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"She's with me!"

SoapNet was running some great classic Spencer promos. Click on the image above to see some.


"I see you, Robin!"

The Scorpio reunion was magnificent, not to mention hilarious.  Here's the transcript.

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The Scorpios are reunited once more. Click on the image to see Scorpio mag covers.

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Reunited!  Well at least on Night Shift 2, anyway. The two parter season finale is a flashback to the 1980s as the Scorpios are reunited with longtime pals Sean Donely and his bubbly wife, Tiffany Hill. It also includes revisiting Robert Scorpio's cool townhouse. Wonder if the secret door and secret office are still there?  More details can be found on the Night Shift webpage.  Tv Guide Online also has a great interview up with John Reilly & Sharon Wyatt on their appearance on Night Shift.

Soapnet aired three classic Robin episodes today in a mini-marathon called "Robin Unwrapped," which centers on her three loves. The episodes were Stone's death (1995), skinny dipping in the Q pond with Jason (1996), and exchanging I Love Yous with Patrick (2006). Kimberly McCullough hosted the event and read real life love letters sent in by viewers. Wish the Stone episode had been a more romantic one though. It was so sad compared to the other two.

Ya Baby!  Robert and Anna make EW's list of 17 Greatest Soap Supercouples

GH's Robin to Patrick: "I'm Pregnant."  As Robin struggles with the news that she's pregnant with Patrick's baby, an argument erupts between the estranged couple. "I know, surprise, right?" chuckles Kimberly McCullough (Robin). "She wanted to get pregnant, but she wanted it to be her way [through a sperm bank] and she got pregnant accidentally. She's happy about it, but not about the circumstances of how it actually happened."
     How it happened was due to a condom malfunction during their spontaneous night of passion on Christmas Eve. "It wasn't planned at all," McCullough elaborates. "She doesn't want him to think that she manipulated him into it. It was, in fact, an accident. It wasn't premeditated sex [laughs]."
     During their spat, Patrick accuses Robin of being obsessed with having a baby and she, in turn, blurts out that she's pregnant. "I can't really say he's in shock because he knew she was trying," notes Jason Thompson on Patrick's reaction to the news. "But deep down, he doesn't really want it to happen. He still wants to be with her, but that's a deal-breaker for him. His inner reaction is, 'Wow. That's it. It's over' I think he had a little bit of hope left, but when he found out she actually had gone through with it, game, set, match."
     Knowing that Patrick is adamant about not having children, Robin isn't totally forthcoming. "She's not telling him he's the father," McCullough reveals. "She's telling him she's pregnant. He doesn't want to be a father and, in her mind, she's delaying the inevitable, which is her being rejected and the chid being rejected. She's protecting herself against hearing, 'I still don't want it, even though I'm going to have a child with you.' "
     Would Patrick change his mind if he learned the truth? "I personally think there's hope," nods Thompson. "For him, it's a fear thing. As a young boy, his father wasn't around. He knows what it's like to grow up with a single parent, basically. Patrick's very dedicated to his work and fears his kid would go through the same thing that he did. That's a legitimate concern."
     Adds McCullough, "There's absolutely a part of her that hopes Patrick would change his mind, but there's been no evidence up to this point that that's an actual possibility. There is the fact that she knows him and trust him and therefore maybe it is better to have a child with someone that you know rather than an anonymous donor. Hopefully, the kid will be tall [laughs]!"

Back? Though GH's Anna took her bow after Eli's big concert, head writer Bob Guza assure that Finola Hughes won't be gone for long. "We love Anna. She'll have another arc that's going to directly affect her character. We're going to show you a third element of Anna Devane, beyond super-spy and groupie, that I promise you have never, ever anticipated," winks Guza, who can't give a precise time frame just yet. "With Finola it's simply a question of working out our schedule with hers. We want her as often as we can have her.      As for Tristan Rogers' Robert resurfacing, "That a possibility, too. It's the same deal - we are trying to shuffle all of the schedules and it gets tricky with so many people. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of Robert showing up - or others from the not-so-distant past," teases the scribe. (SOW 9/11/07)

Thumbs Up! Smart Set:  Is there anything more vexing thatn one of those clichéd soap misunderstanding that pries a couple apart? It looked like that would happen to Patrick and Robin, who'd finally gotten past their differences long enough to share some lovey-dovey scenes. Ditto for Nikolas and Emily, who were nearing reconciliation. But then Mr. Craig, a.k.a. Jerry Jacks, fouled things up by forcing Nik and Robin to pretend they were in love.
     In a refreshing twist, neither Patrick nor Em fully bought the ruse. Patrick made every effort to find out what was up with Robin. And rather than having him fall into the arms of another woman, he made a half-hearted attempt at wooing Kelly, who immediately saw throught it and straightened him out. Fans didsn't have to wait long for Patrick to reclaim Ms. Scorpio in private, while pubicly going along with the scheme. Emily refused to give up on Nikolas, who eventually caved, and she vowed to stand by him.
     Kudos to GH for taking the unpredictable route of showing characters who are not easily duped, and romances that are stronger than lies. (SOD 5/29/07)

The Scorpios are mentioned in recent year end wrap ups by the soap mags. Click here to read more.

