GH's 40th Anniversary Party at The Highlands in Hollywood, CA:
Walk down memory lane as GH celebrates it's big 40 on April 1, 2003!

If Finola and Ian both on the west coast now, rumors abound that both will join the cast of the Bold and the Beautiful.

When Kimberly McCullough learned her tv mom, Finola Hughes, was at the party, she made a mad dash inside. "Finola is here? Ok, I have to go," said McCullough, noting that Hughes and Maurice Benard "are still good friends in my life." (SOW 4/29/03)

"I brought a Lumina rock from the Casey the Alien story," explains Kimberly of the glass orb she lugged along to the fete. "We're going to auction it off for Finola's charity." (SOD 4/29/03)

On their GH favorite memories: 
"Working with John Beradino (ex-Steve Hardy) was incredible. I remember doing the scene with Kimberly McCullough (ex-Robin Scorpio) during the HIV storyline, and Robin told Mac she was HIV-positive. It was one of those moments that actors live for. It was a beautiful scene. All the training that I've had as an actor was pointed right there at that moment. Then you go from doing these incredible dramatic scenes to dressing like a girl with Jon Lindstrom (Kevin)." - John J. York (SOW 4/8/03)

"I remember growing up and watching the show, and I'll never forget that I was always upset if Monica and Alan weren't on. Alan and Monica were trying to kill each other in the mansion; ceilings were collapsing. They were just at each other's throats, and itw as my favorite stuff. Now, here I am, 20 years later and my dressing room is right next to Stuart Damon's [Alan]. We became golf buddies, and I am working on this television show that I used to watch so much, which is unbelievable!" - John J. York (SOD 4/8/03)

"I'd have to say Frisco and Felicia's first wedding- with her big head thing. It was actually that she was able to get tears going and be very emotional but still try to balance her headpiece. That was the real goal." -Jack Wagner (SOW 4/8/03)

"I had a big old crush on Sean Donely. I couldn't help myself. He and Tiffany were a hoot!" - Tamara Braun (Carly, SID 4/15/03)

"My favorite storyline was before my time, and that was Sonny and Stone. It was ahead of it's time to do a storyline about AIDS" -Real Andrews (Taggert, SID 4/15/03)

Unforgettable in Every Way (SOD 4/8/03):
Ice Princess Saga- On the heels of the grand Left-Handed Boy mystery came this next sweeping adventure starring Luke and Laura. In 1981, determined to foil an evil plot by the Cassadine brothers in which they schemed to control the world with a weather machine, supercouple L&L turned into super spies and trekked to a tropical isle with good pal Robert Scorpio. Our intripid trio saved the world in the nick of time, as well as P.C. (the Cassadine's first target), which had been put into a deep freeze.

Luke and Laura's Wedding- Thirty million viewers can't be wrong. Fresh off their derring-do, lovebirds Luke and Laura decided to make it legal with a fabulous fiesta held at the mayor's mansion. Before loved ones (and that aforementioned multitude of fans), Luke and Laura said, "I do." Elizabeth Taylor guested as creepy Cassadine matriarch Helena and a decades-long vengeance match was kicked into high gear.

BJ Dies- In arguably one of the most heart-rendering moments in soap history, Tony made the agonizing decision to take his young daughter, B.J., off life support following her involvement in a tragic school-bus crash in 1994. Making an already poignant turn even more moreso, B.J.'s heart was transplanted into the chest of her dying cousin, Maxie, allowing Tony's niece to live on with his beloved child's heart.

Stone gets AIDS- Teen romance took on new relevance with the decision to have good-hearted former street kid Stone- the ture love of town sweetheart Robin- diagnosed with AIDS in '95. The tale was executed with maturity and care, and we watched as the once healthy young man was felled by this disease, and his loved ones suffered, then celebrated his life. Even more daring was ultimately having Robin discover that she was HIV-positive, as well, and she has been triumphantly living with it ever since.

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