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*I scanned the majority of the pictures and made the video captures on my site.  Please ask before taking, Thanks!

Here's some fun miscellaneous facts about your favorite Scorpios.

Anders Hove
-Ander's character, Cesar Faison, appeared on the show "Loving".  -Because this character was supposed to have died along with Robert and Anna Scorpio, fans have clung to the belief that the Scorpios too are alive and well and in hiding.
-In the sci-fi movie Subspecies, Anders played the vampire brother to the character played by Micheal Watson (ex-Decker Moss).
-Anders birthday is January 16th.

Ian Buchanan
-Ian was once a fashion model, and is a descendant of famous Scottish poet Robert Burns.
-After meeting Garry Shandling in the studio parking lot, Shandling offered him a part as himself on "It's the Garry Shandling Show".  Ian juggled both shows, and even had a few of his castmates from GH (Finola, David Wallace, and Shell Kelper) appear briefly in an episode of the Shandling show.

Finola Hughes
-Finola remained with GH for so long only because she was having problems getting her green card to stay in the states.
-The brooch Anna wore on her wedding dress when she wed Duke Lavery actually belonged to Ian Buchanan's grandmother.
-One of Fin's favorite lipstick is MAC "Spice" lip liner.
-Finola's birthday is October 29th.

John Reilly
-John's been hurt several times on the show, including having his toe broken when an extra drop a prop gun on him during the Mr. Big storyline.
-Before taking up acting, John worked as a business man for 10 years in a packaging firm.
-John's birthday is November 11th.

Emma Samms
-Emma and Tristan Rogers once dated in real life.
-Emma has twice turned down Playboy's offer to be a centerfold.
-Past occupations included being a certified emergency medical technician and studying to be a dancer, until she got bursitis at 16.
-"Faces of the Heart," the updated opening song for GH was done by Dave Koz, and Emma appeared in the video for this song.
-Emma's birthday is August 28th.

Edie Lehman
-Edie had originally auditioned only to have her hands in scenes while someone else played the part of Katherine Delafield, but she so wowed them that Edie ended up with the role completely. 
-Working as backup singer on several people, she sang for Jack Wagner and Rick Springfield, and on Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" and Belinda Carlisle's "Heaven is a Place on Earth."
-Edie's birthday is September 25th.

Kimberly McCullough
-Kimberly took most of a summer off from GH to play little Cosette in Les Miserable.
-At seven months old, Kimberly made her television debut in a baby diaper commerical with Juliet Mills.
-Kim's birthday is March 5th.

Tristan Rogers
-Tristan accidently cracked one of co-star John Reilly's ribs while taping a fighting scene.
-Tristan had dated a few of his past co-stars, including Emma Samms and Rebecca Holden.
-In an episode of Love Boat, Tristan played husband to Susan Lucci's character.
-Tristan's birthday is June 3rd.

Sharon Wyatt
-Sharon was Tristan Rogers first love interest on the show, and the two shared a cover on Soap Opera Digest together in the early '80s.
-Sharon has claimed in interviews and at fan events that she and the cast didn't know what was going to happen at Sean and Tiffany's wedding, so that when the scene was taped in one take that everyone's surprise and laughter was genuine.
-While filming on location at Mount Rushmore, Sharon's quick ad-libbing saved the show from having to reshoot after a fan recognized her and walked into the scene saying, "Look, it's Tiffany."  In character, she quickly replied, "You must recognize me from one of my movies," and quickly moved the fan from the scene.
-One of her early jobs included selling cemetary plots.
-Sharon's birthday is February 13th.

Kristina Wagner
-Kristina last name was Malandro, until she married Jack Wagner and changed her last name. - The duo have two sons, Petey and Harrison, and both of her pregnancies were written into the show, though the character of Felicia had two girls, Maxie and Georgie.
-People magazine had picked Kristina as one of 50 Most Beautiful People of the World.
-Elissa Leeds, Kristina's personal manager, was Frisco's first love interest.
-Kristina's birthday is October 30th.

Jack Wagner
-A pro-level golfer, Jack participated in numerous golfing tournaments over the years.
-When Jack took a leave of absence in the early '80s, Kevin Bernhardt temporarily filled the role.  He made such an impression that he was given his own character, Kevin O'Connor, afterwards.
-Jack's birthday is October 3rd.

John J. York
-John was the lead in a tv series called Werewolf.
-John was called upon to do test scenes for the casting of the character, Dominique Taub.  Unfortunately for him, he discovered too late that the scene in question involved him being slapped by all of the nine final actresses.
-John's birthday is December 10th.