SoapNet is running numerous Luke and Laura promos in celebration of the soap royalty's 25th anniversary.  Robert Scorpio is featured in some of these.  Click on his picture here to see some of those promos [side note- Robert was with the WSB, not the FBI.]  Also running are some great GH promos right now. Especially love the cartoon-like ones and the family tree one with Robin and Anna. Pics of Kimberly co-hosting The View have been added.

"Just hearing Kimberly (McCullough, Robin) talk about Tristan Rogers and Finola Hughes, it would be great to have them come back. They brought such a great dynamic to the show, and she has so many great stories about them. It would be coold if they returned." - Jason Thompson on which former character on his show he would most like to see return (SOW 4/10/07)

Split Decision:  The one question Tristan Rogers is consistently asked by fans is the one he can't answer: Holly or Anna? His response? "It always comes down to those two women," Rogers chuckles. "And you couldn't find two women who are more diversely opposite than the two of them. The actors [Emma Samms, ex-Holly, and Finola Hughes, ex-Anna] and the characters. It's like saying, 'What do you like, apples or oranges?' Well, I like them both at different times during the day. This debate has raged back and forth across the web sites for quite a while and I've tended to stay out of it for obvious reasons. I don't want to go there. They both have their own dynamic and let's leave it at that." (SOD 1/30/07)

~Older storyline news blurbs have been move here.~

~More on Finola's return can be found on the Devane Files section~

With the returns of Robin, Robert and Holly, the Scorpios have gotten a lot of cheers lately.


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~ I scanned the majority of the pictures and made the video captures on my site.  Please ask before taking, Thanks!! ~

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Robin and Patrick lovers think their favorites need major surgery, stat!. (SOW 11/6/07)

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A GHer is irked by Robert missing from the Metro Court disaster. "His daughter is involved and he is a spy," points out the fan. "He should be in control of the whole thing. There should at least be an explanation of why he was not there." (SOD 3/6/07)

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Patrick and Robin fans can't wait for them to have a baby, but some aren't sure that Patrick is as eager. (SID 9/25/07)

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'Metro'-Factual:  Too bad no one on GH thought to call Anna and Robert after Robin's shooting. They would have had her out of there in five minutes. (SOW 3/6/07)

Remote Patrol

PCPD Blues: Everytime we think poor Mac can't be more ineffectual, circumstances conspire to prove us wrong. During the hostage crisis, Ric pretty much pushed the commissioner aside and took charge. Worse, all of Mac's orders were disregarded. At one point, when LUke decided to directly negiotate with Mr. Craig, Mac basically threw up his hands and said, "Luke can do what he wants." Apparently, so can the criminals who are drawn to Port Charles for its lovely waterfront, fine medical establishment and lack of law enforcement. (SID 3/27/07) 

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GH's Patrick. He told Robin he loved her. Sort of. (SOW 9/12/06) 

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In memorium:  Agentina Brunetti, who played Filomena from 1985-1988, passed away recently. Read more on the life of this amazing lady.

Managed to catch SoapNet's Hottest Hunks episode and make some pics. It was wonderful to see classic clips of some of GH's best leading men.  Certainly beats the mob crap airing nowadays!  Just wished there were more clips for Robert, Frisco and Stone.  Also, added some Scorpio pics from Super Soap Weekend 2005.

On April 24th, SoapNet aired a classic GH episode featuring Robert and Luke. Thanks to Boo, I've got the transcript and have now added the video captures.

The soap world suffered a great loss this weekend with the passing of Anna Lee. Her official website has put up a tribute page to her with comments from fans and friends. "Amber [Tamblyn, ex-Emily] called me yesterday and told me," Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin) tells us. "It's so sad... She was the greatest lady." SID will celebrate this great actress with pictures and remembrances from GH castmates in our ABC issue on sale June 8.

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Looking for old episodes from GH?  Visit Curlyqgrl's Edits! She has a great variety of episodes and comes highly recommended.

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If you're looking for great GH photographs, check out the ones for sale by Debbie Morris, president of the GH Fan Club.