and made the video captures on my site.  Please ask before taking, Thanks!

Fun miscellaneous trivia about the my favorite Scorpio characters courtesy of SID

Cesar Faison

"After learning I kidnapped a child, my mother betrayed me... so I killed her."

"I videotaped a kiss between a married woman and her soon-thereafter lover."

"I planned a boat explosion that 'killed' three people- me included."

"As PK Sinclair, I wrote a novel featuring a heroine named Davnee, an anagram for my 'inspiration'- Anna Devane."

"I co-owned a cannery where the poison carbon disulfide was produced."

"I used the trigger phrase, 'Can you hear the waters whisper?' to control Anna under a hypnotic trance.

Robin Scorpio

"The cops caught me joyriding with my boyfriend."

"My beau's sort of godfather was Port Charles' Mafia godfather."

"My lover left me with more than sweet memories; he gave me HIV."

"I was sentenced to not receive my driver's license until I was 18 because I was caught joyriding with my boyfriend."